Settlement reached in TJ Maxx security breach

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 3:41pm
Staff reports

TJ Maxx shoppers who had their identities stolen during a massive security breach will get some justice, WSMV Channel 4 reports. A multi-state settlement has been reached with the company that owns the franchise.

Two years ago, someone hacked into the TJX Companies' computer and gained access to millions of card numbers.

The company has agreed to pay more than $9 million, $340,000 of which will go to Tennessee to help beef up security measures.


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By: courier37027 on 6/23/09 at 8:20

I shop at TJ Maxx, pay cash and never worry about a stolen identity. Yes you can call me full of hate. Because I don't use that credit card where 1/100 of one percent sales goes to some charity. Somehow that 2 cents to charity is not worth the frustration and likelihood of stolen identity.