19-year-old man arrested in Bellevue accused of groping woman, indecent exposure

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 6:17pm

A 19-year-old arrested Tuesday for indecent exposure and sexual battery in Bellevue may be responsible for several indecent exposure cases, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Aquiles Rojas allegedly drove up to a woman in the Kroger parking lot on Highway 70 and asked for directions. When the 44-year-old victim approached the car, police say Rojas grabbed her breast and drove away.

Police located Rojas shortly thereafter in a white Acura parked at a nearby T.J. Maxx. While Rojas was being arrested, another woman showed up and said Rojas asked her for directions. When she approached, the woman noticed Rojas wasn’t wearing any pants. She walked away immediately.

Detectives are working to determine whether Rojas was involved in at least two other indecent exposure cases earlier this year.

Rojas is free after posting a $15,000 bond.

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By: La-La on 4/10/13 at 4:59

Free? He will continue to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: grid on 4/11/13 at 8:20

Yes...and I hope this does not escalate into violence crimes (i.e. assault & battery, attempted rape, etc).

By: kevin47881 on 4/11/13 at 8:53

Is the suspect legally in this country?

By: PrincesSamm on 4/15/13 at 12:55

what a joke. im lol-ing. anyone else?