ACLU, Metro schools settle LGBT Internet case

Friday, August 14, 2009 at 12:25am
Staff reports

Nashville’s public school district has reached a settlement with the American Civil Liberties Union, and Metro has agreed to stop blocking access to Internet sources of information about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, according to the ACLU.

The settlement comes after the ACLU filed a federal suit against Metro Nashville Public Schools earlier this year. That suit was dismissed after the settlement was reached.

According to the ACLU, about 80 percent of Tennessee’s public school districts — including MNPS — currently use Internet Filtering Software provided through contracts with Education Networks of America. Some of the districts using this software have enabled a filter called “LGBT,” which blocks the Web sites of several nationally known LGBT information and advocacy organizations.

Some of the organizations blocked include Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, the Human Rights Campaign, Marriage Equality USA, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. This particular filter is not intended to block Web sites that are pornographic or obscene, according to the ACLU.

As part of the settlement, MNPS has agreed to stop using “filtering software that blocks or otherwise places a barrier to student or faculty access to the LGBT sites,” according to the ACLU. Knox County Schools has made the same agreement.

"We are pleased that a favorable agreement has been reached with the school departments without the need for further litigation," said Catherine Crump, staff attorney with the ACLU First Amendment Working Group and lead attorney on the case, in a statement. "This is an important step towards eliminating unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination."

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By: SirKnight on 8/14/09 at 8:43

I am so relieved. (yawn)

By: govskeptic on 8/14/09 at 9:22

So Metro legal settles this case like most others. "Please, Mr Plantiff, don't make me go to court, because my lawyers don't know how to win any type case."

By: OPENmindedONE on 8/14/09 at 9:27

This is very good news!

I am sure there were NEVER restrictions on religious information or blogs with information on the sins and dangers of non-hetero-sexuality........

By: SargeE5 on 8/15/09 at 7:30

God Bless You, and make every day an adventure!!!
This is just another case of the Metro caving in to the ACLU. It is only a matter of good against evil, and right against wrong. Once again the many have to sacrifice for the few. Now our children will be expected to accept these perversions as alternate lifestyles. The more city and state governments, cede territory to these degenerates, the more they will ask for. It really is pathetic the way our government agencies fold up like a cheap lawn chair when faced with adversity, especially when they may have to fight the ACLU. Didn't anyone tell our Metro lawyers that the ACLU is a communist founded organization. Aren't they aware that sometimes you really have to fight for what is right and just. I guess not. It is to bad though, now these perverted people don't even have to argue a case, all they have to do is threaten to argue. What a shameful display by the Metro barristers.