Affluent areas of county see highest early voting turnout

Monday, August 1, 2011 at 10:05pm

Green Hills emerged as the most active area during early voting for Metro’s general election, continuing a trend in which the affluent southwest quadrant of the county historically outperforms other areas in voter turnout. 

The Metro Council’s District 25 had 1,971 people vote early, according to the Davidson County Election Commission, the single largest turnout among the council’s 35 districts. The district includes the race between incumbent Councilman Sean McGuire and challenger James Kaminski, a contest that has garnered minimal media attention.

Voting early in Green Hills is made easy because the Green Hills Library served as one of Metro’s nine early voting locations.

“I think the mayor is very popular in District 25, and you have a lot of his supporters coming out,” said McGuire, who enjoys Dean’s backing. The mayor lives in District 25. “You have almost the same amount of people who early voted in 2007 as voted this past early voting cycle.” 

The early voting period wrapped up Saturday, with 33,050 voters taking part, putting the overall turnout on pace to perhaps clear 60,000. Election Day is Aug. 4.

Second in early voter turnout was District 24, with 1,867 citizens voting. The Sylvan Park-area district features Councilman Jason Holleman’s high-profile race against attorney Sarah Lodge Tally, whom Dean has endorsed.

Third in turnout is District 22, where 1,687 people having voted. The ballot there features the race between Sheri Weiner and Seanna Brandmeir to replace term-limited Councilman Eric Crafton

Fourth and fifth in turnout is the Belle Meade-area District 23, which saw 1,672 voters, and Bellevue’s District 35, which recorded 1,657 voters. Councilwoman Emily Evans is running unopposed in District 32. Incumbent Councilman Bo Mitchell is in a heated race against challenger Tonya Jones.

The next highest turnouts by council district are as follows:

• 1,604 people have voted in District 34 (Forest Hills area) where Councilman Carter Todd is running unopposed.

• 1,567 people have voted in District 4 (south Davidson County). Candidates there are Brady Banks, Eugene Batsuk, David Patterson, Carolyn Petrone, Renee Rathburn and Peter Tuttle.

• 1,554 people have voted in District 1 (North Nashville) were Councilman Lonnell Matthews Jr. is running against Charles Hoosier, David Phillips and Roosevelt Williamson.

Districts with the lowest turnouts are as follows:

• 401 people have voted in District 10 (Goodlettsville) where Doug “Dukie” Pardue is running against Danny Turner to replace term-limited Councilman Rip Ryman.

• 477 people have voted in District 21 (North Nashville) where Councilwoman Edith Langster is running unopposed. 

• 488 people have voted in West Nashville’s District 20 where Councilman Buddy Baker is running against Mary Carolyn Roberts and J. Gower Mills.

• 506 people have voted in District 19 (downtown and part of North Nashville) where Councilwoman Erica Gilmore is running against Bob Ries and Curt Wallen.

• 523 people have voted in District 5 (East Nashville) where voters are picking a replacement to follow Councilman Jamie Hollin, who is not seeking re-election. Candidates are Scott Davis, Priscilla Eaton and former Councilwoman Pam Murray. 

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By: GoPreds615 on 8/2/11 at 5:58

I don't agree with McGuire's comments about why turnout is so high in district 25. I think a lot of people are tired of his personal/political/professional ties to developers. I know I am! After noticing an ad a few days ago, I saw Sean misses more than half of council committee meetings. Our district deserves better! I couldn't believe it. I'm going to vote election day not because of Karl Dean living in our district, but for the Fairgrounds. From what I've seen Sean wants to get rid of the Fairgrounds. I think I will vote for Kaminski since he isn't directly tied to developers like Sean. I don't know too much about him, but I think we could use a fresh face in Green Hills.

By: Oy Vey on 8/2/11 at 6:32

I didn't realize Sean was in favor of developing the Fairgrounds. As it happens, I think that is a good idea too, provided that there is ample parkland provided in the plain along Brown's creek. And there is. I now know to go vote for Sean, thank you for your help coming to this conclusion. Go Preds!!

By: Ingleweird on 8/2/11 at 7:37

Thank you for sharing your insightful ruminations, James and Sean---oops---I mean GoPreds615 and Oy Vey!

By: macjedi on 8/2/11 at 8:21

"After noticing an ad..." - which is ALWAYS the litmus test for trust and truth, right? ::eyeroll::

It is especially easy to want to preserve the Fairgrounds when you don't ever see it from District 25, too. Not knowing much about people is a GREAT way to preserve the very same issues you supposedly take right now.

... uninformed voters amending the Charter. Great idea.

By: richgoose on 8/2/11 at 8:46

I was unaware that Karl Dean was so popular in Green Hills.

By: titansjoe on 8/2/11 at 10:23

My hopes and prayers are that everyone voting in Green Hills are voting against Karl Dean. Although I doubt it. Also my hopes would be that they voted to remove all sitting council persons that voted for the convention center debt. That is my plan of action. I don't live in distrct 25 but I am certainly for saving the fairgrounds from demolition. I havent been to the state fair in years and I havent watched a race at the fairgrounds for even longer. It probably has been longer than most of the folk that have bought homes in the area with hopes of cashing in should the fargrounds be stolen from the citizens of greater Nashville and redeveloped.

However i have enjoyed the fair and the races at different times and I still love to go to different shows at the fairgrounds. I see a very diverse group of people attending these shows and flea market. I see people attending activities at the fairgrounds who can't afford daily trips to Green Hills mall or take vacations out of town. Just because I don't attend the fairgrounds as often as I used too, I don't feel the need to deprive the thousands that do attend just because some are different from me. We should build on the treasure instead of demolishing it.

By: ratizbad on 8/2/11 at 2:17

I worked at the fairgrounds in 1974 as a laborer (cleaning up the fairgrounds
Setting up the wrestling ring and also working in the pits) at the racetrack with some of the best drivers the the sport ....Darrell Waltrip.. CoCo Marlin.. Red farmer.. Cale Yarbrough So you are going to get rid of something in Nashville that is Historic
Look, all wake up Nashville ...lets get back to basic:s OK What about getting the fairgrounds back what it was designed for AMUSEMENT PARK ..... AND THE KIDS,
Instead of the ole mighty DOLLAR And CORRUPTION!!!... Thanks.....

By: DanTheMan on 8/2/11 at 6:13

I don't think the reason that the turnout in Green Hills is so high is that it is Karl Dean's home district. I know that that area had the largest amount of support for the save the fairground petition and that is probably the main reason. James Kaminski is the only candidate in district 25 that supports this, so hopefully they are turning out to show their support for him as well. From what I've heard, McGuire doesn't support saving the fairgrounds, works for a development company (the last thing Green Hills needs is more over-development), hasn't done much during his time on the council, and basically votes without much thought in favor of whatever KD wants done. I don't have a huge problem with Karl, but we need a council that is not in his back pocket as many viewpoints are always better than one. I also saw the ad that he misses more than 1/2 of committee meetings, which seems like he just wants the job title and not the actual job, along with the advantage he gets from being able to vote on zoning and development issues. Even if these votes do not directly concern the company he works for, he is still making buddies and doing favors that will help his career down the road, which is a complete conflict of interest in my eyes and means that he probably doesn't have the future of Green Hills, or its residents, as his main priority.

I'm voting FOR ratification to save the fairgrounds (as tax payers aren't even directly paying for its operation right now) and for James Kaminski as he personally visited my house and spoke with me for about half an hour, sweating to death in the blazing heat. I admire his work ethic and dedication that he has shown. More people like that on the council will directly benefit Nashville and Green Hills!