Airport making $4.2 million upgrades with stimulus funds

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 at 6:00pm

Construction is underway on $4.2 million in upgrades at Nashville International Airport funded with 100 percent federal stimulus money. The project will create an estimated 116 jobs.

The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority Board of Commissioners approved the project that will include work to the entire 91-acre terminal apron which is constructed primarily of concrete.

The Harper Company was awarded the contract, which includes disadvantaged business enterprise partners' involvement representing 11.6 percent of the total contract.

Work, which will include reconstructing with concrete 3.6 acres in two separate areas of the apron that are currently asphalt, will be completed by October 2009.

Required repairs will include, but are not limited to full-panel replacement, crack repairs, and trench drain repair; all joints will be stripped, cleaned and sealed; and pavement marking will be replaced once repairs and joint sealing are complete.