Alleged Governors Club killer formally arraigned, pleads not guilty

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 1:41pm

Brentwood murder suspect Randolph Maidens pleaded not guilty in the criminal circuit court of Judge James G. Martin June 25, 2013. (Skip Anderson/Williamson Herald)


Randolph Maidens appeared in a Williamson County court on Tuesday and was formally arraigned on criminal homicide and child endangerment charges.

Maidens allegedly shot and killed his wife Rachael, a Brentwood orthodontist, at their home in the exclusive Governors Club subdivision in Brentwood sometime on or before Sunday, April 21. He is also charged with two counts of tampering with evidence.

In Judge James S. Martin III's court, attorney David Raybin entered a not guilty plea for his client. Martin set a Nov. 25 date for the trial.

Maidens spoke little during the session, responding only by "yes" or "no" to the judge. His mother and sister were in attendance, as was Elizabeth Frisbie, the victim's mother.

At a May 23 hearing in Brentwood, Randolph Maidens' bond was lowered from $2.5 million to $750,000, which he posted.

During the preliminary and bond reduction hearing, Judge Al Nations listened to more than an hour of testimony from witnesses, including two Brentwood police officers, who told the court what they saw at the crime scene and how they found the couple's 2-year-old daughter alone in the home.

On Tuesday, Martin attached three stipulations to his bond:

  • Brentwood police and the district attorney will now have 24-hour access to monitor Maidens by GPS tracking device.
  • Maidens is not allowed to drive or acquire a vehicle.
  • Maidens will still be barred from entering his Governors Club home. However, he may enter with his attorney after giving 24 hours notice to Brentwood police.

His outstanding DUI charge was also consolidated into the case, Raybin said.

Maidens was in civil court yesterday, seeking access to his wife's estate.

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