Alleged home invader jailed with shotgun-blast facial injuries

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 8:02pm
Staff reports
Alberto Romo Camacho

An accused would-be robber who was shot by a 68-year-old South Nashville woman as he allegedly illegally entered her home is now out of the hospital and in jail.

Alberto Romo Camacho, 30, who was hit in the face by the homeowner’s shotgun blast as he and his accomplices allegedly broke into her Glencliff Road home at 2:30 a.m. Saturday, was released from Vanderbilt University Medical Center this afternoon, Metro police said.  Part of Camacho’s right index finger was also shot off.

Camacho is charged with attempted aggravated robbery, with his bond is set at $50,000. His co-defendants, Dorian Guzman, 28, Oliver Rodriguez, 32, and Marlon Rameriz, 26, were charged Saturday with attempted aggravated robbery and remain in jail.

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By: Bellevue on 8/3/11 at 7:13

The homeowner needs to improve her aim.

By: Xemo on 8/3/11 at 7:28

He won't need a tattoo to commemorate this crime.
Don't EFF with Nashvill Grannies. LMAO

By: tn.native on 8/3/11 at 7:39

I told you if you keep messing around you're gonna put somebody"s eye out!

By: titansjoe on 8/3/11 at 8:04

This does not make Nashville look like such a welcoming place. lol

By: jsnap on 8/4/11 at 7:06

I bet you all of these men are illegals. The reason I believe this is that the press will not say they are.

By: Booman on 8/4/11 at 7:23

you can almost bet they are illegal, and win

$50,000 bond? they will deport him and they will be right back here in short time

By: futrconslr on 8/4/11 at 8:04

Someone should have bought Granny buckshot or a slug gun.

By: Nitzche on 8/4/11 at 8:07

look at his is the NRA"s fault he did this!

By: BenDover on 8/4/11 at 8:25

Get 'em granny... that's awesome.

By: imlikesowhatever on 8/4/11 at 11:28

When he gets bored on the bus back to Mexico he can connect the dots on his face. Thats awesome!

By: JeffF on 8/4/11 at 2:26

This has made my day. Thanks to the editors for including the mug shot.