Another air quality alert issued for Nashville area

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 9:10pm
Staff reports

For the fourth day of the 2010 season and the second day this week, an “orange” air quality alert for Middle Tennessee has been issued for Wednesday.

The color-coded, threat level system — ranging from green (low) to maroon (severe) — is similar to one used by the Department of Homeland Security to measure the risk of terrorist attacks.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and the Clean Air Partnership of Middle Tennessee issue the alerts based on predicted ozone levels for a particular day. An orange alert means ozone levels are expected to be “high” on Wednesday.

This warning applies specifically to people in sensitive groups — those with lung diseases and children and older adults who should take extra precautions outdoors.

To help lessen the effects of ozone levels, the Clean Air Partnership of Middle Tennessee encourages citizens to incorporate smarter driving habits into their daily routines.

CAP encourages citizens to carpool or use mass transit, combine errands into one trip or delay car trips and postpone the use of gas-powered lawn equipment until the air quality improves.