Attorneys say they’re not ready for baby snatching trial

Friday, December 18, 2009 at 7:10pm
Staff reports

Alleged kidnapper Tammy Renee Silas was in federal court Friday for a quick evidence hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Todd Campbell.

Lawyers on both sides of the case updated the court on the headway they've made going through the “voluminous” amount of evidence related to the case.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Philip H. Webly told the court his office was currently going through more than 1,600 pages of information and 40 compact discs worth of pictures and videos related to the case.

And with the case still open, Webly said he expects more material to be filed.

Defense attorney Isaiah Gant said he’s in a similar situation. Gant said he doubted he'd be ready for the Jan. 11 trial date, but Judge Todd said he would wait on a decision whether or not to push back the trial.

Silas, who has been in custody since Oct. 2, stands accused of kidnapping 4-day-old Yahir Anthony Carillo from his south Nashville home. In late September, Silas allegedly posed as an immigration official, stabbed the infant’s mother and swiped the baby.

The infant was safely recovered three days later at Silas’ home in Ardmore, Ala.

In the wake of the kidnapping, media attention has continued to focus on each and every detail of the case.

Reports that the baby’s mother may have been attempting to sell her infant turned out to be untrue, and the parents have filed suit against Metro Police and the state Department of Children’s Services requesting evidence in the case.