Authorities offering $20,000 reward for mosque arson info

Friday, September 3, 2010 at 6:08pm

Federal authorities are offering a $20,000 reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person or people behind the arson at the future site of a mosque in Rutherford County, they announced in a news conference Friday afternoon.

Standing in front of the excavation equipment damaged in last weekend's fire, authorities from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — along with newly seated Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold — said they're pleased with how the investigation is proceeding, although they declined to say whether they have a suspect. 

"Somebody knows something, and money is a motivator," said Assistant Special Agent Keith Moses of the FBI's Nashville office. 

The reward money comes from a combination of ATF and FBI funds. 

"It's very good news that they have made progress," said Camie Ayash, spokeswoman for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, which has drawn intense criticism from residents who say, generally, that Islam supports terrorism. "Maybe with the reward ... hopefully someone will come forward."  

Authorities also confirmed that an accelerant was used in the arson, which occurred early last Saturday morning. One of four large pieces of excavating equipment was burned beyond repair. 

Moses said no determination could be made about possible hate crime or civil rights charges until after a suspect is arrested. 

Call 1-888-ATF-FIRE with any pertinent information.

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By: MK-Ultra on 9/3/10 at 7:20

At least the Federal authorities are showing some common sense
about this arson case.

Everyone else is running around like chicken little screaming that it's
a hate crime . That's complete bull crap unless there is sound proof
in hand .

Arson happens all the time. To every walk of life .
Why should the Muslims get a pass on crime .

By: budlight on 9/4/10 at 7:39

Because they are peace loving muslim. ha, ha, ha. They probably set the fire for attention like the spoiled rotten brats they are.

By: budlight on 9/4/10 at 7:41

And what about the "cabbie" who got stabbed by the 21 year old left wing, muslim supporter drunk college kid in new york city? What's up with dat? Who dat? What dat? Why dat? Publicity of course.

By: kursk1 on 9/4/10 at 1:08

peace lovingmuslims, arent they all? I heard about a peace loving muslim, he wore american clothes, drank alcohol, even danced at a caucasion wedding, then the next week he flew a plane into the ground in Pennsylvania.

I agree, they probably did ti themselves for the pub. How many tax dollars are being wasted on this crap.

They have posted a 24 hr guard. If they want a guard, let them hire their own!

I personally hope a sink hole swallows the site up.

However, burning the vehicle is a bit childish

By: MeMa on 9/4/10 at 1:40

The hillbilly bigot comment storm in 5...4...3..2.. oh wait, it's already started.

Not a hate crime? No peace loving Muslims?

Honestly it's embarrassing to be geographically associated with you people.

By: gohomenow on 9/5/10 at 1:00

MeMa - leave then, you're doing nobody any favors being here !

By: MK-Ultra on 9/5/10 at 3:22

MeMa ,

The FBI has stated that so far , they have no proof of the fire being started
by anyone , thus no civil rights violations or hate crime .

Calling people names such as hillbilly bigot might be taken by the
folks your saying it to as a hate crime in it self . Don't know if any jail time comes with they ignorant spew , but a good country butt kicking might .

California is calling you ,