Belmont groper tagged as illegal immigrant

Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 3:53pm
Staff reports

Julio Cesar Juarez, who was arrested Tuesday for allegedly grabbing female's buttocks as they jogged in the Belmont area, has been identified as an illegal alien through the Davidson County Sheriff's Office's 287(g) program.

Juarez, 19, faces two counts of sexual battery related to the attacks near Belmont. He was working at the Kroger on Franklin Pike at the time of his arrest.

The DCSO says he was picked up June 21, 2008, in another Tennessee county for reckless driving but was released once his charges were settled.

“In Nashville, when someone is arrested and screened through 287(g) their illegal status in not ignored," Sheriff Daron Hall said. "Those individuals are held responsible for their immigration violation."

The 287(g) initiative is designed to multiply the forces of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) through enhanced cooperation and communication with state and local law enforcement.

“The ability to identify someone like Julio Juarez is a perfect example of why I believe 287(g) enhances public safety for the Nashville community,” Hall added.


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By: JohnGalt on 7/30/09 at 2:08

Illegal "immigrant" in the headline..."alien" in the story.

Why not alien in the headline? Afraid of offending someone?

By: Nash19 on 7/30/09 at 2:27

This is completely unfair and an outrage! He simply came here to do what American buttock grabbers won't do. He should be let go and given free car insurance and healthcare as parting gifts.

By: Nash19 on 7/30/09 at 2:42

The guy ran up to them and said, "Donde esta la biblioteca?"

By: alex24 on 7/30/09 at 2:53

why was koger not able to identify him as an illegal immigrant?

By: Nash19 on 7/30/09 at 2:57

Why do you think? If they attempted to they would have probably been sued by the wonderful and gracious ACLU. That's odd....ACLU....AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union.....but this guy is not American so why do they always stick their nose in stuff like this?

By: seanche on 7/30/09 at 3:39

Ahhh, Nash19, I don't think the ACLU was involved in this at any level. I know this might be tough but, maybe if you studied a bit about the ACLU, their history, goals, you know, things like that, you might learn something about this patriot group of American men and women. I know, this means you might have to read something and god forbid, change your mind, but give it a try. Seanche out

By: slzy on 7/30/09 at 4:30

i have not been in a kroger in nearly a year due to my suspicion that kroger hired illegal aliens.

kroger needs to be prosecuted,and dean should explain exactly how the illegal aliens he sides with helps the legal citizens of this county.

By: P51Jock on 7/30/09 at 5:17

What do you mean illegal immigrant? This is a clear case of an undocumented citizen with severe social and mental issues.

This guy will require extensive treatment and therapy for his disability, it could take years of care to cure him. In the mean time he will qualify for educational, medical and social services benefits as well as disability income while he works his way through the system.

Let's not move too quickly on this one.