Bill Clinton to stump for McWherter in Nashville

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 6:15pm
Staff reports

Former President Bill Clinton will be in Nashville next week hosting a political rally for Tennessee Democratic candidate for governor Mike McWherter.

The free event is scheduled for Sept. 9 at 5 p.m. at the downtown Hilton Hotel. 

McWherter is the son of former Tennessee Governor Ned McWhrter, whose friendship with Clinton goes back to the former president’s time as governor of Arkansas from 1983 to 1992.

While in Nashville, Clinton is also hosting a fundraising event for McWherter’s gubernatorial campaign.

McWherter is running against Republican candidate for governor and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam. Election Day is Nov. 2. 

7 Comments on this post:

By: MK-Ultra on 9/1/10 at 4:29

Great political move Mike .

Maybe he will share on of those " Special Cigars " with you .

I was undecided until I read this .

Now Bill has my support and my check !

By: on 9/1/10 at 5:34

It time foe tennessee to get some good press

By: MetalMan on 9/2/10 at 5:07

Talk about the kiss of death! LMAO!!

By: govskeptic on 9/2/10 at 6:52

Hopefully they will share all the great stories about "their
visits to the White House" and how lovely the Lincoln
Bedroom chats really were. Still too early to discuss
Hillary's next Presidential Primary race?

By: willtw on 9/2/10 at 7:38

loc up all your daughters, your livestock...Slick Willi, is coming to town!

By: pswindle on 9/2/10 at 7:58

I guess that I am still surpsrised at how ugly the GOP can get. I remember the good times when Bill and Al were in the White House. It has been nothing but doom since Bush took over. I'm not even saying that he was elected. When I look at Haslam, I see another Corker, and I don't believe that TN can survive another Corker or Alexandra. Mike has a great father that helped TN in so many ways, and he will do as well or better. Who would you like to come into TN for the GOP? Maybe, Rush, Beck or Palin to name a few.

By: yogiman on 9/2/10 at 2:20

Into TN for the GOP, ps? Anyone who doesn't the a reputation like Billy boy. I agree with you on Alexander. Has he ever had a job that wasn't in politics? It would be nice if they thought they were in there to represent us.