Brady Banks publicly apologizes, seeks to have patronizing prostitution charge dropped

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 3:26pm

Metro Councilman Brady Banks was due in court today to face a charge of patronizing prostitution, but he instead hopes to have the charge dropped after completing an eight-hour class and paying court fees.

The weekend class and fee is an option for all first-time offenders to have their case dismissed. The court hearing that had been scheduled for Tuesday was continued to a later date.

Banks, accompanied by his lawyer Jonathan Farmer and wife, Kristin, held a short press conference outside the Justice A.A. Birch Building and publicly addressed media for the first time, following a Q&A with The City Paper.

He apologized to his constituents and said he would continue to serve on the council.

“I also understand and fully deserve any criticism of my failures,” Banks said. “My hope is that [my constituents] will give me an opportunity to regain that trust."

While Banks answered questions, political gadfly and local Internet radio host Carl Boyd verbally harassed the councilman from nearby, calling the councilman a “disgrace.”

“You should resign, Brady Banks!” Boyd yelled as the cameras rolled.

Banks and Farmer said they didn't know who Boyd was.

9 Comments on this post:

By: Jughead on 3/6/12 at 2:56

Banks is just another dishonest creep and a liar. Perfect for Metro Council.

By: pswindle on 3/7/12 at 9:51

He needs for the Bible Belt to forgive him. Is this not what the christians do?

By: Nitzche on 3/7/12 at 11:41

he 's a good democrat, so he gets a free pass

By: conservarage on 3/7/12 at 11:56

typical. he's a democrat, so he'll stay put.

where's the outrage, dems?

By: Ask01 on 3/8/12 at 4:52

Forget the Democrats.

What about all the good Christians who are commanded by their faith to demonstrate forgiveness, grce and compassion? You know, the ones who've never sinned and have stones at the ready.

I guess those values and principles only apply on Sundays during church.

Silly me.

By: yucchhii on 3/8/12 at 11:05

yucchhii Brady is a politician, it's in their blood, they can't help it. His wife ought to know that by now. Look at Clinton!!!

By: Jughead on 3/8/12 at 11:18

Wife will allow hubby to dip his wick in tramps so she can stay in the spotlight. Wonder if she has tested for AIDs?

By: wasaw on 3/8/12 at 3:43

Ask01, I for one, forgive Mr. Banks. Now, he needs to resign. There is no " constitutional right" to be a Metro councilman once one has lost the trust of the electorate. During Mr. Banks camgaigning, he never told his future constiuents of his inclination to lay with prostitutes. I'm sure he failed to advise his wife of that inclination, also.

We must learn from life's lessons and understand that we cannot look into Mr. Banks crystal ball to learn if he will again seek the companionship of Nashville's "ladies of the afternoon/ evening". My dad taught me that the best way to look into one's future is to look at their past.

Mr. Bank's, I truly forgive you. Unfortunately, I will not forget that you have a sexual weakness. This weakness makes you vulnerable to politicians who might take advantage of your vulnerability. Communist countries have used this technique many times in working good, honest Americans into good Russian spies.

Do what's right, Mr. Banks. You are damaged goods. Your constituents deserve better. There are individuals in your councilmanic district who will serve the constiuents much better than you have. RESIGN.

By: 9445 on 5/9/12 at 6:50

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