Cab commission director's comments on drivers 'offend and shock' council members

Friday, March 9, 2012 at 1:24am

Members of the Metro Council’s Minority Caucus say they are “offended and shocked” by comments the head of Metro’s Transportation Licensing Commission allegedly made about taxi cab drivers.

But Brian McQuistion, the director at the center of the controversy, suggested his words were misconstrued.

At issue are remarks McQuistion, speaking before the caucus this week at their invitation, delivered at a time when a group of Ethiopian cab drivers are attempting to start their own cab company called Volunteer Taxi. To do so, an existing citywide cab-permit limit of 585 would need to be increased.

McQuistion and the licensing commission oversee this process.

Multiple caucus members claim McQuistion said cab drivers, who tend to be minorities, would resort to crime, prostitution or drug-dealing if the cap on the number of cab permits in Nashville were increased and business among all cab drivers were stretched out.

The meeting wasn’t recorded or televised, nor was media present.

“Frankly, I can’t remember what I said,” McQuistion told The City Paper Thursday. “But what I meant was if drivers cannot make a living wage then there’s an increase risk of the following things happening: overcharging, overloading too many passengers into a cab.

“I’m not blaming any cab driver anywhere saying they’re going to do this,” McQuistion said. “But historically, the industry has the potential for problems involving other crimes that are just not related to cabs. That could be prostitution or drugs, or you name it.”

He added that six drivers were arrested a few years ago for illegally hauling alcohol to people. Other cab drivers, he said, have exceeded the number of hours they can legally drive to add income.

“Those sorts of things can be public safety risks, and that’s my concern. If you have the same amount of money spread among more drivers, you’re going to have less income, and there is a point in which it becomes a public safety concern,” McQuistion said.

Months ago, the minority caucus announced its support of Volunteer Taxi’s efforts.

Many of the group’s 10 members have objected to McQuistion’s remarks, including caucus president Jerry Maynard. According to him, McQuistion referenced a “gut feeling” as he made his analysis.

“I think his gut feeling was based on his own prejudice that he has regarding the people who drive cabs,” Maynard said, pointing out many Ethiopian cab drivers were in the room to hear his comments.

“He didn’t say they would become rogue. He didn’t say they would begin to do things like give rides without the meter being on. He said they would respond by going into prostitution and drug dealing. And we were shocked. We were shocked by his statement,” Maynard said.

Councilman Scott Davis, also a member of the caucus, said he as “offended” by McQuistion’s comments.

“We were just trying to ask Brian McQuistion some basic questions,” Davis said, adding that the caucus was caught off guard with the “drug dealing and prostitution” comments.

In December, the transportation licensing commission voted to increase the 585-permit cap to 673, which includes 60 permits for Volunteer Taxi, which would become Nashville’s first driver-owned cab company.

Its final approval, however, is contingent upon funding in next year’s budget, set to be finalized this spring.

McQuistion has said authorizing more cab permits would require additional staff to inspect vehicles, hence more funding.

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By: Jughead on 3/9/12 at 8:22

Everyone in America wants to be "outraged" about something. Then, they sue.

All part of the wussification of America.

By: Moonglow1 on 3/9/12 at 10:02

Moonglow1: There is no room for people holding responsible positions to be so prejudiced, crass, and ignorant.

By: Left-of-Local on 3/9/12 at 10:18

How about this?

Let's require them all to LEARN TO EFFING DRIVE regardless of color, and THEN we can look at incasing limits.

By: 1kenthomas on 3/9/12 at 11:23

Tip to counsel members claiming people said something: iPhones, iPads etc have recording apps. Learn to use them. Darn useful.

Otherwise, Nashville's cab service is one of the worst I've every experienced. Response time in the center (at least, downtown/East Nashville/West End) is anywhere from poor (10 min) to dismal (over 30min, at which point I could have walked).

As for their driving, just sit and watch West End some time 9pm onwards. Wait for one of them to whish by at 50mph swerving and get pulled over-- usually, the Yellow Cab guys (what an operation! If you're going to insult minorities, you'd better insult Yellow Cab first.)

I would suggest that the Cabs Commissioner think first about ensuring quality and competence, rather than continuing a non-competive measure which keeps the existing bozos in place. Up-and-coming "minorties" and "new businesses" tend to try harder, -- not to employ a stereotype.

By: yucchhii on 3/9/12 at 12:09

yucchhii Through observation and from comments from people I know that have taken cabs here in the Nashville area, the people who drive the cabs ALL need to be FIRED!!! They have come close to hitting me while I'm crossing the street in the crosswalk and I will also have the walk light. This applies to ALL cab companies. One of those companies (Honestly, I can't remember which one) I was crossing the street at 7th ave north and commerce, heading toward Broadway. The Hume-Fogg high school had just previously let out for the day. It was ABOUT 3 to 3:30pm. A group of students had just started crossing the street and I was walking in opposite direction. A cab was trying to make a left turn to go up 7th ave north toward Curch street, he could barely wait to squeeze through this group of students crossing. I yelled at him that if he hit anyone, I would surely see him go to jail and lawsuits filed against the driver and the company!! These people from WHERE EVER, don't care about anything except the DEAD PRESIDENTS, that is the $$$. To any driver that should hit ME while I'm in the crosswalk and have the light, I say, "GO AHEAD, MAKE ME RICH!!!"

By: budlight on 3/9/12 at 2:50

Years ago a friend of mind came into NY LaGuardia from England; she had to take a cab; the driver put her luggage in the trunk; when they arrived at the destination, he overcharged her by $100. She tried to refuse to pay the overcharge (they were on meters). He said "your luggage is locked in my trunk". She forked over the cab fare PLUS $100. Ironically he was from Ethopia.

Then I took a cab from the DC airport to Alexandria VA. I knew the fare. The driver said to me that it was about $40 more than the fare. I said "no way". He threatened me also with a similar action ie, luggage in the trunk. I simply crossed my arms and said "Well I'll just sit here in the back seat until the cows come home -- or my luggage is sitting on the curb -- whichever comes first! I have all day". He promptly got out of the cab and put my luggage on the curb next to the door I got out of. Such a coincidence! He was from Ethopia.

Am I saying alll "foreign" drivers are bad? Am I saying all American drivers are good? NOPE! I'm just saying when I take a cab, if you can't speak the Queen's English, I ain't hopping in the back seat of your vehice.

And regarding the statements: Anyone who is not earning a decent living could be prone to turn to means other than legal means for moola! That just happens! My daddy was a Yellow cab driver in NY and Virginia. He also gambled (illegally) and ran moonshine - in the back country. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do -- or a woman. Doesn't make it right! Just makes it SO!

By: budlight on 3/9/12 at 2:51

yucchhii on 3/9/12 at 12:09
Yucchii, I agree with you. But be careful; you might end up being "dead" right! LOL

By: dealingwi on 3/9/12 at 3:50

Maybe I'm missing something here, but it seems that I don't hear anything out of Jerry Maynard's mouth unless it has something to do with race. He was certainly forgiving when Councilman Banks tried to hook up with a prostitute...both Illegal and immoral acts by an elected official who is supposed to be trustworthy of his constituents needs. But mention race or stereotyping...and look out!

If you are going to be vocal about people doing consistent not choosy. It can cause you to be profiled...and we all know that is wrong.

By: govskeptic on 3/10/12 at 4:15

I suspect this Director would know more about what he's talking about on
the subjects being discussed than a group of ever so Politically Correct
Politicians! At-large Maynard was probably the one to make this a Media
Issue! He loves Press and protecting the victims even if he has to
create the victims. Disgusting!

By: rickmuz on 3/10/12 at 7:26

I don't know about the whole resorting to crime thing, but I can safely say there is NOT A SINGLE AMERICAN BORN cab driver left in Nashville that I am aware of. Nashville's cab drivers are HORRIBLE at their jobs! Cannot get anywhere without a GPS because they cannot understand your english directions to them and when you get in the cab and they smell like they've taken a bath in cologne... it's because they have been living in the cab and have not taken a real bath. I remember when it was a REQUIREMENT for you to actually know the city in order to get a job driving a cab.

By: Nashville It on 3/10/12 at 10:44

@govskeptic, this Director couldn't find his way out of a paper bag. He doesn't even understand transportation, hence, the taxpayers of Nashville get to pay for a study to determine what changes, if any, need to be made to his office. Sadly, McQuistion is not the right person to run this office.

Honestly, I am extremely surprised that Maynard finally spoke up. It's about time this Council starts to see what is really going on in that department of Nashville. I thank GOD for Jerry Maynard!

By: deedoll on 3/11/12 at 8:56

Call for a taxi in Nashville and ask for an Amercan driver, don't believe they exist. Have taken many taxis in this town and you always have to help them get you to your destination. GPS doesn't work if you can't spell and most barely speak English. It is sad that this industry has been taken over by foreigners and good ole American's are out of work.

By: gitcheesome on 3/12/12 at 12:56

McQuistion is adept at how things work in city council, and aware of political correctness, especially under the scrutiny of a 'minority' caucus. Volunteer Taxi is a collectivist group, 99% Ethiopian, who want to by-pass the long-established guard. It is motivated by money, not greed per se, but money. Nothing else. They are clearly lobbying to make it into a discrimination issue, and appear to be succeeding! If you aren't happy making 'X' amount of money -find another line of work. Equal opportunity does not guarantee equal outcomes. It's like a grocery store clerk who expects to make 40K/year. If these guys weren't trying to start their own cab company, they would certainly be against more permits. Do not be deluded by this type of manipulation.

By: gdiafante on 3/12/12 at 2:40

Minorities have traditionally been cab drivers for decades unless you think you live in a Frank Capra film. Hell, it's been an ongoing joke for years...I guess Nashville is kinda behind the times...

By: cabdriver on 3/13/12 at 12:51

I am current cab driver , there is nothing like a big mess of the taxi adminstration from the drivers, the co. and the state.
most cab driver do not know thire rights they have with the State, and the co. they work. the funny part with the customer that is posted in side of the cab. it is not that they do not understand it, but they are busy making money ! working more than 16 hours a day. you can imagine the impact if they have two driver what the unemployement rate would be , but they can't aford it their weekly fees. imagine the followings as well cause of the fatigue, the rough smell in the cab , the income to the state .
and the companys make money of the money maker. any time for any reason there weekly payment gose up.
one Big computerized centeral dispatching system ,for every cab driver .
and the driver only pay their for their dispatch if the want the service, and tax and of course the cab propertiy taxt too as always been ,
free at last the cabies and pease of mind , so we serve the communities. we deserve this !

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