Cash still flowing after at-large council elections

Friday, February 15, 2008 at 2:32am

The five at-large Council members who ran county-wide campaigns last year saw funds continue to come in even after they won the run-off election in September.

Councilman Jerry Maynard received the most post-election campaign funds, bringing in $10,145 after being voted into office.

The final disclosure period ran from Oct. 1, 2007 until Jan. 15, 2008.

Maynard missed the Jan. 25 Election Commission filing deadline for fourth quarter reporting of the campaign financial disclosure statement and was subject to a $25 per day fine. Maynard’s campaign manager Stephen Lindsey shared the Councilman’s report with The City Paper and said he intended to turn in the report to the Election Commission today, thus avoiding a fine.

Contrasting Maynard’s total, fellow at-large Councilman Tim Garrett only brought in $2.82 in the fourth quarter.

Mayor Karl Dean was at the other end of the spectrum, raking in more than $188,000 after the election.

Post-election contributions typically are used to pay off campaign debts. After receiving the $10,000, Maynard had an on-hand balance of just $900.

At-large Councilman Ronnie Steine received $3,350 and Charlie Tygard got $1,115 in contributions after the election. Councilwoman Megan Barry received $50.

Tygard’s campaign finished with the most cash on-hand at $6,140.

Of the $3,350 Steine received, $2,000 came from himself, raising his total campaign contributions to $17,600.

Steine reported outstanding loans totaling $88,000, while Barry had outstanding loans totaling $20,000. Maynard had $3,000 in outstanding loans. By comparison, neither of the other two at-large Council members, Garrett and Tygard, had any outstanding loans.

Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors didn’t receive any post-election funds and forwarded her remaining $7,500 balance toward her 2011 Vice Mayor Campaign Fund.

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