Celebrities to shine light on First Amendment

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 1:40pm
Staff reports

Nashville’s First Amendment Center, situated on the campus of Vanderbilt University, is helping lead a new national campaign to help bring public awareness to the freedoms of the First Amendment.

Beginning tomorrow, July 1, the nonpartisan campaign will unveil a series of advertisements — featuring the likes of comedian Ellen DeGeneres, musician John Mellencamp and journalist David Gregory — to shed light on the importance of free speech.

The initiative is dubbed “1 for All.”

“The First Amendment is not a dusty document or a footnote to history,” said Ken Paulson, president of the Newseum and First Amendment Center. “It is instead a vibrant part of every American’s life every single day. Every time a person expresses a point of view, enjoys the arts, prays or posts a message online, the First Amendment is at work.”

Organizers of “1 for All” say the campaign is the first of its kind to market the First Amendment to the public. Using an approach geared toward youth, the ads will celebrate the freedom to tweet, rock, write, read, sing, worship, assemble and petition.

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Newseum, McCormick Foundation, American Society of News Editors, First Amendment Center and Gannett Foundation have provided initial funding and resources, and have now been joined by more than 1,000 news organizations, religious groups and educational institutions in support of the First Amendment.

7 Comments on this post:

By: idgaf on 6/30/10 at 11:55

Without free speech we would not have the Tea Party to try to take our government back.

By: frodo on 7/1/10 at 6:06

Well, idgaf, don't expect anyone at this gathering to celebrate the First Amendment on behalf of the Tea Party. Never in my lifetime have I seen a presidential administration so brazenly hostile to freedom of speech. But I bet you'll hear nothing about the sins of the president from this bunch of rodeo clowns.

By: govskeptic on 7/1/10 at 6:32

First Amendment Center is just a branch of the very liberal
Gannett - USA media organization. They love this amendment
as it applies to commercial print but not so much for individual
freedom of speech!

By: gdiafante on 7/1/10 at 7:04

I suppose whining is considered free speech as well.

By: Chippster on 7/1/10 at 7:34

Take the government back !?! Yea, back to the way it used to be when you had to be white, male, straight, and have money to have your opinion heard !

By: xhexx on 7/1/10 at 8:38

Just another liberal perversion of our Constitution. The 1st Amendment says you can't be dragged away by the government because they didn't like what you said, or that you can't be prevented by the government from worshipping as you choose. The rest of that crap is just that.... crap.

By: FreedomJournal on 7/1/10 at 9:20

(5-2-08 by Carl A. Patton)

Beloved Peace be unto you. There were many that came to life believing in things called Freedom. However they believed in those that believed what they thought they believed or knew. Thus Freedom was challenged but God sent Freedom as Free and as virgin as the rain that fell from the great sky. Where is your Freedom and where does it land when it falls from the sky?

The speakers articulated, debated and
communicated various messages and things
that they said they believed in.

However much had to be and was
the accepted dialogue as all leaned on
the same breast and this emotion,

And thought, had no independence as
it was ascribed by a group and those
that joined followed not the heart,

But the ways of the world. Meanwhile
I remember Langston Hughes saying I
speak not at the politicians.

As he was an alleged Red there
was dread of the left that saw
things in Marx and Lenin.

However who stands for anything
these days? Does man only want
to win the favor of other men?

Sadly most have lost sight of reality
as the Creator and His Creation is more
than once taken for granted.

My love is boundless for the woman the
lady who is a sweet spirit in my life, I love
my children my grand children and my siblings.

I also love, but what friends have left I love also.
But the greatest love is God and Christ.
This is what the saints the true believers live for.

They do not live only to love a man in the cloth
who has come to preach looking back at a calling
from the Father and the Son.

Is there then liberal and conservative
in Christ? Does Christ as does the
Father encompasses all things?

What are the labels for? Can you
see God through liberal and conservative

Just what about the yearning to be Christ-like?
Could He run and be elected? Those that stood
for nothing fell for the Chump’s prize.

This prize went to those that gave
up in the race. Many got tired but
they never gave up.

He paced himself and stored up
good deeds and fixed his heart.
The righteous heart meanwhile was,

Despised and used by the label bearers
as they lost sight of the real prize that
was a gift to those that came in last.

John now relished a final word as he
continued to look all over the big picture.
Once more than once he said:

“You cannot render a selfish desire nor use are
abuse the righteous if they continue with a sincere heart.”