Challenger Roberts hopes to trigger runoff in tight District 20 race

Monday, August 8, 2011 at 12:22pm

The outcome of the Metro Council’s District 20 race is still being reviewed, as candidate Mary Carolyn Roberts this week combs through voter lists to find potential irregularities.

Roberts, who received 650 votes Thursday night to Councilman Buddy Baker’s 696 votes, has said several people voted in the wrong district because of confusion over this summer’s expedited council redistricting. She claims it clouded results on Election Day.

Roberts said some voters had been redistricted to West Nashville’s District 20, but instead voted in the bordering District 23 or 24 races. She also said she’s spoken to people who had lived in District 20, moved to a residence outside the district, but still voted in the District 20 election.

“If I can find 10 people who fall into either one of these categories, arguably — after speaking with a couple of lawyers — I have an argument to say that this should be a runoff,” Roberts said.

On Monday morning, Roberts said she would visit the Davidson County Election Commission to compare lists of those registered to vote in District 20, and those who voted in the district Thursday night.

To avoid a Sept. 15 runoff, candidates were required to collect 50 percent of the vote. Under the current tally, Baker has 50.7 percent of the vote. A third candidate in the District 20 race took in 26 votes; hence, Roberts has set a 10-vote threshold to trigger a runoff.

Davidson County Elections Administrator Albert Tieche said to formally challenge the election’s outcome, Roberts would need to wait until votes are certified on Friday. Roberts would have five days after that to mount their challenge, Tieche said.

"This girl, I'm telling you the truth, she just cost me a bunch of money," Baker said of Roberts, referring to his decision to hire an attorney to represent his case. Baker has tapped attorney Stephen Zralek, who works at Bone McCallester Norton PLLC, to provide legal counsel.  

Baker declined to comment on Roberts' decision to review voter lists.

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By: wildwilly on 8/8/11 at 1:13

how typical of BB to come up with such a throwaway comment as "this girl" & how belittling, derogatory, disrespectful or demeaning is that meant to be?........go MC...hope you get enough evidence to ensure a runoff with that boy!