Chancellor deems Forest Hills' court system illegal

Friday, December 7, 2012 at 1:39pm

Forest Hills created its own court and even appointed a judge more than a year ago in hopes of enforcing the satellite city’s ordinances.

But Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman ruled Friday morning in Davidson County Chancery Court that the proposed Forest Hills’ court system was illegal.

Metro sued the city of Forest Hills in August, claiming that the Metro Charter prohibits “small cities” within Metro to hold court unless one existed prior to the charter’s authorization in 1963.

Forest Hills maintains that the Tennessee state legislature has authorized the city to hold court through the Municipal Court Reform Act, a measure passed in 2004 and amended in 2009 that allows all municipalities to hold court.

Bonnyman ruled in Metro’s favor on a motion for summary judgment, effectively deeming Forest Hills’ court obsolete.

Forest Hills attorney Matt Foster said the city appointed a judge in 2011 but hasn’t held court yet.

Foster told The City Paper that the city’s commissioners haven’t discussed an appeal, but he expects they will be in favor of taking the case to the state Court of Appeals.

The Metro Legal Department didn’t immediately return calls for comment Friday. 

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By: Jughead on 12/7/12 at 1:21

Forest Hills is a dump. I'd rather live in Antioch.

By: limitup62 on 12/7/12 at 1:39

Limitup62 The waste of tax money by Bill Coke, Al Deck, and Jim Lovell is a disgrace. Building a multi million dollar new city hall within Metro, with literally no power of governing at all, when there is thousands of available square feet of space in green hills. Where did they put it? Damn near in Brentwood. As far removed from the city they govern as they could. Know what else? I was there when the decision was made as to whether or not they should spend the extra $30,000.00 for a copper roof!! This was at a time when hundreds of families were striken with adversity due to the flood. What did they do? Kept families waiting for months while they figured out a way to keep from helping. I've dealt with these men before and they have no ability to govern at all. One bicycle lane on Hillsboro Rd.? What are the bicyclist supposed to do on the other 1000 roads in Forest Hills? The number of signs telling you that this is a bicycle lane? No less than 30 from Old Hickory Blvd to Harding Place. They are a waste and should be disbanded.