City bill to eliminate development in floodplain curbed

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 11:18am

The sponsor of a bill to prohibit all future residential development in Nashville’s entire 100-year flood plain said he plans to defer the ordinance until July 20 in order to “get it right” with all parties involved.

In an email to The City Paper over the weekend, Metro Councilman Darren Jernigan said he sat down with representatives of the mayor’s office Friday morning and left the meeting agreeing to defer the bill until the second meeting in July. The bill was originally scheduled to go before the council on first reading Tuesday night.

In exchange, Jernigan said Dean agreed to place a moratorium on issuing building permits to individuals seeking to build within the city’s flood plain.

Jernigan’s bill in its current form, poised to face heavy opposition from developers, doesn’t seem to have Dean's full support, either.

Asked last week for his thoughts about the ordinance, Dean called Jernigan “a good friend of his” but cautioned about moving to quickly.

“In terms of saying this is how development should go forth in Nashville in the future, this is what we need to build in terms of other flood protection, I’m going to want to take my time and think about that and make sure we come up with the right decision,” Dean said.

Jernigan, who represents the Old Hickory area, said he decided to propose the bill after looking into the eyes of hundreds of his constituents whose Waterford subdivision were damaged by Nashville’s historic flood.

Currently, Metro limits residential development on 50 percent of the city’s flood plain. 

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By: Kosh III on 6/1/10 at 9:44

Yes. God forbid people should stand in the way of making money. So what if another flood ruins a few thousand lives? Money is all that counts.

By: idgaf on 6/1/10 at 1:24

NO taxpayer money should be used for this plan.

By: AmyLiorate on 6/2/10 at 8:23

It is crazy to hear all this discussion of the flood plain as if that is just another zoning term and not a term used to describe a hazardous area.

If it floods one in 100 years then that means most people will live to see it under water. Not a good plan for where to put all my personal belongings but that's just my opinion.

By: wasaw on 6/2/10 at 8:52

"Dean called Jernigan “a good friend of his” ". Gee, you've got to wonder what Mr. Blue Blood would have done if Councilman Jernigan had been one of Hizoners many enemies? Is anyone else thinking where tourism tax dollars are going to come from when the next flood closes Opryland for six months. Hizoner is banking on hundreds of thousands of "hotel/motel tourist dollars collected from the Donelson location to fund his Music City Center. Mayors are constantly funding new ideas with tourist dollars, but what do you do when the tourist money dries up? Hizoner knows!

By: EddieA on 6/2/10 at 5:59

One story you are not seeing is how the issue of flood insurance was brought to the attention of three Metro Council members, the person in charge of Metro Storm Water and the office of Senator Cooper last year. FEMA issued a memo in 2008 that changed the status of flood insurance holders. My home was changed from a one-story three bedroom brick home with a crawl space to a two-story home with an unfinished basement.

This information was brought to my attention when I purchased a home in the Antioch area in 2009.

FEMA drew new flood maps in 2002. However, the Army Corp of Engineers discovered the most recent flood map were never certified by FEMA. New flood elevation certificates, based on the 2002 flood maps, would possibly lower the cost of flood insurance for residents in the 100 year flood plain. This story was considered "NOT" newsworthy by one local TV station and the Tennessean.

By: C3bdj1 on 6/28/10 at 10:52

"By: idgaf on 6/1/10 at 2:24
NO taxpayer money should be used for this plan."

NO taxpayer money should be used to educate your children or grandchildren, either!
You had them, YOU pay to educate them.

Does that sound like a good idea to you idgaf?