City Paper adds Associated Press to its site

Friday, March 29, 2013 at 2:38pm

Beginning today, The City Paper will add content from the Associated Press to its website.

The reasons for doing it were several. First, AP Tennessee produces a high-quality report, breaks news and covers a lot of territory. I believe that our readers will find their journalism to be of a very high caliber.

Second, and maybe most importantly, these are folks who we have come to know and respect over the years. Erik Schelzig on Capitol Hill, for example, is widely recognized as one of the best reporters in the state. Teresa Walker has been covering local sports with aplomb for two decades. Their staff lives here and understands Nashville and the surrounding area.

All of this is meant to augment, not replace, the excellent news, sports, business and culture coverage you already expect from our staff.

Thank you for your support, and, as always, I appreciate you reading The City Paper.

Steve Cavendish

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3 Comments on this post:

By: courier37027 on 3/29/13 at 1:06

Today's press makes for such strange bed partners.

By: pepawjoe on 3/31/13 at 2:46

Its been my experience that MOST ALL Associated Press News releases are SOLELY Attached to AP's Personal Beliefs, and a "TAKE-IT or LEAVE-IT Attitude.
Sometimes their comments or commentary doesn't fit the Main Stream Discussion, and AP leaves NO room for critiques, PERIOD!

By: localboy on 4/2/13 at 10:54

So what you're saying, pepawjoe, is that this will be a perfect fit...;)