Condo developer meets with neighbors

Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 1:00am

Sylvan Park property owners met Monday at Park Avenue Baptist Church to hear a proposal from Jones Development Company to change zoning of the Oman Industrial site property on 42nd Avenue from industrial to residential.

Developer Jeff Jones told attendees of the public meeting he is seeking to redevelop five acres of industrial property between Dakota and Elkins off 42nd Avenue with a 180 condominium multi-family site similar to the Ashley Park condominium development off Woodmont Boulevard.

An additional two acres would be used for mini-warehouse storage space. Jones has sought community input for his project, attending neighborhood association meetings and supporting a neighborhood survey.

Opposing neighbors are concerned about increased traffic from the development and that a restrictive covenant assuring that condominiums will be built if zoning is changed is nonbinding.

They fear Jones could sell the land for apartments if zoning is changed but he says his restrictive covenant for the property would be enforced because he has a reputation to protect and a family name to uphold.

The neighbors asked Jones to fund a PUD for the development but he said it would be cost prohibitive if the neighbors then vote in opposition.

The rezoning request was denied at last month

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