Convicted robber wanted on new murder, carjacking charges

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at 5:44am

Metro Police say a convicted robber sentenced to five years in January has been on a mini crime spree that allegedly included murder and carjacking in both north and south Nashville, respectively.

Brandon Dionte White, 24, has been identified as the man who allegedly carjacked a 54-year-old woman Dec. 4 outside Bud’s Market at 1601 Buchanan St.

The victim had just walked out of the store when White approached and asked her for money. The woman told police she gave him a few dollars through the window of her Honda Civic. White then reached in, opened the door and threw the victim to the ground, police said. She tried to stop him and was dragged a short distance before White drove away.

New carjacking and reckless endangerment arrest warrants were issued after the victim identified White from a photo line-up over the weekend.

Hermitage Precinct detectives have obtained murder, attempted murder and especially aggravated robbery warrants against Brandon White in connection with the Nov. 11 shooting death of Ryan Wright and the wounding of Wright’s friend, Michael Schamberg, at the intersection of Sleepy Hollow Drive and Rychen Drive.

The investigation revealed that Brandon White was an accomplice of his brother, Derek Lee White, who has already been arrested on murder, attempted murder and robbery charges in the Wright-Schamberg case. The shootings are believed to have resulted from a drug dispute.

Brandon White received a five-year sentence in January for slamming a man to the ground and robbing him of $400 outside Ascend Federal Credit Union’s Elm Hill Pike branch in August 2008, police said.

Anyone with information about Brandon White’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Emergency Communications Center at 862-8600 or Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME. Those who contact Crime Stoppers qualify for a cash reward of up to $1,000.

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By: jeh7275 on 12/15/09 at 7:59


By: jeh7275 on 12/15/09 at 8:01

If he was sentenced to serve 5 years in January, why is he on the street?


By: Alphadog7 on 12/15/09 at 8:17

Gee, good question.

By: Cookie47 on 12/15/09 at 10:05

Did he get five years and was already out or was he still out and waiting to be locked up?

Either way, why? Why the hell was this animal out of his cage? Now that they have murder charges against this thug, maybe we'll get to put his sorry ass to death in 25-30 years.

Better yet, maybe some other thug will save us the time and money by just killing this worthless scum before the police catch him.


By: wrglwright on 12/16/09 at 11:54

it is very sad this has come to this,I would like to say that I know he has a mother somewhere who is suffering the way that I am. I cannot imagine the pain she is going through, 2 sons who have truly disappointed her,if in fact she even knows or accepts the fact she still gave birth to them. I will never understand however,I have the strength to know their is a reason for everything and maybe just maybe they will get him off the street before its to late for someone else!

By: wrglwright on 12/16/09 at 12:01

P.S. it is the justice system that is not working you get a DUI you do your time you commit felony robbery you go home!