Councilman Brady Banks arrested in prostitution sting

Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 10:19pm
Staff reports
Brady Banks

Metro Councilman Brady Banks was arrested late Thursday afternoon and charged with patronizing prostitution as part of a sting conducted by Metro police.

Banks, 33, allegedly paid $100 to an undercover police officer in exchange for sex at a hotel on Athens Way in the MetroCenter area. Banks had responded to an escort service ad posted by police on the Internet.

Banks did not immediately return a call left by The City Paper.

Banks represents the fourth district, which includes the Edmondson Pike area in South Nashville. He was elected to the seat in September 2011. He attended Harvard Divinity School and had been seen as an up-and-comer in the Democratic ranks. Banks had been considering a run for the retiring Joe Haynes' District 20 state senate seat.

Banks is the outreach director of governor's Books from Birth Foundation. He unsuccessfully ran for an at-large council seat in 2007. Banks previously served as the director of Mayor Karl Dean's Office of Neighborhoods.

Two other men were also arrested in the sting: Matthew Moynihan, 38, of Hendersonville and Jyotin Arora, 37, of Hermitage. Bond for all three was set at $1,000.

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By: breathofdeath on 2/16/12 at 10:44

How ironic that one of the "40 Jealous Whores", as the Metro Council is affectionately known, got caught trying to patronize one.

By: spooky24 on 2/17/12 at 5:36

In what has become typical Mr. Banks was arrested-the others got citations. A special press release was issued by the court/police about the arrest. The tit for tat political destruction campaign is starting to get out of hand in the city.
He is stone cold guilty of stupidity as undercover detective Rice is well known as the bait in these stings.
Well, nevertheless he did it, so now he will pay the price.
Next time Mr Banks just flash some cash at the bar in the Hilton or Union station and they will come to you.


By: dargent7 on 2/17/12 at 6:12

This is total b.s. by the Police. They've got nothing better to do than post "escort service" ads on the Internet? That's entrapment. Who responds to an "escort" if not for sex?
So what if men want to pay for sex? Does it hurt anyone?
We do it all the time anyway. It's called, dating. Or, being married.

By: govskeptic on 2/17/12 at 6:45

All this resume building by our middle Tenn politician's is at an all time high!
It's the unfortunate wife's that wind up taking the blunt of embarrassment in
these type arrest!

By: Rasputin72 on 2/17/12 at 7:28

If they arrested all of the whores,johns and adulterous adults in Davidson County you would need to build a jail the size of five "new" Convention Centers.

Remember this people a policeman makes $40,000 dollars a year. For that he gets to threaten every citizen that pays his salary every year. If he runs into a truly bad dude he can call the swat team and 25 of them can subdue that "dude"

By: artsmart on 2/17/12 at 7:31

Well he just improved his career path in City and State Government. He got in the slime early. Should make for a shinning star in TN politics. It will be interesting to see what happens now.

By: frodo on 2/17/12 at 7:36

Oh, wait, someone tell me, is he REP or DEM? If REP, then he is finished. If DEM, it might actually enhance his resume. After all, he grew up in the Bill Clinton era. He is a victim of upbringing.

By: Loner on 2/17/12 at 7:38

Didn't the cops just bust a football coach using the same sting? Banks must not have gotten the memo.

Didn't Teddy Bart beat the rap, when he was caught in a similar sting a few years ago?

Is the purpose of these stings to embarrass the "Johns", or to make the cops look like they are doing something? These are not noble ends.

Is this crackdown on "sin" part of somebody's ministry?

People are getting shot, assaulted and beaten nearly everyday in Nashville, but the cops are working prostitution stings?

Where are the priorities?

By: Loner on 2/17/12 at 7:41

Frodo: The born-agains tend to quickly forgive Republican sinners, but they are unable to forgive Democratic sinners.....Gingrich was forgiven; Bill Clinton was never forgiven by these pious A-holes....many such examples of this preferential forgiveness are out there.

By: Ask01 on 2/17/12 at 7:48

Bravo, dargent7!

I have opined similarly from time to time, usually with the expected outcome.

The arguments supporting laws against the 'worlds oldest profession' can all be rebutted by advocates for legalization. For one, disease. Obviously, with I suspect, no idea the total numbers and true identities of the sex workers, society cannot begin to curb the spread of STDs. Second, the involvement of organized crime. Think bootleggers during prohibition. Once legalized, organized crime is dealt a major blow, losing customers and market share. Third, consider the cost of enforcement versus societal gain.

Men, most anyway, are going to seek out sex. Period. Mr. Banks attended Divinity School, and I understand his wife is a minister, thus dispelling, for me at least, the notion the only customers are social pariah. Before their arrest, anyway.

OK, I'm off the soap box.

Government is really taking a beating lately. DUI cops, THP officers deliberately driving past accidents, then lying about the incident, now council members patronizing prostitutes.

Anyone else detecting a growing impression of a "do as we say, not as we do" attitude from our public employees, elected or actually hired?

By: frodo on 2/17/12 at 7:48

Loner, Gingrich will probably not even win the primary in his own state.

By: Ask01 on 2/17/12 at 7:53

True, Rasputin72, so true.

An officer doesn't even have to exert him or herself, or even dirty their spiffy tailored uniform. They can just stand back and taser the subject, repeatedly at times. Like the scrawny, naked kid two of Metro's finest tasered, what was it, 19 times, leading to his death. Naturally, they were cleared by the Police Department, of course.

By: budlight on 2/17/12 at 8:03

If only these women would realize one thing:

Their bodies are on loan from God and they can't sell something they don't own, nor should they rent it out.

If Mr. Banks is married, I feel sorry for his wife and family. And he should have known better.

By: treehugger7 on 2/17/12 at 8:16

And another one bites the dust...

By: Jughead on 2/17/12 at 9:10

Hahahahahahahahahaha....this makes my Friday. Nothing better than a creeptard politician/Jesus whore/fatso getting caught having to PAY for it.

What a dishonest loser. HAahahahahahahahaha...

By: Siobhanne on 2/17/12 at 9:21

Divinity school, eh? Maybe he should consider joining Jimmy Swaggert's 10 step program for married ministers who feel the need to patronize prostitutes on Sat night and beg forgiveness come Sunday morning.. but only after they are caught with their pants down.

Seriously... he is putting himself at risk for STD's, some of which are deadly and uncurable and others which are increasingly becoming reisistant to all known antibiotics. He is also passing this risk along to his wife.. and anyone else that he concubines with. It does not take much education to understand the risks.. which he should understand at this point in his life.

Will it affect his political career? Probably not.

By: Jughead on 2/17/12 at 9:42

People LOVE to hammer Catholic priests, but I hear of way more depravity from Baptist youth ministers and pious frauds like this creep.

And--soliciting a prostitute is just plain creepy. It is not a healthy sex drive, it's weird.

By: Melstruck on 2/17/12 at 9:44

Mr. Banks is indeed married with one child, according to the Metro Council website. Putting your family at risk like that is unforgivable.

By: jsnap on 2/17/12 at 9:57

The police seem to make news instantly with the arrest of these people who will make headlines for them. That is fine but what about the MBA teacher, whom they were going to investigate. Do you think they will ever release that report?

By: RTungsten on 2/17/12 at 10:30

Maybe I'm naive here, but $100 is kinda cheap. Perhaps they should start looking in the $500+ range to be more elusive.

By: Left-of-Local on 2/17/12 at 10:41

I am never pleased to see politicians stupid enough to get caught doing these things, but at least it is a break from the overwhelming trend of Republicans with hypocritical scandals. Thanks, Banks. You've really helped a lot, dumbass.

Anyway, what REALLY pleases me is the majority of people commenting rightly about police priorities and how almost-totally-lame they tend to be.

By: Melstruck on 2/17/12 at 10:50

Read the Tennessean article - one of the men he was arrest with is a Tea Party leader. So, it's one of each for this sting!

Remember, it's not the police officers themselves making the priorities, it's the higher ups who haven't been in the field for years making the decisions. The beat officers are just following orders. Complain to Chief Anderson if you don't like the priorities.

By: san r on 2/17/12 at 11:25

i thought prostitution was legal. i thought they changed that law years ago and legalized everything but street drugs. are only married people suppose to have sex? uh, oh. is that why people get married?

By: girliegirl on 2/17/12 at 11:42

Sidney, his wife is of the clergy.

By: yucchhii on 2/17/12 at 11:48

yucchhii LMAO!! And "THEY" make laws that tell "ME" what's wrong and what's right? I can bet that he is NOT the only council member that is a CRIMINAL!!! So is the DISHONERABLE MAYOR KARL DINK!!! (I mean dean). They "ALL" NEED TO GO and replcaed with HOMELESS!!!

By: karlwithak on 2/17/12 at 12:00

By: yucchhii on 2/17/12 at 10:48
yucchhii LMAO!! And "THEY" make laws that tell "ME" what's wrong and what's right? I can bet that he is NOT the only council member that is a CRIMINAL!!! So is the DISHONERABLE MAYOR KARL DINK!!! (I mean dean). They "ALL" NEED TO GO and replcaed with HOMELESS!!!

Ironically it's the ones with the most issues following the law that Mayor Dean supports the most.
Ask how Jerry Maynard was re-elected, along with Ronnie Stein and throw in that crook Buddy Baker and this is who your mayor most closely aligns himself and gives his MONEY to. That's who leading your city and you are supposed to believe what these men say is the TRUTH ?

By: ColdSteel on 2/17/12 at 12:24

Just a couple of thoughts in response to several misleading posts:
1."The police seem to make news instantly with the arrest of these people who will make headlines for them": Police don’t not write the stories or create headlines nor do they have any control over the media and what the media reports to the general public…If that were the case, I would suppose the headlines would more objective and the stories more well-rounded or accurate when reporting on law enforcement. Why would Police want/try to create or encourage unfavorable publicity?

2."An officer doesn't even have to exert him or herself, or even dirty their spiffy tailored uniform"…..Police do “exert him or herself” when they are getting shot at or wrestling with a combative subject or having some clearly intoxicated person puke all over them or the backseat of the patrol car. Let me tell you as a law enforcement officer that my “spiffy tailored” uniform has been dirtied with mud, grime, blood (including my own) and other substances that would turn your stomach. And I have exerted myself far beyond what I would have thought possible in the performance of my duty and have witnessed most other officers do the same or more. I have witnessed many go far beyond self preservation to save the life of an unknown citizen or protect the rights of others, even those who hate or mistrust the police. Police officers must explain every incidence of the use of force, and they are held accountable for every such use. Their actions are scrutinized beyond any other profession that I am aware. The incident you noted concerning the subject tasered and who eventually died fails to mention such important facts such as the subject’s manifestation of excited delirium (I do not have time to educate you in this forum..look it up), a condition the arresting officers have no control over but plays a significant part in deaths of this nature. The fact that the subject was a threat to himself and others seems conveniently missing as well. Police officers are expected to make, in a fraction of a second, life altering decisions that will be mulled over for months and even years by experts before they may eventually come to a conclusion that most may eventually agree with.

3."Remember this people a policeman makes $40,000 dollars a year. For that he gets to threaten every citizen that pays his salary every year. If he runs into a truly bad dude he can call the swat team and 25 of them can subdue that "dude". ..Again, how much would you want to make to deal with violence, death, and the heartbreaking every day? How much would you want to make to face the armed subject that just murdered another individual? How much would it take for you to run toward the sound of gunfire or to take control at the scene of a murdered child? How much would want to make to simply shoulder the responsibility and consequences for each of your own decisions and actions in each of these cases? You are right about one thing..The city does not pay or require me to face aggression one on one. It allows me to summon whatever resources I have available to safely bring a violent and dangerous situation under control…to protect the public, including myself, the subject and you.

I do not sit here and say police do not make mistakes nor does the profession fail to have its fair share of bad apples. I say we are human beings like everyone else; fallible and flawed as any other. We go to great lengths to weed out those unsuitable for the job on the front end, more so than any profession I know. Nor do I expect to change the mind of those who are so jaded and prejudice that my words have no meaning…it’s the same as arguing with a drunk who never fails to see the inaccuracies of his argument. I simply wish to state a more accurate and mostly unspoken point of view for those more educated and sensible to consider….

By: MJB on 2/17/12 at 12:33

Brady Banks was an idiot. If you want to be in politics, then you put aside this kind of behavior, especially if you're married.

This story should also mention that Matthew Moynihan is a founder of Sumner County's Tea Party. This "sting" stung both sides.

Finally, don't the police have better things to do than to concoct illegalities in the attempt to catch people behaving illegally? What's next? A police car making an illegal right-on-red to then ticket how many cars follow it?

Of all the city's crime, prostitution, especially of the "escort service" variety, is pretty unimportant and harmless.

By: Loyal Rebel on 2/17/12 at 12:56

Loyal Rebel
I'm pleasantly surprised to see a male Democrat politician interested in females.

By: RTungsten on 2/17/12 at 1:06

If he took the officer to Wendy's first, is it still illegal?

By: dargent7 on 2/17/12 at 1:08

What exactly are they teaching over at that Vanderbilt Divinity School?
First, drop-out Al Gore concocts the faux Global Warming (excuse me for a minute, I have to put on more sunscreen in the middle of February), then this guy favors a hooker and his wife's a minister.
I had the wrong take on you southerners. You are all actually AHEAD of the curve, NOT behind the eight- ball.

By: dargent7 on 2/17/12 at 1:09

Yeah, Loyal. Half the Republican Congressmaen are still dancing and washing up in the Men's Rooms.

By: bfra on 2/17/12 at 1:19

d7 - Good factual comeback!

By: girliegirl on 2/17/12 at 2:30


By: ugetreal2 on 2/17/12 at 2:42

Maynard - You have got to be kidding, don't throw stones? Ask his wife. This is not victimless. Prostitution is illegal. It breeds crime and drug abuse. It breeds disease. What about her embarrassment? What about her fearing he gave her a disease. How can he not be judged? Suppose he was just looking for a dinner date, or helping a constituent. I am sure he can "repent". Let's think about what he did to his family and the risk he exposed his wife to. He actually had disregard for her health and life. Can he represent you? You think?

By: Ask01 on 2/17/12 at 6:40

I have to take exception ColdSteel, with your cherry picking my comment. Taking snippets of a comment out of context can truly alter a statement. The entire post was as follows:

"True, Rasputin72, so true.

An officer doesn't even have to exert him or herself, or even dirty their spiffy tailored uniform. They can just stand back and taser the subject, repeatedly at times. Like the scrawny, naked kid two of Metro's finest tasered, what was it, 19 times, leading to his death. Naturally, they were cleared by the Police Department, of course."

See, that reads so much differently than what your post represented.

Now, that you have exerted yourself and dirtied your uniform speaks highly of your dedication. There are, by the way, others I have seen on the force I seriously doubt could exert themselves without experiencing heart failure.

By: jsabrown on 2/18/12 at 11:15

Hey, frodo, check THIS out:

Sen John Ensign (R): Carried on an affair w/ a married staffer, GOP conspired to hide the affair, then supported him when it came out. He only resigned when the lobbying job he got for his lover's husband got him in hot water.

Sen Larry Craig (R): Anti-gay senator, supported by the GOP after caught soliciting sex in an airport men's room.

Gov Mark Sanford (R): "Hiked the Appalachian Trail" in South America, was then supported by the GOP when he returned to scandal.

Rep Don Sherwood: Supported by the GOP and re-elected, despite having been accused of choking his mistress.

Rep David Vitter (R): Caught soliciting prostitution, trotted his poor wife out on camera, still in Congress with the support of his party the whole way.

Rep Dan Burton (R): Had a kid with one woman while married to another. Big supporter of "protect marriage." Still in office.

Rep Ken Calvert (R): Christian Coalition champion, harshly criticized Bill Clinton in the Lewinsky affair. Alimony deadbeat. Caught in the act w/ a prostitute, tried to run, still in office.

Rep Mark Foley (R): The pedophilia thing may have run him out of office, but not before John Boehner and Dennis Hastert tried to help him cover it up.

Gov Jim Gibbons (R): Assaulted a woman for declining his sexual advances. He was, of course, married. Stayed in office.

Let's not forget Arnold Schwartzenegger's famed sexual history, including the child he fathered w/ a house servant.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton was impeached for having consensual sex with a staffer, Anthony Weiner was hounded out of office for sending someone a picture of his penis.

Now. What were you saying about "REPs" getting in trouble and "DEMs" getting away with it? Do you find people point at you when they laugh?

By: Eye Nose & Now ... on 2/21/12 at 11:38

If Banks had been caught in a Pervert sting he'd still be in fine shape in
the Council.