Councilmen, state rep back Davis over Murray in District 5 runoff

Monday, September 12, 2011 at 2:02pm

With Metro’s runoff Election Day just three days away, several elected officials have rallied behind District 5 candidate Scott Davis, opting to support the political neophyte over a former Metro councilwoman.

Davis, squaring off against Pam Murray, who served on the council before her ouster via a special recall election, has picked up support from Democratic state Rep. Mike Stewart, as well as Metro Council members Frank Harrison, Walter Hunt and Lonnell Matthews Jr. The latter three serve on the council’s Black Caucus.

The names of these officials and others appeared on an invitation for a Davis fundraiser held Friday night. Davis works as director of sales for Nashville Pride newspaper.

Also playing hosts at Davis’ event were councilmen-elect Anthony Davis and Tony Tenpenny, and outgoing East Nashville Council members Jamie Hollin and Mike Jameson. Hollin is the most recent occupant of the East Nashville District 5 seat and defeated Murray in a special election in 2009.

“He and I have been involved in other campaigns, so when he told me he was running, I immediately gave him my support,” Stewart, the state representative of a district that includes parts of East Nashville, told The City Paper.

Election Day for the council’s five runoffs is Sept. 15. Early voting concluded Saturday.

Before her exit from the council two years ago, Murray had already turned into a lightning rod following allegations that she lived in Detroit and was unresponsive to her constituents.

Criticism has built this election cycle, as Murray seeks to reclaim her seat. She’s had multiple run-ins with Davis’ opponents, including one at a voting site during the August general election. Most recently, Murray’s nephew turned himself into police after physically assaulting someone during a yard-sign altercation.

“I supported him [Davis] because he asked me to,” Hunt said. “I thought he would be a good representative for that district. I’ve known him and his family.

“I tried to look at the individual,” he said. “I’m really not sure what all she [Murray] has said or done. But I know there was some controversy about it. I just thought that Scott was the better person.”

Councilwoman Edith Langster, featured on a Murray campaign piece during the general election, told The City Paper she is not endorsing either Murray or Davis for the runoff because neither asked for her support. 

Davis bested Murray in August by a 577-539 vote margin in an election that included two other opponents. Davis failed to muster more than 50 percent of the total vote; hence, the runoff.

Early voting turnout was decidedly low, with 1,755 people collectively voting in the five runoffs.  

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By: rbull on 9/13/11 at 8:25

If the District 5 constituents want fair representation they will not elect Pam Murray and will elect Scott Davis. Hopefully this District got enough of Pam Murray the last time she served, which she was in Detroit more than she was in her District. She is useless and does not need to hold any elective office in Davidson County or the City of Nashville. She had her chance and blew it and now should be put out to pasture for ever. Let her move to Detroit and live and serve those people, WE DON'T NEED HER IN DAVIDSON COUNTY. This is my opinion and I'm sticking with it.

By: global_citizen on 9/13/11 at 11:01

"Hopefully this District got enough of Pam Murray the last time she occupied this office, which she was in Detroit more than she was in her District."

There, I fixed this for you.

By: Nitzche on 9/13/11 at 12:54

where is king karl? bet he knows this retard will vote wiff him as long as she can git into sum of dat metro muny!

By: breathofdeath on 9/14/11 at 8:35

I guess the people listed in this article as supporting Murray's opponent will be the next targets of her famous lawsuits.

By: macjedi on 9/14/11 at 11:17

Murray is batsh*t crazy from what I can tell from across the river. Here's hoping she does not find a way to continue to reinforce the stereotypes she wallows in...

By: san r on 9/14/11 at 3:37

i dunno. it seems like they ALL stick it us when they get elected.
i favored eric crafton and mike craddock because they believed in speaking out against the current administration and the misuse of stimulus money. the entire black, so-called caucus, voted in favor of the enormous debt and bonds to build a mcc, quite stupid, but they surprise me not.
in years long gone by, how could they see their ancestors tortured and not take a stand even if it meant sacrificing their own lives, but they did NOTHING? how many John Brown's are molding in graves? there should have been hundreds, if not thousands. the age old uncle tom mentality continues to haunt the entire population, not just blacks but the world is robbed of high calibre people in favor of the cronies, favorites and sweet-hearts and of course the ones with their hands "under-the-table". blah, blah this and blah blah that.