Councilwoman withdraws bill to limit Love Circle traffic

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 10:51am

In an email sent to constituents, Metro Councilwoman Kristine LaLonde confirmed her intention to withdraw an ordinance at Tuesday night’s council meeting that sought to prohibit buses and other recreational vehicles from operating on Love Circle.

Though LaLonde declined to single out a constituent by name, the bill was largely seen as an attempt to stop tour buses from visiting the mansion of country singer John Rich, who resides on Love Circle. Neighbors say buses visiting Rich’s home often congest the winding road.

The bill, which had been slated for first reading at Tuesday night’s meeting, would have prohibited buses and recreational vehicles that are longer than 24 feet. The ordinance would not have applied to school buses.

LaLonde, in her email, said she decided to pull the bill after learning of an existing ordinance that prevents vehicles in excess of 5,000 pounds from operating on Love Circle. Road signs notifying drivers of the law are no longer in place, however.

“I learned that a 5,000 lb. weight limit had been in place on Love Circle since 1982,” LaLonde wrote in the email. “This week, the signs will be replaced in several spots on or entering Love Circle. This will prevent — if properly enforced — the very kind of traffic that is inappropriate on Love Circle. If it was inappropriate in 1982, it is certainly inappropriate now.”

Meanwhile, LaLonde also deferred a separate ordinance that many have interpreted as an attempt to limit the parties at Rich’s home on Love Circle.

The bill would have allowed no more than two special event road closure permits be granted to the same person or business each year. It would also have allowed no more than two closures on the same individual street each year.

LaLonde said she decided to defer the bill to “work out some complexities involved” with the ordinance. She has no immediate plans to withdraw it. 

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By: wayitis on 7/20/10 at 9:18

When you write bills that are intended to stop an issue, directly you get results. When you create a bill so it stops an issue indirectly the bill gets its own legs. My advice: Be very careful Ms. Lalonde.

By: idgaf on 7/20/10 at 9:26

5000lb., geeee a garbage truck weighs more then that.

Wonder how much their property went up in value since he moved there?

By: house_of_pain on 7/20/10 at 11:20

id, I wonder how much their quality of life went down since he moved there.

By: govskeptic on 7/21/10 at 6:14

Oh, we live and learn as we file bills to satisfy a few but that have
consequences for many! "Bless her heart" she's new at this.

By: house_of_pain on 7/21/10 at 6:53

Apparently, vehicles over 5,000 lbs. are not allowed on Love Cir. in the first place.
The signs were removed during some construction project, and somebody forgot to replace them.

By: budlight on 7/21/10 at 7:18

Burkitt road has a 5000 lb. limit and I saw a tractor trailer on it one day. I asked the driver about it. He said "it's 50,000 lbs". Scarey. He couldn't drive and now he can't read. I called the 800 number on the "am I driving safely?" question on his truck.

There's a reason for weight limits and all vehicles should obey.

By: global_citizen on 7/21/10 at 7:26

Why on earth would their property value go up with that monstrosity of a house sitting there obstructing views? Spoken like a true ignoramus, Id.

By: JohnGalt on 7/21/10 at 8:07

I'll bet Rich owns at least one vehicle that weighs more than 5,000 pounds.

By: bfra on 7/21/10 at 8:30

Problem - Laws already on the books - why aren't they being enforced? Codes rides in their little ac cars all day and don't enforce anything!

By: Archit on 7/21/10 at 8:56

I can't imagine that property values have gone up. I understand that Mr. Rich loves controversy and is enjoying all of the attention. I'm also sure he loves his new home if for no other reason than the controversy and like the emperor with his new clothes he has allowed himself to be convinced that he has built a significant piece of architecture and those uneducated serfs around him just don't get it. The truth is however that he somehow convinced an architect that is otherwise quite good to produce a very expensive waste of building materials. Simple modern is hard to pull off well and this home is a catastrophic failure, appearing as a cheap office building you would expect to see out on dickerson road. The top piece could have been a beautifully sculptural focal but is underscaled to the rest of the building it looks like a bad equipment screen. The one large window could have been another wonderfully rich void penetrating a large mass giving relief and tension, but it comes off very flat adding to cheapness of the overall appearance. It is really sad that this structure wasn't better executed giving the bombasticy some validity. This was truely a missed opportunity to add something of significance to the nashville architectural landscape, further insulting the neighborhood and this city. The man may create great music but clearly has no respect for anyones else's creative ability proving once agian that arrogance is the first step towards failure. Unfortunatly what was once a great neighborhood has been horribly injured by a very bad neighbor, an injury from which it may never recover.

By: budlight on 7/21/10 at 9:09

Archit, in 10 years, it won't matter. And I heard he has a full time bartender. If I lived there, I probably wouldn't like the traffic and blocked views either. BUT you know money talks!

By: budlight on 7/21/10 at 9:09

Meant to add:

Money talks, even if in garbled words!

By: futrconslr on 7/21/10 at 10:31

Archit said "...The man may create great music ...."

Um Yeah......

By: miscueiam@hotma... on 7/21/10 at 10:57


the man, (rich) is obviously unpleasant and arrogant.

By: idgaf on 7/21/10 at 6:40

If he was as "unpleasant and arrogant." as mucus says he would hire an off duty cop for the times that the garbage trucks hit the street and ticket or impound them until they change the law.

By: pswindle on 7/21/10 at 6:46

She was bought off, was she?

By: HVillageGal on 7/27/10 at 4:54

Do they realize that an Escalade or a Suburban are both over 5,000 #'s. Geez, with heavy duty construction equipment he had up there I'm surprised the hill didn't come down!