Country star Rich surrenders to Metro Police

Friday, May 29, 2009 at 10:44am
Staff Reports

Country star John Rich surrendered to Metro Police at the Justice Center Thursday night in connection with three warrants for alleged assaults, brought by a private citizen.

The warrants stem from a downtown Nashville incident involving a Nashville Star contestant. Rich later filed a defamation suit over the incident.

"Singer Jared Ashley and Music Row attorney Chris Sevier demanded I pay $2.9 million  in exchange for dropping false misdemeanor charges that they levied against me," said Rich in a statement released Friday.  "They filed the misdemeanor charges in retaliation to the civil suit regarding defamation that I filed against Jared Ashley. I refused to pay the $2.9 million and instead opted to turn myself in and fight this in court."

Read more on the story here. To view a copy of Rich's booking record, click on the attachment below.

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7 Comments on this post:

By: dogmrb on 5/29/09 at 8:49

I wouldn't mess with Rich. They might never find your body in all that cement he keeps pouring up on Love Circle.

By: hillgalathome on 5/29/09 at 11:18

Typical Republican. A sense of personal entitlement to say and do whatever they want with a self rightous attitude so they can feel superior.

By: hillgalathome on 5/29/09 at 11:22

I don't think this is the first smacking that he has given someone. He seems to make a habit out of bullying people.

By: TITAN1 on 5/29/09 at 12:37

Did any of you stop and think that he might not be guilty? Sounds like you just hate wealthy people.

By: cmarcus45 on 5/29/09 at 12:48

Are the first three comments on here serious? John Rich has always seemed like a stand-up guy. Plus, even if he did "assault" someone (which, under Tennessee law, includes actions short of actually striking someone -- it might be a mere drawing back of the fist) and someone really is demanding $2.9M, that is absurd. The person who filed the charges and who is trying to work the system and get rich quick for something like this certainly does not derserve the benefit of the doubt. John Rich makes good music and does a LOT of good for Metro-Nashville that most don't even know about. Who cares about this?

By: dogmrb on 5/29/09 at 12:52

He certainly has enough money to settle any suit, guilty or not.

By: TITAN1 on 5/29/09 at 1:35

Why settle if you are not guilty?