Crews find body of swimmer missing in Percy Priest Lake

Monday, July 19, 2010 at 6:26pm
Staff reports

Update: Search crews found the body Tuesday afternoon of Eduarado Lincona, the man who went missing Monday while swimming with family at LongHunterState Park on PercyPriestLake.

Family members told authorities the man dove headfirst off a 10-foot bluff near the Bryant Grove boat ramp and didn't resurface. Lincona’s body was in about 45 feet of water.

Search crews from Metro and Rutherford County are combing the water for a 21-year-old man who went missing Monday afternoon while swimming at Long Hunter State Park.

The man was swimming with family in Percy Priest Lake, when he went missing around 4 p.m.

After about an hour, the rescue became a recovery effort.

Crews spent about four hours searching before calling efforts off at sunset. They will resume their search Tuesday morning.

7 Comments on this post:

By: cval on 7/20/10 at 6:12

Are there critters in that lake?

By: Ellie G on 7/20/10 at 8:12

There are stories about Volkswagen beetle sized catfish near the dam, but I haven't seen any.

By: DR1949 on 7/20/10 at 10:27

cval and Ellie G,

These are the most stupid and insensitive comments I can think of. A man has lost his life!

By: wolfy on 7/20/10 at 11:11

Everyone PLEASE wear your Life Jackets. My prayers go out to the family of this young man.

By: cval on 7/21/10 at 6:11

dr1949- Get a grip. It is appropriate to ask if there are animals/fish/reptiles etc that pose a danger to humans in those waters. Do you want to see more deaths? I come from SW Florida originally where Gators commonly snatch dogs from the waters' edge. They have even come on land and attacked adult humans and dragged them into the water where they spin and twist their prey and drag them to the bottom to drown and I won't say what is next because you are too sensitive. I have heard of giant catfish that are as big as sharks. These are valid questions and should be asked about any public water spots. I prefer not to see more deaths. I am sure any family losing a loved one this way would want to know if there is a recurring danger posing a threat to others as well. Try not to be so sensitive that you cower in timidity and disregard for truth and safety.

By: nothingbutagthng on 7/21/10 at 7:22

cval instead of thinking the guy was eaten or attacked by catfish or any other critters it would make more sense that him jumping off a 10 ft cliff or making a 10 ft dive into a lake he was injured by debris in the lake (like a rock,boulder, etc...) and was incapacitated. Therefore he drowned.

By: budlight on 7/21/10 at 7:23

cval is right. And my thoughts are: Usually you don't drown IF you are wearing a life jacket. These lakes are filled with dummies that think they are invincible and they don't wear life jackets. That comment is no insensitive; it is a reality. Maybe DR1949 could stand at the lake all day and hand out life jackets. BUT would that be intruding on the swimmers right to drown if they want to.

It's not the big cat fish dragging them under; it's their own dismissal of the fact that these lakes are not made for swimmers.