David Lipscomb lawsuit a reminder about paddling

Monday, March 15, 2010 at 12:45am

The following is an excerpt from a report on the pros and cons of corporal punishment, prepared by the legal counsel of the American Association of Christian Schools and then, somewhat surprisingly, posted on the Internet:

“Johnny Problem is a 5th grader at First Christian School who truly lives up to his name. … Johnny’s teacher, Mr. Woodshed, has decided that corporal punishment is in order. One day in math class, while Johnny is talking to the new student behind him, Mr. Woodshed tells Johnny to come to the front of the room. When Johnny reaches the designated spot, Mr. Woodshed produces a thick metal slide rule from the top drawer of his desk and tells Johnny to ‘grab his ankles.’ In front of the class, Mr. Woodshed administers three swats and tells Johnny to go back to his seat and stop talking. What kind of grade would you give Mr. Woodshed in his handling of this situation?”

The particulars of a non-hypothetical incident are usually far less charming, as, perhaps, the staff of David Lipscomb High School recently realized. On March 5, 17-year-old Jordan Fox and his mother filed a lawsuit in Davidson County Circuit Court against the private, Church of Christ-affiliated school over an alleged March 2009 paddling incident.

Find out local school policies on paddling

Fox and his mother, Xenie, allege that Glenn “Coach Mac” McCadams punished Fox by hitting him “multiple times in his low back and buttocks area, using a wooden paddle with such force that Jordan suffered severe bruising to the point of bleeding, blood blisters and a serious injury to his lower back.” The suit goes on to say that Fox, then 16 years old and a member of the golf team, was so seriously hurt that he was unable to compete for the rest of the school year.

McCadams has been with the school for nearly 30 years and serves as its head football coach, athletic director and dean of students.

Lipscomb has yet to file a response to the allegations, but many may be surprised to learn that what’s at issue here is not what McCadams allegedly did, but how he allegedly did it, and how severely. That’s because at Lipscomb — as in many other local schools — corporal punishment is considered completely fair play, or at least it has been very recently.

The 2008-2009 Lipscomb Student Handbook included this: “Many forms of discipline are used in an effort to deal with each individual properly. Corporal punishment may be used in the high school as an alternative discipline. Privilege suspension may be used when privileges are abused.” This year’s handbook omits the second sentence.

While hitting, paddling, spanking, swatting, and any other applicable euphemism are banned in all public schools in 30 states, the state of Tennessee, along with 19 others, still allows it “in a reasonable manner” under the provisions of the School Discipline Act. Local public school districts in Tennessee may, of course, ban corporal punishment district-wide, as Metro Nashville Public Schools did in 2002. Of the 13 school districts surrounding Nashville, only Williamson County employs a ban.

Tennessee ranks sixth in paddling

According to statistics from the Department of Education, among all states, Tennessee’s public schools ranked sixth for the number of paddlings administered in the 2006-2007 school year, with nearly 15,000 incidents reported. More than 3,600 of those involved students with disabilities. Given the relative commonness of the practice, the concept of “reasonable” is far too murky a legal standard, said Nadine Block, executive director of the Center for Effective Discipline and co-founder of the National Coalition to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools.

“I’ve spoken to parents who’ve looked at their children’s injuries and said, ‘If I had done this at home, I’d be in jail or I’d have my child taken away,’ ” she said.

Indeed, the Tennessee Department of Child Services — which does not condone corporal punishment in schools or at home — recommends that parents who choose to use corporal punishment never use any objects.

Only two states — Iowa and New Jersey — expressly forbid corporal punishment in private schools. And while there isn’t any collected data on how common the practice is among private schools, The City Paper found that a number of Nashville area private schools are still paddling. Most were Christian schools, specifically Baptist, Evangelical, and Church of Christ schools, since the Nashville Catholic Diocese, like all other American Catholic dioceses, explicitly bans the practice.

Most research suggests that spanking is at best ineffective and at worst, very harmful. Most public school districts and independent schools have chosen to err on the side of evidence-based punishment.

As for the current suit: Both Fox’s attorney, Sean Martin, and Lipscomb High Principal Mark Pugh, declined to comment. McCadams himself, however, did speak to The City Paper.

“It’s present in many situations in education where we’re sometimes subjected to unbelievable situations just doing our jobs,” he said before deciding not to elaborate any further.

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By: wasaw on 3/15/10 at 7:04

Do we see a move by the liberals to dilute the effect of private schools in tennessee? Why do you think private schools produce, year after year, the best students? The top ACT scores yearly are recorded by students from private schools. Nashville Juvenile Courts handle very few private school students, as a whole.

One of the reasons is that private schools don't allow disruptive students to steal instruction time from those who are there to learn. Once a student is found to be disruptive, punishment is given. The great thing about private schools is no student has a RIGHT to be there so their very existence is based on their behavior and performance. Private schools have learned from the failures of public schools and our legislators should be very hesitant to interfere into the sanctity of punishment in private schools. Let’s hope that common sense prevails and nothing stupid is legislated because of this one incident. And remember, there are always two sides to every story.

I don’t have personal knowledge about this one David Lipscomb case but I’ll be willing to bet that this student came to Lipscomb because he was a discipline problem in whatever public school he was attending. I’ll also venture to say that this student does not receive any discipline at home. And now, one of our astute Nashville attorneys think he/she has found a way to dip deep into the financial pockets of the private school.

What’s the long term affect of this situation? Will Lipscomb change their discipline policy? I hope not, because if they do, they’ll come one step closer to the cesspool of public education.

By: Cookie47 on 3/15/10 at 7:46

This article says nothing about what may have lead up to the punishment. Had Fox been told to be quiet but continued to talk? Probably. What was Fox's attitude? Disrespectful? Belligerent?

My child went to this school. After seeing some of the overly-privileged brats that attended with her, I tend to agree with Glen McCadams.

My opinion - Fox got what he had coming. I simply don't see this teacher/coach risking everything with a classroom full of witnesses to punish his kid unless he had it coming. This kid would be better served getting the same thing at home that he got at school then told to shut up and tighten up or he'd get another. Someone's looking for a quick buck or maybe a free college education.

The article also mentions that Fox was unable to continue competing on the GOLF team due to his "three swats". BOOOO, HOOOO!!!! Give me a frickin' break!!! It's time to man up, Jordan! You better man up or the real world is going to kick your butt big time!!!


By: localboy on 3/15/10 at 8:02

"Why do you think private schools produce, year after year, the best students?" Ah, actually, it's the parents who produce the outstanding students..those same kids would do as well or better in public schools, at least academically.

By: nashville1990 on 3/15/10 at 9:42

This child has had issues with the school for a long time. This is the case of a parent trying to take this out on the school and make a little money at the same time.

By: moakley on 3/15/10 at 10:04

REALLY???? You SERIOUSLY miss the point! This should ABSOLUTELY have nothing to do with this child or his behavior or any issue he may or may not have! True injury goes way beyond reasonable corporal punishment!!! The only question should be was he really injured. If they can prove that true physical damage was caused at the hands of a school employee...nothing else should matter!! True harm to a student should not happen...period. If the coach administered more than reasonable corporal punishment; he/the school should be held accountable.

By: Cookie47 on 3/15/10 at 10:28


YOU miss the point!!!! Are you against corporal punishment?

Did he do something deserving the punishment? The article only says he was talking.

How many times had he been told to stop? Once should be enough.

Was he disrespectful when told? If so, "three swats" was not enough. He should have gotten suspended as well.

If he was talking and had to be told to stop two or more times, he most certainly got what he deserved. If he was disrespectful, he didn't get enough. Unless he was bleeding from open wounds and/or paralyzed, in my humble opinion, he got what he deserved and should have gotten more.


By: jcdad2003 on 3/15/10 at 10:35

My question on the student's injuries is this, while he was being paddled did he "dance around?" From my experience if you actually bend over and grab your ankles your back is nowhere endangered of being hit, but if you "danced around" trying to escape punishment your back moves into the area of the original target. The truth of the matter is the student and the parent knew that corporal punishment is an accepted form of punishment as mention in the school handbook, and they chose to go there. The teacher used the whole class as his witnesses, so he would not do anything to put his career in jeoporady. If the student had just accepted his punishment and not tried to pull away than this would not be even issue.

By: dunwoody on 3/15/10 at 10:57


You shouldn't believe everything you hear on the news. I was paddled by the same Coach and I GUARANTEE you that the "injuries" the student sustained are elaborated for law suit sake. The point is, to echo jcdad2003, don't send you kids to a school that endorses corporal punishment if you don't agree with corporal punishment. End of discussion.


By: Lipsmom on 3/15/10 at 11:10

This child has had several car accidents and that were head on so is the back pain due to his car accidents? I have seen the pictures on my daughters facebook and several of her friends talked about the different accidents. How many other times has he been in trouble? This kid has had some issues since my children been at the school from Elm to high school. I fell they know the ruls you get the book every year and you do the crime you do the time. Did the other child have injury's as well? They were in it together why is it he is not complaining. What is it that the mother wants out of this ? It has now happened a year ago and he just now fells the need to cry ouch!!!!!! (moakley) the point is he knew the Rules that he has been on the edge of since attending Lipscomb. If it was that bad why is it that he is still enrolled? does he want free tution ? the run of the school, to be given good grades that hemust not be making. As I have stated Lipscomb over looks a lot for the kids who parents donate money and are Alumni and they get the hush treatment when doing worng. But this young man has been a trouble child for years and I am sure is on medication for what ever reasons and perhaps should have been monitored better by the mother due to his constent problems over the years.

It is hard to hit a big 17-18 year old young man and tell them bad boy it is too lat he has alread been spoiled as we can see the mother alows this mbehavior I have witnessed it at several sporting events ove the years. The adminstration should have just asked that he leave the school, but then you have the other issues that they have allowed due to the donations and who the parents or grandparents are. I just hope this does not allow Jordon to fell that he may do what ever and if told no he can sue. This is a wild child that needs to have a handle on him or we will hear about him in jail.

By: moakley on 3/15/10 at 11:39

As a parent; when I agree to corporal punishment, I would expect that other avenues of punishment be tried first. Maybe they were; but, when corporal punishment is deemed necessary...I expect it to hurt at the time only, perhaps be embarrassing, and certainly make my kid think about it before doing something next time. I would not expect injury and doctor bills...even if there was "dancing around". If disiciple can not be handled in a safe manner and without ill-intent, either someone else should be called in to handle it or maybe he should have been asked to leave much earlier. Reguardless the situation or the student, I am not convinced that any school punishment should result in injury.

By: dunwoody on 3/15/10 at 11:55

I don't think anyone is disagreeing with you on that argument. Schools should not inflict injuries on their students. However, for those of us who know the student and the coach, we are skeptical of that being the case.

By: moakley on 3/15/10 at 12:00

Cookie, I can't believe any parent could think this is acceptable: "Unless he was bleeding from open wounds and/or paralyzed, in my humble opinion, he got what he deserved and should have gotten more." Definately not my idea of appropriate punishment..

By: Lipsmom on 3/15/10 at 12:16

Moakley , you must not know this child he is a trbled boy that will be heading toward jail soon. He has caused so many problems during his time at Lipscomb and the mother always has an excuse for him. He needs to take responsibilty of what he did as should coach Mac. He should have just expelled him and been down with the Bad seed.

By: Cookie47 on 3/15/10 at 1:19


Let me clarify something. I am in no way an advocate for "beating" a child. I do, however, believe in spanking one as a second choice if "no" doesn't work. Obviously that was never done at home on his punk. And, judging from the posts here of people that know him, that's exactly what he is. He sounds like a troubled young punk that's spoiled and made excuses for by a mother that's no where near as tough or as strong as she needs to be. He's apparently had several car accidents and these, not the "three swats" he got from the coach, are the real root of whatever pain he may or may not have. Perhaps his dad isn't in the picture for whatever reason and that's causing additional problems and pain.

All this being said, if it's determined the coach's corporal punishment was justified (I think it will be), the school should kick Jordan Fox out then it and the coach should counter sue Ms. Fox for everything she's got. Then maybe, just maybe, this woman will then wake up and do something about her son before he's lying in a grave and she's crying over it.


By: Nash19 on 3/15/10 at 3:26

So let's say the coach punished the kid by making him stand on one foot in the corner while wearing a hat reading, "Troublemaker". The school and/or coach would be sued by the mother and/or kid due to emotional harm. Due to the fact he was embarrased. Blah, blah, blah. Sadly some lawyer would take the case and some judge would listen and rule on it. Let's say the coach/school made the kid show up at school early each day and on Saturdays to pick up garbage and clean the bathrooms. I bet the kid and/or mother would sue the school and/or coach because he missed golf practice or he had a blister.
What happened to the days when misbehaving kids would get punished at school and feared even more the punishment he/seh was going to get at home?

Why not ask the kids in the room what happened? You get the coach's account, the kid's account and the rest of the class' (anonymous) accounts. Then rule.

By: TnMom57 on 3/16/10 at 6:36

It truly amazes me that you folks can call yourselves christians, and sit by and degrade this young man without knowing all the facts. Sounds like most of you would sit by and allow them to beat you're children till they are bloody and need emergency room care., and not care?

How would you feel then? And don't give me the "he would deserve it" answer, as no human being deserves to be beat until they bleed, for ANY reason I can justify!

This is child abuse. There are other options!

There were other options for this young man. I'd sooner see my child spend that Saturday cleaning up garbage off the school grounds if he did something wrong, than have him beat till hes bruised and bloody.

The mother didn't even get a phone call letting her know her son was to be paddled.
It was not done in front of a classroom full of children, and if it was, then that in and of itself should be brought out as a violation...what, so Mr. macho football coach can teach the other children this is what I'll do to you, if you are caught running down the hallway late for class?

Get your facts straight before spilling them here and making yourselves look like idiots. I have two daughters, I am a single parent...I believe in boundries, and rules for my child. If my child violated a regulation, and I thought the school was right, I would stand behind the school, as Ms. Fox has on certain occaisions. If the school was wrong, I would do everything to support my child, and advocate for his or her rights as a human being!

If a child beat another child till he or she was bloody, it would be an outrage to most of you...It wouldnt be tolerated...a charge would be filed ...what gives this full grown man the right to be agressive with a child until he's bleeding? The photographs match the incident. The emergency room stands behind this mother in that the facts match the injury.

I am sad that you as parents, don't see this child as your own with a different face. Children make mistakes...It's part of growing up. Adults make them, and we excuse that behavior?

I can only say that as christians, I feel there should be more compassion. You are calling this child a bad seed? Saying he belongs in jail, and is headed that way? Shame on you!

I have known this family for years. The older son is an eagle scout. As many of you know, to become an eagle scout, that takes amazing dedication from the entire family to get there....

Jordan has played golf since he was in grade school, and could have had had a promising career ahead of him before he was beaten. this mother was far from neglectful of her two sons.

You say she is in it for the money, to gain? Thats got to be one of the lamest things I have heard yet. Ms. Fox is gainfully employed, and is financially stable... She should not have to pay for the medical treatment this man caused her family ...She only wanted her son's safety and well being protected, as any mother would want.

I pray you don't have this same thing happen to you're child at the hands of this coach, because until you walk in Ms. Fox's shoes, you have no idea what her family is feeling, or what you would do...

Hers's a thought...How about you pray for this young man, instead of giving him yet another severe beating emotionally...

I hope you take a moment, to ask god what he would do...My god wouldnt beat him till he's bloody...

By: Lipsmom on 3/16/10 at 8:11

The fact that this young man has been in trouble so much of the time is an issue. Yes the olerder son is the good child. The fact that this child is able to do car work ride motercyclyes as pictured on face book he must not be in too much pain now. Coach Mac is responsible if he did in fact hit to the point of blood and blisters but the kid is fare and red head so bruise would be easy. The point is running how many times was he told to stop? Why is the other child not in this with the Foxes? The Christian thing would be to have Jordon learn to be responsible for all of his actions and not to make excuses and papmper him as has been done. I know the family too and their has been an excuse for him every time he is in trouble. Now is he still under the doctors care if so how is it that he is able to pull and lift engins? Is this a real problem or just pissed off that it happend. This will be a test of the courts.I can call myself a christian because I do not spare the rod on my four children. I do understant that this mom has had a hard time but jezzz face it the child is wild and a bit unruly I hate to see the charter refernce that he will be given from the school. This goes to prove why did he come back to Lipscomb? Could he not make the grades or test at other schools. Is he afraid that he will meet his match at public school he will not be the bad boy there. I will let this rest I hope to follow this in court. My prayers are with all parties. Lipscomb pay the bills and be done with it or is it that the foxes want even more money . Was Jordon playing to the point of College scholarships and was his grades reflecting such as well. has he scored a big 32 on his ACT and now his dreams are gone due to the fact that he quite the team because he was not playing well just because others were a bit better at the game this year. This is a lot to take in and Lipscomb need to review what they are doing as a school for all. God be with them.

By: Cookie47 on 3/16/10 at 8:54


I can only assume from your tag that you're a mother. If so, I can definitely tell you're the type of mother that says "Now, Johnny, don't do that" without the slightest clue that your child is an obnoxious brat no one wants to be around. Give me a break.

It doesn't matter if his mother is employed or financially stable. Nor does it matter if his brother is an Eagle Scout. What does matter is that this woman and her punk kid are trying to use his bad actions to hurt a man and the school. This kid sounds like nothing more than a undisciplined, bad-seed punk that needs to be sat on and sat on hard before he causes real trouble for himself, his family, or some innocent bystander.

You wrote: "There were other options for this young man. I'd sooner see my child spend that Saturday cleaning up garbage off the school grounds if he did something wrong." Great!!! That will give him/her the experience they'll need when they're doing it for the city, county, or state in an orange jumpsuit. Again, give me a break!!!

This was in no way child abuse. Did you read the other posts that have actual knowledge of this punk? You're obviously looking at him through rose-color glasses.

He got what he deserved and if he was getting any kind of discipline at home, he would be a better student and person.

Now, after reading TnMon57's diatribe, I guess it's time for a group hug so we'll all feel better. SQEEEEEEEEEZE!!! I feel better. Do you?


By: TnMom57 on 3/16/10 at 9:19

Ohhh Please Cookie, stop the diarreah of the mouth while you are ahead. It is just serving to show forth your level of ignorance now... The words you are using to describe this child, and the anger you are displaying are more disturbing than the matter at hand!

You couldn't begin to know what kind of mother I am to my two daughters, as you obviously lack in that skill yourself, which though sad, does not surprise me after reading just a few of your posts here...Not hard to see that you are void of this.

To judge someone as a mother that you do not know, is impossible, and very shallow. But, I wont waste anymore of my time arguing with you over this, as it wont serve any purpose...

I don't know what type of god you pray to, or answer to, but he it is obvious again, that it's not the same god I know. You have your children enrolled in a christian school, and you are on here degrading a child, with such anger, it makes me wonder what is wrong in your own life that you have such displaced anger towards a child hardly know, you have no idea about what is going on in his life. Instead of compassion, you shoot daggers...

I must say, thats very christian like of you!

By: Cookie47 on 3/16/10 at 10:04


I've been reading the words of others that do know him other than you. You obviously are too close to see the real kid. He's apparently a different person when at school. Just another Eddie Haskell.

For your info, I have two children, neither of which have ever been in trouble or jail. One's married to a nice guy and has a child. The other is in college doing very well, thank you.

My child is an alumni of Lipscomb and I do not know the coach.

I pray to the same god you do and my life has nothing to do with this but, I can assure you, there's nothing wrong in it. Thanks for asking.

I, too, am from a divorced home life as are my children but I nor they ever got into trouble like this kid. My parents nor my ex-wife or I would have allowed it. And, we get compliments all the time on how nice and great our kids are so obviously their mother and I did the right things to get them raised properly.

You may or may not be a great mother. I really could NOT care less. You are, however, definitely nieve in your thinking. This kid is just a punk and you, like his mother, obviously don't want to see it.

Here's a test. Given what you know of this kid, would you want one of your daughters to date him? Would you want him as a son-in-law and the father of your grandchildren? Will you tell the truth? Remember, you're a Christian so be honest.


By: moakley on 3/16/10 at 11:23

I think it's really sad that adults/parents would be so eager to name names and drag a child through the dirt. (And his mom) Know him or not, like him or not; he is someones child and if he has shortcomings or has made some bad decisions it shouldn't matter. What matters is that he claims to have been injured to a point requiring doctors visits. If they couldn't handle him; they should have asked him to leave- not hurt him. If they can show proof in court of that, it should be over. It's a legal thing, not a personal thing!

By: Lipsmom on 3/16/10 at 12:00

I have viewed his facebook and he has been riding motor bikes and working on the wrecked cars so his back must be much better. I think paying of the processed medical bills should be done but to continue and he is active now should not happen. It will alos show once the case does go to trial as to what the mother is wanting out of this if only the medical bills All good if to continue to pay and tution and a millon dollars then this is fraud. It is sad to have the name of the scholl that you promote as being a good school in the papers like this but if that is the case then they need to also clean out the kids doing the drugs and drinking on the Lipscomb grounds.
Yes this is a bad child and No he should not have been beaten to making his back side blistered but he had been warned I am sure many many times knowing him and just kept pushing as he had in the past. The paper named the name of Jordon Fox and his Mom. We just know the behavior of this Honor roll student of great chearter and great citizenship. It is being told what a good brother he has what are the good things he has done? we know about the drugs kids talk, the smokning, the disobediant and not being responsible attitude. You have to sow what you rep sometimes and this kid has made a bad choice of things at this time. I pary that this will be sort of laid to rest before school starts back and that the kids who can be the worst will not be too hard on this young man. You can shut the teachers up and do not allow the coach to speak to him but you can not shut all the students up even the boy that was spanked at the same time as Jordan and not making a big issue of him being punished for the wrong that he did. This is going to be the talk for months to come and Jordon needs to move schools and be a good child.

I know this mom is hurt that her son was spanked but the child was wrong and if it came to it that he bbe put out of school then that is what should happen he needs to go somewhere else to be the modle citzen that he has forgotten to show at Lipscomb.
Oh has he read the Pillars for Lipscomb?

By: richgoose on 3/17/10 at 8:05

I know several people that know this boy and his Mom. He is considered a problem. The boy should have been asked to leave the school. The coach however made a bad decision and his actions will benefit the school in the long run. This lawsuit will see to that.

By: Cookie47 on 3/17/10 at 2:16

Something told TnMom57 wouldn't answer my questions. When it comes down to it, maybe she does know this kid is just a punk.

Just to be sure, I'm going to ask them again.

Given what you know of this kid, would you want one of your daughters to date him?

Would you want him as a son-in-law and the father of your grandchildren?

Will you tell the truth?

Remember, you're a Christian so be honest.


By: dlhs2001alumni on 3/17/10 at 3:02

To All:

First off, being against corporal punishment does not denote that someone is a liberal.
Secondly, I am an alumni of David Lipscomb High School. I recall people being paddled at school, but it was something that was understood. When the parents signed the child up to attend the school, they were aware of it and if they had a problem with it, they should have reconsidered his admission at that point. Regardless of how "troubled" this child is/was, it is irrelevant. When I was in school we had some very very "troubled" kids. Now, as nearly a 10 year alumni, I can say with absolute certainty that attending a private school like Lipscomb which endorses corporal punishment does not necessarily provide the 'life lessons' and 'discipline' as people tend to argue it does. A quarter of my class did not graduate college. We have had people with DUI's, pregnancy before marriage, drug and alcohol abuse issue, etc.

The first poster on this column wrote that private schools are consistently producing top academic achievers implying that students attending Lipscomb (as it is a private institution) are exceptional or due to the strict discipline at the school, excel academically. As a former student and a resident of Nashville I would like to say 2 things.
1) David Lipscomb Campus School is not nearly as rigorous as the top tiered private schools such as Battleground Academy, Harpeth Hall, or Montgomery Bell.
The majority of students are admitted because of their religious affiliation. If you attend any of the local Church of Christ churches, you are in. The faculty has to be Church of Christ to be employed. If we were a school seeking academic superiority, these archaic rules would be disbanded.
2) It seems the comments on this column have been aimed at the actions of the child. I agree the media possibly has not provided all the information, but it is a pending lawsuit, they cannot provide every detail of the event or incidents leading up to the event. From the way I perceived it, the comments directed at the child seem to be coming to parents of other students at the school. How absolutely juvenile of you to comment on this with your allegations based solely on facebook content. Making judgmental accusations based on your underage child's facebook account affirms my notion that David Lipscomb Campus School parents and students are a gang of "Christian" Bullies.

By: richgoose on 3/17/10 at 3:33

DLHS2001alumni.........You obviously were not cut out for DLHS culture. Your parents probably were insistent on your being there. I know several people who went to MBA and appreciate what the school did for them. They,like you did not have a happy experience however.

By: dlhs2001alumni on 3/17/10 at 4:52

Richgoose: "..cut out for DLHS culture." Please elaborate.

By: richgoose on 3/17/10 at 5:04

dlhs2001alumni.........Would you not consider culture as "The way we do things around here." I think that would apply to Pearl-Cohn,MBA,Harvard and Lipscomb.

Your treatise seems to imply that you did not like the way the things were done and parents thought.. Did DLHS not teach the definition of culture or were you just not paying attention. I know that when I was in school there were a lot of things I considered unimportant that later on I found out had some bearing on my life.

By: dlhs2001alumni on 3/17/10 at 5:16

Richgoose: I am fully aware of the definition of "culture." Your response when I simply asked you elaborate on a comment you made seemed very abrupt, passive aggressive, and immature. To assume, by a simple request for elaboration, that I did not pay attention while in school is completely unwarranted.

My original comment was not made to anyone specifically, it instead shared my perspective as a former student. It seems, Richgoose, that you seem to take offense at my perspective. Let me remind you that this is a open forum and I, as you did, stated my thoughts on the lawsuit, the child, and the school. Instead of trying to attack my intellect, why don't we return our focus to the column above.

By: richgoose on 3/17/10 at 7:00

My apologies, it just seemed odd that you would have to ask of me the definition of culture.. When something seems odd there is a tendency to make a lot of assumptions about the origin of odd. In making this assumption I should have realized that there could be sensitivity on your part.

I think in time you will be quite proud of your association with David Lipscomb high school. Incidentally what do you think of Glenn MacAdams? Were you involved in athletics?

By: dlhs2001alumni on 3/17/10 at 7:21

Thank you for the cordial response and we can chalk that up to standard internet miscommunications. I asked you to elaborate in hopes you could explain why you felt I was not cut out for the DLHS culture, not to elaborate on the definition of 'culture.'

I was involved in athletics and had no issue with Coach Mac. I found his involvement with the student body nothing but positive. He was and still is respected by former classmates as well as the classmates of my siblings who attended DLHS as well.

A student getting paddled was not an every day occurrence, and Coach Mac was never an overly aggressive administrator in my opinion.

By: miketradd on 3/17/10 at 9:44

I got paddeled many time by coach mac and other teachers. I deserved it every single time. There is no way on earth this kids got paddled any harder than me and I never had deterimental injuries.

By: FredO on 3/19/10 at 1:12

miketradd - do you still get paddled at work? why not? Seriously, why not? Do you not show up late, or miss a deadline? I bet you wouldn't if you were spanked in front of your co-workers!!

Lipsmom - your grammar is terrible, my 6 year old can write better than you. Please do not write anymore you are an embarrasment to DLCS.

wasaw - private schools have better percentages than public schools because the wealthier parents took their kids out of public school thereby leaving a larger percentage of lower income parents sending kids to public school. Public school is a better education than many private schools, but the parental support is not available at home. "localboy" is correct, it is the parents not the school that sends kids to college.

Adults picking on a teenager is unbelievable. Passing judgement on an event you know nothing about is unbelievable. Quit guessing and judging.

If the kid was bleeding, then the punishment went too far. The school needs to own up to it and should have long before a lawsuit was filed. If it is well known and published that corporal punishment is allowed and practiced, then I agree a private institution should be able to continue to spank the kids. Unfortunately, many kids do not have a choice in their school selection. Thank God Davidson and Williamson Counties and most of the rest of the educated United States do not allow such a practice.

A lot of parents still spank their kids, but every once in a while a kid gets hurt and the parents rights are terminated. Maybe, just maybe Coach Mac went too far in this case. Maybe he didn't. I will wait for the courts to decide based on evidence and facts.

By: popi on 3/20/10 at 12:38

Dang, the more I read here the less I know about the issue. I did learn one thing, there are a lot of people posting here that have the IQ of a fishing worm or less. And I thought I was dumb. Crap, this is fun.

By: hidingbehindthe... on 3/22/10 at 11:29

I am am alum of DLCS. I am a former parent of a DLCS student. I am a former employee of Lipscomb. I am not a fan of Glenn MacCadams. But most of all I am astonished that everyone accepts newspaper reporting as fact.

By: Lipmom12 on 3/22/10 at 12:39

I am a DLCS parent. I have knowledge of both sides of this case and know the Fox family well. As a parent, you are required to sign a form saying that you acknowledge paddling as a last resort for discipline. You also are able to request that your child never be paddled, or that YOU are present during the paddling. Mrs. Fox waived her right and accepted this as a form of punishment for her child. Jordan has had discipline issues at the school for many years. I assure you this "beating" was not the result of him simply running in the hall once. There are steps to be followed in issuing punishment. This is the last resort. Jordan was able to return to the classroom and sit on his badly beaten behind with no problem for the rest of the day - or the day after - or the day after. Things will come out as this case continues. I think many of you will be surprised.

By: OneTimeUse on 3/23/10 at 9:36

For the record, the Student must choose to be paddled. The student is always given paddling as a CHOICE of discipline. Usually, it is presented as a CHOICE along with in-school-suspension or ten demerits. There is always a separate adult present at the paddling (it is not done in front of a class).
If I recall, the newspaper offered no details of the actual offense of Mr. Fox, so let's not start exaggerating details.
Oh, right, almost forgot. I am a CURRENT student at DLHS.