Davidson County rakes in second-highest state litter grant

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 4:13pm
Staff reports

As in years past, all 95 Tennessee counties will receive a share of $3.8 million in grants to help stop litter across the state.

Gov. Phil Bredesen and Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner Gerald Nicely on Wednesday awarded the grants that must be used for litter pick-up activities and litter prevention education.

Davidson County will receive $163,077, the second-largest share of the nearly $4 million pie. Only Shelby County — at $242,052 — will receive a larger slice.

The funds that each county receives are determined by county road miles and county population in order to ensure an equitable distribution statewide. Funds must be used for litter pick-up activities and litter prevention education. Education funding can be used in a variety of ways, such as sharing litter control awareness with schools, citizens and businesses.

“Each year volunteers pick up almost 25 million pounds of roadside litter in Tennessee alone,” said Bredesen. “Litter is an eye-sore, it’s costly to clean up and it can be harmful to our environment, but it’s totally preventable. These funds will be used by counties across the state to organize their pick-up efforts and conduct educational campaigns to teach children and adults about the importance of keeping Tennessee beautiful.”

Through the litter pick-up program, approximately 25.5 million pounds of roadside litter were picked up on approximately 292,000 miles of county roads, and approximately 45,000 miles of state routes. Of the trash collected by volunteers, approximately 7.4 million pounds is recycled.

“TDOT awards approximately $3 million each year to help local communities in their efforts to stop litter in Tennessee,” Nicely said. “These funds are obtained through the collection of a specialty tax on the malt beverage and soft drink industry through the Litter Grant Bill which was enacted by the General Assembly in 1981 and are put to use by local communities to prevent litter through education and clean-up activities.”

Click here for a complete list of grants.

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By: bsaut on 8/18/10 at 7:15

I would favor having a couple of cars with video cameras driving in areas most affected by littering, and showing on the evening news video of egregious littering. The perpetrators could be identified as the "Tennessee Slobs of the Week".

By: Kosh III on 8/19/10 at 8:27

Litter is a huge problem and a major component are cigarette butts which are everywhere. I guess they are too stupid or too selfish to use an ashtray.