Davidson County unemployment rate for June hits 9.1 percent

Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 3:14pm

The unemployment rate went up in all but four Tennessee counties in June, with Davidson County’s increasing to 9.1 percent from 8.5 percent in May, according to job numbers released Thursday.

Lincoln County registered the state’s lowest unemployment rate at 6.8 percent, up from the May rate of 6.1 percent, followed by Williamson County at 7.2 percent, up from 6.6 percent, the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development reported.

Scott County had the state’s highest unemployment rate at 20.9 percent, up from 20.7 percent in the previous month, followed by Lauderdale County at 15.7 percent, up from 14.9 percent in May.

Knox County had the state’s lowest major metropolitan rate of 8 percent, up from 7.4 percent in May. Hamilton County was 9.2 percent, up from 8.2 percent the previous month. Shelby County was 11.1 percent, up from the May unemployment rate of 10 percent.

The state previously reported the unemployment rate for June for the state as a whole was 9.8 percent, up slightly from 9.7 percent in May. The national unemployment rate for June was 9.2 percent.

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By: pswindle on 7/28/11 at 5:26

Well, we no longer have Gov. Bredensen in office. He knew how to bring jobs to TN. My Gosh! Look how this new Governor works. He and the Legislative have done nothing since they took office but to work and create bills that deal with only social issues. TN and four other states will be the big losers in the Country's downgrade. I want to ask one guestion. What has Haslam and the Legislative done to help the people of TN? The only thing that I can come up with is that Haslam is following through on Bredsesn's 1.6 raise for some of TN State workers.

By: Nitzche on 7/28/11 at 5:39

does that kool aid have a bitter after taste?

By: frodo on 7/29/11 at 6:27

pswindle, so what happened to all those great jobs your governor brought to the state? Were those jobs so flaky and unsustainable that they left in just a few short months? Just as likely that political appointees were suppressing the jobless numbers and it has taken the Haslamites this long to come to to fair accounting of the unemployed. And about dealing with social issues...I recall days when Democrats were thought gods for dealing with social issues. Apparently the shoe looks different on the other foot.

By: titansjoe on 7/29/11 at 9:18

Someone needs to call the paper and set things right. I just watched one of Karl Deans commercials and he was bragging about all the jobs he has brought to Davidson County. Maybe he is still using the Surpas statistic formulas.