Deal finalized for mosque in Antioch

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 12:58pm

The Islamic Center of Tennessee has finalized a deal to purchase a movie theater in Antioch that it plans to convert into a mosque and community center.

The Islamic group had been in the process of raising $1.55 million to purchase the old theater on 5400 Bell Forge Lane owned by Carmike Cinemas. Aug. 9 was the deadline to close on the deal.

“There are thousands of American Muslims who live in Middle Tennessee that call this area their home,” a press release on the group’s website reads. “The new center will cater for the growing needs of American Muslims from all walks of life and serve as a place of worship and a comprehensive Center.”

Yasser Arafat, vice president of fundraising for the group, could not immediately be reached for comment. 

The planned mosque, which would also feature a gymnasium, convention space and recreation amenities, had ignited a debate on the future of the area.

A group of Antioch residents collected more than 1,800 petition signatures in hopes of swaying Carmike Cinemas to sell its property to Nashville State Community College if the mosque deal had fallen through. The school, along with a church group, previously placed bids on the property.

It’s still unclear when construction on the new mosque will begin. Islamic center leaders had previously told The City Paper additional fundraising would be required to get the project started. 

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By: Cookie47 on 8/11/10 at 11:37

Damn, Antioch, between the crime, gangs, illegals, and now this, you people can't win for loosing.


By: tomw on 8/11/10 at 11:51

Cookie, what wonderful crime free area do you live in?

By: MyCityToo on 8/11/10 at 12:02

You're right Cookie47 I was in Antioch yesterday and over half the town in condemned or closed down. The Pier 1 is now "X-Ville Urban Wear"
And tomw you must be a comedian! Antiochs crimes are 1000 times higher than any other neighboring city or town! Just look at the police report facts! You're not too bright!

By: MyCityToo on 8/11/10 at 12:15

Dear mayor of Antioch, you are doing a completely terrible god-awful job! You're fired!

By: Cookie47 on 8/11/10 at 12:34

I use to live in Brentwood but was able to finally escape that crazy but safe place to Rutherford County. Both are a damn site safer than Antioch ever thought of being. Face it, tomw, Antioch needs to flash and start over.


By: thedude1972 on 8/11/10 at 12:38

I agree with Cookie. I moved away from Hispanioch 3 years ago and have avoided that side of Nashville ever since. What a dump. The friends I have that still live there won't admit it to strangers. "What part of Nashville do you live in?" "Uh...South...near Brentwood."

By: TakePrideInNash on 8/11/10 at 12:41

So it sounds like some of you think a mosque will increase crime even more?

By: on 8/11/10 at 12:49

Only a couple of decades ago, Hickory Hollow was vibrant, safe and growing. I guess we consumers are interested in only the latest, greatest whatever. Buildings in other places (particularly in Europe) are sometimes still standing and used when they are a hundred or more years old. People are reluctant to even recycle aluminum cans and paper, so apparently they are also reluctant to use existing structures. At least Hickory Hollow is going to be a school for a while.

There are far worse things which could be located in the Hickory Hollow than a mosque. Most of them are peaceful and faithful people. There are nuts in many types of churches. There are at least 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, and only a tiny fraction of them are evil.

I would much rather live near a mosque than near a survivalist camp.

By: Kosh III on 8/11/10 at 12:49

Of course, don't you know that prayers and potlucks cause all the worlds problems?

By: thedude1972 on 8/11/10 at 1:25

The point of my post was not to equate the presence of a mosque to crime or was simply to point out the fact that Antioch is and has been for well over a decade, a dump. Sure, there are a few nice areas but, overall, it's dirty, unsafe and an embarassment to the city of Nashville. Of course, that's just my opinion. Have a wonderful day.

By: Kosh III on 8/11/10 at 1:32

Yeah but it's not downtown so who cares?

By: Cookie47 on 8/11/10 at 1:42

I hope the mosque will be a positive for the area. However, given a not-so-small event such as 9/11 and the Muslims' unwillingness to police the fanatics of their faith, you'll just have to excuse me for not believing it'll be a benefit to this or any other community.


By: 117_acres on 8/11/10 at 2:59

What Councilman Dominy's 1,300 signatures didn't stop the sale of this property? I'm socked. Lol...

By: gremlin2 on 8/11/10 at 5:09

1.55 Million where did the donations come from is the big question. In this economy?

By: EquinsuOcha on 8/12/10 at 10:53

Great, in a few more years we'll be just like Europe......

By: dorwaycom on 8/12/10 at 12:35

So how many of you will be out protesting this building? Didn't think so. You don't it built it your neighborhood but you won't say anything about it being built elsewhere. Hypocrites.

By: Cookie47 on 8/12/10 at 1:05


Here's some honesty for you. Hell, no, I don't want them in my neighborhood. Due to their unwillingness to police their own, I wouldn't have a problem with packing them all up and sending them to the Middle East.

I'm as tolerant as anyone but I have a problem with a group that thinks I must either convert to their "religion" or be killed. At that point, it's time for you to go.


By: thecatlady on 8/12/10 at 2:24

Cookie47 - I have a friend that belongs to a group (religion) that believes if you are not born believing in Jesus and the literal interpretation of the bible then you are going to Hell (no ifs, ands, or buts). They also believe that there is no such thing as being "born again"; either you were born with it or you weren't. These are mature, "rational" human beings. What they stand for and believe in scares me much more than a mosque does.

By: Cookie47 on 8/12/10 at 2:44


While your friends sound narrow-minded, have they flown planes into buildings or blown themselves up on behalf of their religion in hopes of getting 72 virgins in paradise?

If one sleeps with dogs, one should expect to get fleas meaning, unless the"peaceful" Muslims police their own, they should expect to be lumped into the same group as the fanatics of their "faith" and for others to not want them around.

If your friends scare you more than the mosques/Muslims, you should probably consider different friends and learning more about a "faith" that's anything but peaceful.


By: Trumpetman on 9/30/10 at 9:59

I'm late on this issue, but why are so many white people predujice? I don't understand it at all. All the false claims of Antioch being so crime ridden are just ridiculous. Most of you all are so against Antioch because it is not the "lily" white part of town that you all want it to be. Just because it has blacks, whites, hispanics and kirdish, all living together, it all of a sudden becomes so dangerous, and all these bogus statements about it having the highest crime rate don't even make since at all. All you have to do is just watch the news and you will see that the majority of crime in Nashville does not happen in Antioch. Also, please remember that Antioch is much larger than the little area aound Hickory Hollow, and councilman Dominy is not the only concilman in the area, he is proballly the least significant one of them. So please leave all your predjudices in Hendersonville, Brentwood, Mt. Juliet, Murfreesboro, or any of the other less diverse areas.