Dean gives some Fairgrounds events an additional six months

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 2:06am
Staff reports

Christmas Village, a holiday shopping tradition at the State Fairgrounds sine 1961, will get to set up shop in 2010 as Mayor Karl Dean has recommended extending the site’s closing date by six months.

A letter from the mayor to Fair Board Chairman James Weaver, dated Tuesday, explained that discussions with event organizers led the mayor to reconsider the original June 30 closing date.

“A number of event organizers have requested additional time to transition and work with their vendor, attendees, etc. for continued success in new locations,” Dean’s letter read. “They have said that an additional six months is an appropriate window of time.”

Dean letter came just days after Christmas Village opened what event staff thought was going to be their swan song. The letter also asks for continuation of the flea market and other events through to Dec. 31, 2010.

The mayor did ask the board to adhere to his decision to cease racetrack operations and his wishes not to conduct a State Fair on the site in 2010. Read a copy of his letter here.



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By: bfra on 11/17/09 at 5:29

Show any legal paper that gives King Karl the right to make this call!

By: Funditto on 11/17/09 at 6:36

I agree. What's behind all this?

By: idgaf on 11/17/09 at 7:18

I suspect a backroom deal was made.

This guy is a mini-barry.

By: sidneyames on 11/17/09 at 7:29

Dean gives some Fairgrounds events an additional six months

Thank you oh holy father dean. Thank you. The lowly people who utilize these facilities bow to kiss your shoes. Thank you father dean.

When is this man going to stop lording over our city? Making deals that only make sense to the money mongers? We're gonna get a tax hike. I feel it coming.

By: Jagman on 11/17/09 at 7:42

We fight so other countries can have a democratic government while Nashville appears to have a KING. More people come to the flea market at the fair grounds than all of the golf courses put together. The golf courses loose money but King Karl hasn't talked about closing them. The land on which the golf courses sit have a much greater value than the fair grounds. Golf courses are utilized by upper income groups whereas the fair ground draws a lower socio-economic group. Could this be the reason?

By: lisaleeds2008 on 11/17/09 at 7:49

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! The Revolution is now!

Please Help Us Save The Tennessee State Fairgrounds and all events at
the Fairgrounds!!!

The Fight is on to Save The Tennessee State Fair Grounds..

Karl Dean the only Mayor that Killed The Tennessee State Fair and Race Track

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 8:25

wow, what hysteria over a dumpy, unkempt piece of property. if it's so important why hasn't anyone helped maintain or improve it over the years? it's a crime ridden eyesore and the car racing creates too much noise pollution for the neighborhoods.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 8:25

why can't the gun show and the Christmas Village use Municipal Auditorium?

By: bfra on 11/17/09 at 8:45

nazi - What came first? You or the car races!

As I have been told over the years, this property was willed with a specific purpose. Can King Karl just ignore that? Much like the Croft property, where the zoo is located, I, for a fact know, none was left for an industrial park or school. But then third or fourth cousins, removed, got their grubby palms greased by our crooked politicians and the will was ignored.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 8:50

bfra, at the time it made sense. at the time they didn't figure the growth of Nashville would eventually make the fairgrounds on the edge of downtown. there comes a point to where the decision needs to be made as to what is best for the neighborhoods that surround the fairgrounds.

By: bfra on 11/17/09 at 8:54

But, by what authority does King Karl have this right? If money had been thrown into that area, like it has been in the more uppity classed areas, we wouldn't be losing some of our more valued events.

Oh! you didn't answer the question.

By: sidneyames on 11/17/09 at 8:55

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 8:25
wow, what hysteria over a dumpy, unkempt piece of property. if it's so important why hasn't anyone helped maintain or improve it over the years? it's a crime ridden eyesore and the car racing creates too much noise pollution for the neighborhoods.

Blanket, there are many people who derive their incomes there. Plus many people in the city walk to the flea market, etc. I've never once been there during the commission of a crime.

Where do these crimes occur? At the races? During the Christmas village? At the flea market?
So why not spruce up the area; make it attractive and keep the tradition.

There are ways to make money there. Could have outdoor concerts. You know - like the ones they HAD AT STARWOOD. Now that's torn down and a bunch of crap is on the property, but no Starwood or concerts.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 8:59

bfra, you didn't ask that question.

sid, i live in that neighborhood. that property is a hotbed for drug activity. it has not been maintained, there's no security or enough lighting of the grounds at night, i doubt some of the out buildings are even up to codes, and it's an eyesore. the owner of the property needs to maintain it. Christmas Village and the gun show could use Municipal Auditorium.

i miss Starwood too. what a shame.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 9:00

i personally am happy that Mayor Dean is addressing the issue. goodness knows the property owners were not addressing the issues on their own.

By: bfra on 11/17/09 at 9:06

nazi The question was very plain! Which came first, you or the races? Further, if you didn't come first, you have nothing to complain about!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 9:08

bfra, yes, i do have something to complain about. if the fairgrounds maintainted their property i wouldn't have a problem with it. i don't know why some folks around here are in such an uproar over a piece of property that has FOR YEARS not been maintained then when the city wants to do something about it, you'd think it's the dang Holy Grail.

By: bfra on 11/17/09 at 9:11

nazi - Can you not answer the question? Why not move close to the Air Port and then you can complain about the planes being too noisy!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 9:27

fine. let the surrounding areas become low rent property (instead of homeowners who want to maintain and improve the neighborhood) so that you can keep your delapidated piece of property as is.

By: bfra on 11/17/09 at 9:33

nazi - that sounds like the kid that didn't get their way, can't answer a very simple question and so will take their marbles and go home!

By: TharonChandler on 11/17/09 at 9:38

Censorship and public access?

Does Mayor Dean address CENSORSHIP issues? The Columbia, TN public library uses a 'firewall' called 'safe-squid' (similar to my experience recently at Nashville PL). Certainly I am not trying to access ANYTHING Illegal nor in Bad Taste; the adminstrators are merely Abridging my access to information and expression as a part of their inflated Ego and their will to enforce their image of Superiority over others (similar to the Slave days, here in the south).

On yesterday our Brave President spoke against 'Censorship' pertaining to media and communication, in response to a question from a Chinese student in reference to Twitter. Such opportunity is not illiegal though it could joustle the 'status quo'. Also, Sara Palin spoke out against PORN, in response to a question about her probable Son in law. Though such Porn would be only in 'bad taste' and not illegal, i would Never use public access technology for any such purposes, and in fact do refuse to use any home computers or lap-top in my efforts against 'child-porn' and such terrors from public officials. I am being wrongfully 'censored' and Abridged and I'm asking mayor Karl Dean, State Rep Tom Dubois, and Judge Hamilton to stop the Crap and the Censorship against Me.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 9:45

bfra, not exactly. obviously the racing was first. it is now an outdated concept. i've done plenty of volunteer work and clean ups in the neighborhood over the years. that's not taking my marbles and going home. i care about the community i live in. do you live in that neighborhood?

By: JeffF on 11/17/09 at 9:52

Keeping the Fairgrounds open and forcing he landowners (Metro) to maintain the place will create 30,000 new jobs. The city should fund a study and tell them to come up with that number.

By: bfra on 11/17/09 at 10:28

The Fairgrounds doesn't just involve the people that have moved in there and if they did their homework, knew what the area was like. It involves the entire State and several surrounding States. Again, I ask, just WHO is King Karl to make this decision? The Fair with more than just a runway, the races, the flea market, Christmas village, etc. can be run on a profitable basis if the crooked politicians would keep their hands out of the till.

Be interesting to know, just who really is making a killing off this jester by the (so he acts} king.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 10:33

By: bfra on 11/17/09 at 10:28
The Fairgrounds doesn't just involve the people that have moved in there and if they did their homework, knew what the area was like.

So, no one should move in and rennovate, invest in the neighborhood, try to clean things up, etc.?????

By: bfra on 11/17/09 at 10:43

nazi - Stretching the truth doesn't change the facts! If you din't like the area and the race track noise, why did you move there?

And, YES, I work a lot in clean-up activities. Mainly around the Percy Priest Lake area. A lot of slobs like to picnic in that area, but forget to bring their maids.

By: docome on 11/17/09 at 10:59

Keep every thing there except the state fair. Move it a little south away from those
big hills. The hills are fun killers. The fair would do much better mid-state south where
it is flat. the little countys could use the money and there would be room for more
to do and see.

By: sidneyames on 11/17/09 at 11:27

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 8:59
bfra, you didn't ask that question.

sid, i live in that neighborhood

Sorry for that Blanket. You should see what I have to drive by to get to my home. It's an embarrassment and frightening.

I should have paid more attention to the 1 mile radius around my home.
This week, my neighbor who decorates for his kids and the neighborhood kids at Christmas pulled his trailer out of the garage up to the front yard to start his decorating.

someone came and took the trailer and lights - value over $30,000. right out of his front yard.

The thieves are everywhere and brazen huzzzies all of them.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 11:49

wow, sid. that really sucks for your neighbor. sorry to hear that. i hate thieves.

By: BigPapa on 11/17/09 at 12:21

I dont follow your logic. So if something pre-dates something else it's immune from change or criticism?
The point you are trying to make is rediculous. The place is NOT a holy land of racing. Just because some famous drivers raced there 40 yrs ago is no reason to keep such an eye sore around. There have to be 1000 better uses for that piece of property than what it's used for now. The Fairgrounds right now is a hinderence to the improvment of that area, not a help. That means it needs to go ASAP.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 12:43

BigPapa, my opinion isn't valued by bfa because i "ain't from around these here parts."

By: govskeptic on 11/17/09 at 3:05

The Mayor's move on this is just the sly fox manuver. He
doesn't want the continued bad publicity and court action
at this time because of the bigger MCC project. I'm sure
one yr from now he hopes to have the MCC underway and
will continue the fairgrounds project. The group that has
filed the lawsuit needs to continue this case, of course the
local Court's will assist the Mayor with delays, but they
should get their points settled as soon as possible. If they
prevail maybe better and more useful plans could come
forth for continued public use of this property.

By: BigPapa on 11/17/09 at 3:28

That entire area is blighted and the Fairgrounds is one of the main reasons why. Time to move it on to another area of the county OR completely level what's there and start over.

By: everloyal on 11/17/09 at 3:47

King Karl is only bowing to "where the money comes from," i.e. Xmas Village supporters, etc. like any "good" politician. So why are we surprised at some of his backroom deals concerning the Fairgrounds and the MCC? Have you had enough? Maybe Its time to start a recall action of this increasingly arrogant and out of touch Mayor!!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 11/17/09 at 3:49

it's about time somebody did something regarding the fairgrounds. he has my support! that project is way overdue.

By: timman on 11/17/09 at 4:24

if theres a law requiring the fair then not holding it would be a criminal offense. if the city owns the property then isn't the city responsible for the upkeep?who keeps up the golf courses-private citizens?

By: pswindle on 11/17/09 at 6:57

Does Dean have the last word on everything? Does the Council have any power? This is dictatorship. Dean gives them 6 months. Let give him 6 months.

By: border collie on 11/18/09 at 2:39

The area around the fairgrounds has always been "rough". two or three streets away is the worst looking crack house apartment set-up that i have ever seen. why not get rid of the crack houses first. The grounds does not bring down the area. it is the some of the people who live around there....and they can be found all over town it is not centralized to the fairgrounds area.
Is there a big fairgrounds monster that rises up when no-one is looking that vandalizes, litters and peels the paint off the buildings? no, it is the rif raf wondering the streets from lafayette all the way down to harding road. The monster is most likely the people who have no respect for our city or themselves.
There is enough money somewhere to spruce the place up. It is not shiny and new but it is ok and serves it's purpose just fine. Since it is not first class ...should we razor it? if so then there are many buildings around town which should take the dozer first.
When paint starts peeling on the Ryman....look out!