Dean proposes 53-cent property tax hike in State of Metro address

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 11:21am

Update at 3:40 p.m.


Painting a dire picture of “draconian” cuts as the undesirable alterative, Mayor Karl Dean Tuesday proposed a 53-cent property tax increase above the current $4.13 tax rate in what would be the city’s first tax hike in seven years.

Dean, tasked with selling his plan to both the public and the Metro Council in the weeks ahead, delivered the proposal at his annual State of Metro address Tuesday morning, declaring that the decision is one that allows Nashville to “continue our momentum forward.”

“No mayor wants to stand up and talk about raising taxes,” Dean told a crowd in sweltering heat gathered at the newly opened Cumberland Park. “But we’re not Washington. We can’t run a deficit and we can’t print money.

“The easy answer, the political answer to our situation would be to let the city go backwards, make draconian cuts and frame the answer with some anti-tax mantra,” he said. “But the reason that cities exist in the first place is to provide services individuals can’t provide on their own.”

Using data from the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors, which says the median Davidson County home is valued at $145,000, the tax increase would increase the average Nashville property owners’ property tax payments by $192 annually, $16 per month. 

A property tax hike, a scenario The City Paper addressed last week, has been the subject of chatter for months leading up to the mayor’s budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year. On Tuesday, Dean finally shared the details. 

Outlined in a forthcoming ordinance that will be subject to Metro Council approval, the tax increase would generate an additional $100 million in revenues for Metro to support Dean’s proposed $1.71 billion budget for the next fiscal year, which is a $124 million increase over the current year’s budget. The mayor also plans to unveil a $300 million capital-spending plan later this month. 

Above all, Dean maintained in his speech Tuesday, the tax increase would allow the city to avoid severe cuts — scenarios, he said, such as laying off 200 police officers, 200 firefighters, closing four community centers and shutting down five libraries.

Since Dean took office in 2007, Metro’s operating budget has decreased by $59.2 million, which accounts for the loss of 688 city employees. Even with the tax increase, some departments would see reductions in Dean’s budget.

“After four years,” Dean said, “there is little fat left. To make significant budget reductions this year would mean cutting into muscle.”

Dean’s tax hike — which he called a “tax rate adjustment” in his 45-minute speech Tuesday — is likely to split the council into familiar factions: those who’ve been there to sign off on the mayor’s initiatives in the past, and those who haven’t, a coalition that includes the council’s few conservatives.  

Metro’s last tax increase came under then-Mayor Bill Purcell in 2005. Only a handful of the city’s 40 council members have ever voted on a change to the city’s tax rate.

Conservative Councilman Tony Tenpenny said a tax increase is “something [the council] should really take a look at first” before approving. “Until that happens, I’m not in favor of a tax hike. I’m just not.”

But At-large Councilman Jerry Maynard, who backed Dean’s key first-term initiatives, said he would support Dean’s tax plan to “move Nashville forward.” He even urged his colleagues to consider raising it higher to cover other potential shortfalls. “If there are still cuts there that impact our community, we may need to look at adjusting it even more … .” 

By May 15, as part of the mayor’s proposal, Dean intends to unveil a $300 million capital-spending plan, by far the largest ever put forth by his administration and most robust since the 1990s. If Tuesday’s speech was an indicator, Dean will highlight many of these investments to try to sell his tax plan to Davidson County residents. 

A quarter of the capital-spending plan, some $75 million, would be devoted to Metro Nashville Public Schools infrastructure. This includes: $20 million in upgrades to Stratford High School; a long-awaited new gym at Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School; an $8.4 million expansion of Rose Park Middle School; a $6.9 million expansion of Joelton Middle School; and plans to purchase property to expand Julia Green Elementary School in Green Hills.

Dean, who produced budgets without raising taxes during his first four years in office, will have less than two months to make the case for a tax hike before the council votes on his proposal by the end of June.

A challenge for the mayor will be eliminating any perception that the city’s new $585 million Music City Center — his signature project that he successfully pushed through the council two years ago — is somehow connected to the tax increase. As Dean stressed in his address, tourist-targeted hotel tax revenue — which is unrelated to Metro’s operating budget — is bankrolling the still-under-construction convention center.

By raising the tax rate by 53 cents to $4.66, the tax hike would be three cents shy of triggering a public referendum on the issue. Dean repeatedly pointed out Tuesday that the new actual tax rate would be less than the $4.69 rate when he took office.

Dean said he plans to extend the city’s option on a state tax relief program for the elderly, disabled and military veterans.

Twenty-three cents of the proposed 53-cent tax increase would be devoted to Metro schools, including a plan to increase the starting salaries of teachers from $35,000 to $40,000. Nashville currently ranks 30th in teacher pay. The increase would make Metro third in Tennessee in that category.

Dean said the property tax increase would also allow the city to retain 50 police officers that came to Metro two years ago as a result of a federal stimulus grant that is set to expire this year. In addition, Dean has planned a 4 percent increase for the pay of Metro workers.

For the past two years, Dean’s administration has gotten by without a tax increase by refinancing the city’s debt, which effectively delayed the city’s debt payments. The mayor’s office and the council also elected to use $25 million in rainy-day funds last year, revenue that would be replenished via the tax increase.

Handcuffed by a struggling economy, Dean’s capital spending was minimal during his first term, even on basic infrastructure such as roads and sidewalks. That would change with Dean’s capital-spending plan.

Besides the substantial school-infrastructure spending, the plan includes dollars for street and sidewalk paving projects; a new bus rapid transit line on Murfreesboro Pike, a new Bellevue library, improvements to Shelby and Centennial parks, and continued work on the city’s riverfront redevelopment.

“All of these infrastructure investments are important to remain competitive as a place where both people and businesses want to be,” Dean said.

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By: gid on 5/1/12 at 9:28

Can I claim to be a business and receive a tax break? Why are the homeowners paying more yet business pay less? Screw you Dean for making deals w. business yet hosing the homeowners.

By: BigPapa on 5/1/12 at 9:58

So he can give how much to the Preds and Titans and who ever else walks through the door?

By: sharko20 on 5/1/12 at 10:20

Public education will still suck. More money will NOT help metro schools. I met a high school sophomore recently and she told me she did not have homework. Homework isn't assigned because students wouldn't do it and they would flunk out. There's your public education in Davidson County.

At least the Preds and the Titans have a ROI because the public schools sure don't have one.

This tax hike should not pass. More liberal tax and spend.

By: Melstruck on 5/1/12 at 11:19

From the article "However, financial realities and an economic downtown handcuffed Dean from investing in a large scale on basic infrastructure such as roads and sidewalks."

I think "downtown" is an error and should be downturn, but it sure seems like an appropriate statement considering the cost of the new convention center.

I wonder, will Metro employees get their first raise since 2007?

By: Rasputin72 on 5/1/12 at 11:26

You knew it was coming. The Belle Meade,Green Hills, Hillwood people will grip a little. Then they will cut raises or suspend raises for their people in order to make the burden as light on themselves as possible.

The ordinary citizen should have gotten out of Davidson County. It just is not worth the burdens that the county places upon you no matter what the price of gas may be.

By: Rasputin72 on 5/1/12 at 11:26

You knew it was coming. The Belle Meade,Green Hills, Hillwood people will grip a little. Then they will cut raises or suspend raises for their people in order to make the burden as light on themselves as possible.

The ordinary citizen should have gotten out of Davidson County. It just is not worth the burdens that the county places upon you no matter what the price of gas may be.

By: Rasputin72 on 5/1/12 at 11:26

You knew it was coming. The Belle Meade,Green Hills, Hillwood people will grip a little. Then they will cut raises or suspend raises for their people in order to make the burden as light on themselves as possible.

The ordinary citizen should have gotten out of Davidson County. It just is not worth the burdens that the county places upon you no matter what the price of gas may be.

By: Rasputin72 on 5/1/12 at 11:26

You knew it was coming. The Belle Meade,Green Hills, Hillwood people will grip a little. Then they will cut raises or suspend raises for their people in order to make the burden as light on themselves as possible.

The ordinary citizen should have gotten out of Davidson County. It just is not worth the burdens that the county places upon you no matter what the price of gas may be.

By: TITAN1 on 5/1/12 at 11:38

The ordinary citizen? Rasp/frankbrown, whatever, are you still trying to convince people that you are something special?

By: TRHJR on 5/1/12 at 12:00








By: RTungsten on 5/1/12 at 12:17

Let's take this one to the polls and see what folks think. This is going to increase my property taxes by $2k each year.

By: JeffF on 5/1/12 at 12:42

"However, financial realities and an economic downtown handcuffed Dean from investing in a large scale on basic infrastructure such as roads and sidewalks"

"economic downtown"...that is as big a freudian slip as one can make. Sadly Dean probably does only care about the economy in only one city neighborhood.

By: BigPapa on 5/1/12 at 12:59

It's always funny that at tax increase time the money is for sidewalks, chipper trucks, cops and teachers, hard working Metro empployees; but the rest of the time it's for Dollywood, Preds, Titans, Shemmerhorn, The Sounds...

Dean speak with fork tongue.

By: just a little upset on 5/1/12 at 1:25

According to the 2010 census:

# of occupied residences in Davidson county = 259,499
# of owner-occupied residences = 145,115
# of renter occupied residences = 114,384
This equates to 55.9% of the households in Davidson county being owner occupied versus 44.1% being rented.
Are the 55.9% REQUIRED to foot the bill for this addition tax revenue? Owners of rentals receive tax breaks that an individual home owner DOES NOT qualify for.
The 44.1% of renters will receive the exact same city services that the 55.9% of home owners will. I'm NOT saying that they shouldn't...just this... If we all use and benefit from these services WE SHOULD ALL HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM.
There must be a better way. How can one person decide the fate of 145,115 home owners. By keeping this rate increase below a required vote if it were to be .03 more. Clever indeed.

By: localboy on 5/1/12 at 1:51

I'm glad to see we have TRHJR to interpret the article for the hard of hearing...;)

By: tomba1 on 5/1/12 at 3:12

If you watched any of the departmental budget reviews, you could easily see this coming. All were asked how they would live with a budget cut and most weren't even phased by the thought. And Billy Lynch's reply for public works was perfect, something like - we've got a job to do and we'll get it done. It seemed to me that the fix was already in, they knew this was coming, and weren't the least bit concerned.

Since the mayor refuses to cut spending while insisting on painting bicycle logos every 100 yards on the streets, etc, he has no choice but to raise taxes. As for the timing, no choice there either. As I understand it, reappraisals happen every 5 years and taxes cannot be raised during that year and 2013 is that year. If he doesn't do it now, he'll have to wait 2 more years before doing it. And by doing it now, he'll maximize the revenue since the appraisal values will be based on 2007 values before real estate took such a dive.

He has to get the rate increase in now. My question is how is he going to deal with the tax revenue shortfall resulting from the new, presumably lower, reappraisals? He may get his extra $100 million for next year but then what? Perhaps he's not concerned about that and will just leave the mess for the next mayor to work out.

I suggest we all investigate and submit a review request to challenge the appraisal values. Don't know how they are determined but they need to be examined. Example, my lot is .75 acre and my across the street neighbor has a 1.5 acre lot. The land values shown on both appraisals are the same. And my house has more square footage and bedrooms than his but his is "appraised" higher.

As I understand it, if approved by council, the rate will be retroactive to 1/1/2012 and will be reflected on the next tax notices in the Fall. I think that means the mortgage escrow account will be short for 2012 and we'll have to double up thru 2013 to make up the difference. Great.

By: ralane on 5/1/12 at 3:12

Let's just take from them boys! Dean just does not get it, there are real issues out here in the real world, but not the world where Dean comes from: the world of non stop pay checks and endless benefits on the taxpayer's back and if there is not enough left after Dean and crew spend it all then they want to fix it by taking more money from those of us that are already maxed out financially ( and this does not mean credit card debt) just raise taxes and take some more. Folks we just don't have any more to give, we just barely make it with 2 incomes from payday to payday and crisis to crisis. If you figure all the taxes you pay they already get more than 50% of out take home pay. This year it takes 107 working days to pay your taxes, last year it was 103. Check this link out for more info on taxes.

By: govskeptic on 5/1/12 at 3:44

Disturbing to me is the constant acceptance of Federal Grants that last for one
or two years and then must be picked up by local funds from the taxpayers. Many
of the programs these grant dollars are tied to are semi-worthless. This year
the Police Dept budget is asking to pick up about 2 million dollars+ worth more
dollars for a federal grant that has gone away. Many-many more of these to
follow immediately after Nov. elections! And as we all know by now, in spite of
pathetic press releases saying otherwise, most of our true home values are far
less than being shown by the Metro Tax Assessors office !

By: Vuenbelvue on 5/1/12 at 4:53

I think he already has a majority of council members including district 23 in Bellevue that will rubber stamp his request. Remember, he gave big budget raises last time including $20 million to the School Board, I think, and now they have their hand out for another $48 million in this request. Then we are continuously reading that faux public school companies are running the buildings. The Police Department received a $20 million crime lab building with employees probably because Franklin, Tn added one when they built their new jail in 2008. Kind of a envy thang. Now they want more money. The Great Recession of 2013 is now being predicted. The economy is only up because it is a Presidential election year. Don't call him a Liberal folks. I saw a big RV with Dean stickers and Romney for President today. Cut spending Mayor Dean, we have to live here when you finish your term. Taxpayer's need a independent audit.

By: spooky24 on 5/2/12 at 4:13

He has really spent this city into the hole. Not everyone can have a calorie challenged wife who's daddy has 100 million to blow on his only daughter.
"Marry into money then find yourself a honey"

By: bruingeek on 5/2/12 at 5:37

I believe it is cowardly to choose an increase that is only 3 cents short of requiring a public referendum (if not cowardly, then "politically manipulative"). If metro council has any credibility at all, they should ask for the 3 cents to be added so the voting public can have their say. If that happens, I would guess that the Mayor would counter with a MUCH smaller tax increase (perhaps 10 cents) and look like a hero for 'cutting taxes' (insert sarcasm here).

By: parnell3rd on 5/2/12 at 6:20

Once again another politician proves my theory correct. ie He like all politician's are liars. When he ran for mayor he said "I will not raise taxes" Karl Dean
And he is increasing capital spending bu $300,000 million. Who got paid? This is a page out of the democrat playbook on Obamacare?
This is what happens when we continue to elect liberal politicians who give money to the Preds, the Titans, Gaylord, and Dolly Pardon.

By: budlight on 5/2/12 at 6:33

If I could speak to all City Council Members in Davidson County, this is what I would say: With the budget being proposed by the Mayor, there is no longer speculation that homeowner's will be incurring a property tax increase. It is a fact.
In 1998, taxes on my property were $1161. They are now at $2870 which is over 100% increase. In 2001, taxes on my property were $1375. They are now at $2870 which is over 100% increase. In 2004, taxes on my property were $1642. They are now at $2870 which is about a 75% increase. My benefits from the city have not doubled. Honestly, do Council Members or the Mayor have any way to justify this incredible increase in our taxes in Davidson County or a further increase? Building a Convention Center, giving Dell, HCA, GayLord or Dolly Parton big Tax Breaks should not fall on the backs of the hard working taxpayers of Davidson County. Our home values have fallen sharpley and I urge you to vote NO to any tax increases which Mayor Dean may request at any time in the near future or for any reason. Give Tax Payers a Break -- NOT BIG BUSINESS

By: Jughead on 5/2/12 at 7:25

Karl Marx Dean is no different from Obama, Jim Cooper, or any other tax-n-spend liberal. Karl sees no limit to the size of gov't, and taxpayers are pawns to extract $$$ to pay his pals.

All while he lives off of his wife's fortune. What a turd.

By: Jughead on 5/2/12 at 7:27

...and this is the reason I will NEVER vote for this creep again. He will spend Tennessee into bankruptcy if he runs/is elected governor.

I had hoped this guy would be fiscally conservative. Instead, we have another Obama right here in Nashville.

By: wasaw on 5/2/12 at 7:31

Why don't we charge Bud Adams (Titans) and the Pedator owners for the police officers who are assigned to work outside traffic for their events. The officers are paid over-time pay for these events. The MNPD "Special Events" coordinator budgets about $500,000 yearly to cover these events. This is chump change for Bud. We'll soon be paying for the Sounds; keep watching. They keep begging, and sooner or later the admisnistration will succumb. After all, it's the publics money, RIGHT?

By: mel10711 on 5/2/12 at 7:31

wow.. and what did I get for the last increase to my taxes? My HOME BROKE INTO 5 times in 2010 and my property value dropping from 170k to 130k! This crap about the increase going towards police and schools is a CROCK, it's paying for that convention center we couldn't afford to build and more he spent! Email him at and tell him NO WAY are we agreeing to this, email the Vise Mayor too. Dolly Parton theme park tax freedom please! And hey.. why don't you remodel the fairgrounds to make revenue and stop your buddy pocket lining ways with HCA and others! I didn't vote him back in this term and thanks a lot to those that did! Thank goodness he is done this term! Get rid of him and DON'T VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN if he runs for a higher position! Poor Antioch just keeps tanking when it use to be so nice! It's amazing how all the other counties around us prosper, grow and are so nice with great public schools, yet people run from Davidson co. Help Councilman Robert Duvall and Duane Dominy.. they are fighting it for us! They can't do it alone though.. Be A Voice! Email them ALL here -

By: wasaw on 5/2/12 at 7:45

Folks, Karl Dean is just another "tax and spend" Democrat. He'ls looking for another job once this jig is over but the dates aren't working. He understands that Haslam will run for a second term so like his predecessor, Bill Pursell, he has to lie around and wait till something opens up. He's really never had a non-government job.

Can anyone truthfully say that they didn't expect him to increase our property taxes. This only affects a small percentage of the voting public. A huge percentage of Nashville voters are renters and aren't smart enough to realize the increased tax is going to be passed on to them by their landlord. They vote Democrat no-matter. A smaller percentage of the home owners would continue to vote Democrat even if Dean raped their mother, wife, or daughter. Then you get down to the Rebublican base in Davidson County, who own homes. Dean knows he'll never get their vote no matter.

This tax increase has nothing to do with giving raises to city employees. And why should they get a raise. They need to feel the crunch of Obama's failed economics like everyone else. Dean is only using the Police and Fire threat so that he can get some free money to spend on new programs, to buy future votes; if and when he can find an office to go for.

By: conservarage on 5/2/12 at 7:50

same old tired rhetoric - going to have to fire police, teachers, kill whales, cut down trees, etc etc. give me a break.

By: Jughead on 5/2/12 at 7:54

Karl Marx Dean has never had a real job, and lives off of his wife's millions. Then, he tells working people that he needs more money to pay his "consultant" friends enormous fees.

By: Jughead on 5/2/12 at 7:55

Make sure you tell your council rep you do not support this liberal BS:

By: Jughead on 5/2/12 at 8:03

I am so sick of gov't folks spending like drunken sailors. The rest of us struggle with the recession, and these idiots act like the party never ends. Can you say GREECE?

By: Jughead on 5/2/12 at 8:05

I have a better idea: CUT property taxes and reduce Metro spending!

By: Jughead on 5/2/12 at 8:11

There's a reason we are called the Athens of the South. Metro will be in bankruptcy due to Karl Marx's spending habits.

You watch--business will begin leaving Davidson County soon because of liberal tax/regulation nonsense.

By: poortyming2012 on 5/2/12 at 8:41

This is really poor timing, for the Mayor say that he is recommending giving employees raises, adding 50 officers and raising the starting salaries for new teachers. Looking at the true facts and not the emotions, any Metro employee receiving a 4% raise has enough sense to know that their health care is going to eat up 85% of that raise and if they own a home by the end of 2014 that home will more than likely be in forclosure because they will not be able to keep up with the cost of the property tax increase, health insurance and cost of living. They won't be able to refi because they will have fallen behind on their payments, the value of the home has declined since they purchased it and now the mortgage is upside down and since they had to choose between buying food for the family or putting gas in the car to get to a job that barely keeps them living above poverty level, no bank will help them re-establish their credit.

Truth be told on this, the only ones that will win will be BIG BUSINESS and they don't appear to be living inside Davidson County to help pick up the tab for which they benefit. I know I'll be calling my Councilperson and asking that they vote no when it comes time to press their button on this issue.

By: pswindle on 5/2/12 at 8:43

Everytime that want to raise taxes, it is always for the schools. If the schools received all the promised funds, MNPS would be the best financed schools in the nation.

By: jvh2b on 5/2/12 at 8:44

Oh the hypocritical BULL being spouted on here.

I get one likes taxes...including myself.

But seriously...we have one poster complaining about after the last tax increase he got broken into, his property value went down, and the area of town he is in went to pot. Yeah...cause Metro's govt and mayor caused crime to go up in your area AND the national housing bubble to pop. Gimme a break. The police budget has increased quite a bit since Dean took want more more taxes. Sad but true.

The other half of the hypocrites just don't get the big picture. Whining and moaning about business tax breaks and the homeowners have to pick up the burden. Let me spell this out for you: 1.) Who pays the homeowners to begin with? THE BUSINESSES - if we don't have them, we don't have homeowners! 2.) If a BUSINESS comes here, they are taxed AND generate sales revenue! You know where that revenue goes? Into Metro's coffers - ya know what that does? OFFSETS what the homeowners would otherwise have to pick up!

Yelling and screaming communism when clearly it's capitalism at work. Some of you moron's wouldn't know communism/socialism if Marx himself came up behind you and bit you in the a$$

By: howelln on 5/2/12 at 8:49


By: trtay2004 on 5/2/12 at 9:53

Since I know most people that are posting are NOT from Davidson county, I think facts would be important to know. I personally own 4 properties (I'm not rich, just invest in real estate in Davidson county), and to correct some person that stated that rental properties get tax relief... they are ignorant. I pay the same tax amount on rental properties as my personal residence.

But, I think it's nice to see what the other major cities in Tennessee pay (including the heavily Republican and heavily Democratic cities)

Chattanooga $5.0742
Knoxville $4.82
Memphis $7.2157

Now, if you live in Davidson county, please feel free to comment. To the rest of you, check your own rate and let Davidson county deal with it's own finances.

By: yucchhii on 5/2/12 at 10:25

Everybody seems to be upset about the property tax being raised, y'all seem angry because it surprised you. You mean you haven't figured out by now after all these years of being subjected to CRIMINALS running our country, that a politicians job description has changed many many many many years ago. That's right. The politician (Be it republican OR democrat) is there to "LEGALLY RIP YOU OFF!" See, the thing is, WE can't do what THEY do or WE go to jail for CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES!"

By: FLeFew on 5/2/12 at 10:44


Now we can have another unnecessary park, more greenways, more bike lanes for unlicensed riders to flaunt the traffic laws, and more rescuing of Dean's buddies from their bad investments ... Hickory Hollow Mall????

We can put our police precincts in flood zones (west Nashville) bailing out the owner of the defunct automobile dealership property.

At least nothing will be spent on such things a traffic flow and ways to help the motorist to save gas with right turn lanes and sensors to change the light when there is no traffic on the cross street. One light on Harding Road at the hospital will not change for almost two minutes, regardless of the lack of traffic on Harding. The same is true at Wilson Blvd. and West End. Also at Bolling and Woodmont.

Aren’t we proud of this Mayor!! (NOT

By: FLeFew on 5/2/12 at 10:51

if you want to spend more money on schools, give the teachers the tests and additional education. Like it or not, every teacher teaches grammar, courtesy, manners, respect for one another, etc. I was in an algebra class room not long ago and was appalled by the teacher’s grammar. She should have been sent to a remedial teacher.

By: Jughead on 5/2/12 at 10:55

Most of the Metro teachers do not have a basic grasp of the English language. Ebonics and ghetto rule.

This tax increase is BS, and we all know it. WAKE UP, DAVIDSON COUNTY!!!!

By: jvh2b on 5/2/12 at 1:20

Funny fact I bet most of you didn't know-- since most don't even live in Davidson county -

If the tax hike goes through - we will STILL be at a lower tax rate than when Dean took office.

Go figure...the guy didn't make a big deal about cutting the taxes...and now everyone's freaking out that they may go back up....some.

And can someone please explain the non-sense rant from FLe??? I wasn't aware people on bicycles had to be licensed to begin with.....not to mention putting in a new police precincts!! On cheap land nonetheless! THE HORROR!

Just curious as to what you would do with Hickory Hollow...let it rot and fester to breed more criminal activity???

By: BigPapa on 5/2/12 at 2:08

I'd raise HH Mall down to the ground and sell it off to who ever wanted to redevelop it, whether it comes back as retail, or whatever.. I think that would be better than trying to shoe horn stuff in that space.

Taxes are necessary, but when you read stuff that says that Nashville has spent $100M on the Preds.. it just makes a tax increase hard to take.

It's like your brother in law asking to borrow money and you know he just spent a lot of money on a new tattoo.

By: jvh2b on 5/2/12 at 2:45

Understandable point BigPapa - but you have to spend money to make money...ask any Billionaire.

How much has the Preds arena brought back to us? I'd be willing to bet it's more than 100M.

By: budlight on 5/2/12 at 3:05

BigPapa on 5/2/12 at 3:08
I'd raise HH Mall down to the ground and sell it off to who ever wanted to redevelop it, whether it comes back as retail, or whatever.. I think that would be better than trying to shoe horn stuff in that space.

Isn't there a song that says "they dug up a park and put in a parking lot"? In this case, the dumbos are digging up a parking lot and putting in a park, when there is a beautiful piece of property at the corner of OHB and M'boro Road (aka Starwood) which has been sitting vacant for over 2 years. It would make an awesome community center and park. BUT hey, that's too logical and no money in it for Karl Dean and his chronies.

I'm sick of this "more police"; I heard a recent report that this area near Hickory Hollow and Antioch has the LOWEST number of calls for police and crime than any other. And when does it say in the rules that a 1st year teacher needs to gross $40,000 for 9 months of work? Duh. I'd say about $30,000 to $35,000 is a decent amt to make 1st year out of college and greener than a green tomato.

By: budlight on 5/2/12 at 7:05

The word draconian is taken from Draco. Draco was Athenian politician who established the laws of Athens. These laws were severe and thus were unpopular among people. Draco and his laws were known for impartiality. Thus, when something is referred to as draconian, it is said to be exceedingly harsh or very severe. It carries the qualities of Draco. For example: a draconian legal code. In this example, draconian refers to a legal code or legal rule that is considered to be very harsh or severe. Another example: draconian budget cuts, draconian measures, and draconian forms of punishment.

Some words that are synonymous to draconian could be: intemperate, merciless, harsh, callous, ruthless, savage, sever, tyrannical, unfeeling, unkind, unmerciful, pitiless, rigorous, and cruel. Acrimonious, binding, compelling, confining, drawing, demanding, exacting, forceful, picky, poignant, inflexible, persnickety, powerful, rigorous, stiff, tight, tough, and puritanical are some other words that could be used for draconian.

Dean's tactics are ruthless, savage, tyrannical, unfeeling and down right mean spirited. He might be a nice man off the court, but when he starts raising our taxes, he's downright ruthless!

By: jvh2b on 5/2/12 at 9:15

Wow bud hope you didn't pull anything stretching that hard......

By: Ask01 on 5/3/12 at 3:24

This is an excellent example of why a metropolitan form of government is undesirable.

Forget the usual politician speak about schools, police and other hot button issues.

Where have most all recent "improvements" been made? Downtown, of course.

Who will be affected by the property tax increase? Every property owner in Davidson County.

Metro government, especially in the hands of shysters, is nothing but a scam to benefit a specific group ar area at the expense of the entire county.

I seriously doubt the MCC would be a reality if Metro Nashville Davidson county did not exist, and Nashville politicians could only put city residents at risk on a venture catering to private enterprise. As it is, dowtown businesses can depend on the entire county to fund projects benefitting a select few.

Mayor Dean is a consumate scam artist, secure in the fact he will not have to face local voters again. Council members should understand they are not so lucky. Some will face angry voters again.

This is what a majority of Nashvillians must have wanted, though, so unless you voted against Mayor Dean, you need to live with the consequences.

I'm proud to say I voted against Dean and helped to oust my sorry excuse of a council representative after a single term.

His replacement should take note while considering this proposal.