Dean re-election campaign raises $332K during past quarter

Monday, July 11, 2011 at 6:44pm

Mayor Karl Dean’s re-election campaign raised $332,000 over the last financial reporting quarter, a total that puts his troops with $473,000 on hand as the campaign heads into the early voting period later this week.

Dean’s impressive fundraising totals come even though he’s running against a crop of unknowns: Marvin Barnes, Bruce Casper and James Keeton. Two of three raised no money. Keeton has less than $1,000 on hand.

“I thank those who continue to support my efforts to move Nashville forward,” Dean said in a statement. “This election is very important for the city. We need to capitalize on the progress we’ve made and keep the momentum alive.”

All candidates running for Metro office this August were required to report their fundraising totals on Monday. Dollars reported were collected between April and June 30.

In April, Dean had reported $525,000 on hand. He has since produced two television commercials, among other expenditures. His campaign reported spending more than $384,000 over the last quarter.

Early voting begins July 15 and runs through July 30. Election Day is Aug. 4. 

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By: bfra on 7/11/11 at 6:41

Trying to buy the Mayor's office again, eh Karl?

By: JayBee56 on 7/11/11 at 7:23

What an obscene amount of money to be raised. Is the race about money or about issues and representing all of the city? My campaign spending under $1,000 is like a Badge of Honor. Which candidate will spend like there's no tomorrow and which candidate will pinch every penny and examine every expenditure?

By: boyer barner on 7/11/11 at 11:21

Let's look at one way Mayor Karl Dean is moving our city forward:

Do you know that hundreds of groups and associations use the Nashville Fairgrounds every year for events such as dog shows, car shows, craft shows, hobby shows, etc. because it is very affordable? That fee is about $1,500 per day.

When this fact was pointed out to Karl Dean with regards to the Nashville Fairgrounds being torn down, he said:

"They can hold their events at the convention center." (sic)

The convention center charges about $20,000.00 per day for an event.

Oh yeah, Karl. We're moving forward.

He doesn't want a Nissan moving to a county outside of Davidson. But when it comes to entrepreneurs and small business people, I don't think he gives a damn.

I regret helping him when I spent a Saturday afternoon pitching in to fix up his West End Avenue campaign office when he first ran for mayor.

I especially regret my vote for him.

By: holleracha on 7/12/11 at 5:19

Half a million dollars wasted that could be used to help folks in need. What a waste!

By: budlight on 7/12/11 at 5:43

Barner, I regret my $100 donation to him and my vote for him. I am actually ashamed that I voted for him last time. He is decadent and wasteful and he strong arms the council members to vote for him.

Hopefully someone like Keeton will come from out of the blue and defeat him.

By: Kosh III on 7/12/11 at 6:32

This doesn't even include the free publicity done by his Walk 100 mile campaign.

By: american1974 on 7/12/11 at 6:39

So I was told by someone directly related to local gov. the real reason Karl is wanting to shut down the fair grounds. His plans are to pass along some big business to some carpet bagging Northern friends and have them come in and develop condos, etc in the area.
I'm sure there are kick backs involved somehow or another. Makes you sick to find something like this out.
Maybe I'm the last to know and everyone else already knows this, but I found it more than interesting. Correct me if I'm wrong.

By: bfra on 7/12/11 at 7:01

Wonder if an audit of Karl's account would show how much of that total the rich wife put in?

By: Community-carl-... on 7/12/11 at 7:01

Nobody contributes that kind of money to a campaign fund that doesn't need additional funding unless they expect something in return. It just proves to me that Dean's well-heeled and well-conected friends are watching out for him because he is watching out for them. The interests of us regular citizens are his lowest priority. This sad situation is a reflection of how broken our policial system is in the entire country. To great extent, elections are now bought, resulting in our country now being run by the richest, rather than best qualified candidates.

This is not what our forefathers and authors of the U.S. Constitution envisioned.

Regarding Karl Dean, I certainly won't be voting for him. Right now I'm leaning towards James Keeton.

Have a nice day, careful in the heat.

By: budlight on 7/12/11 at 12:44

Keeton has some good accomplishments if you look at his website. Put up a home made sign in your front yard so his name gets out there.

By: GammaMoses on 7/12/11 at 1:49

Maybe Dean is thinking of running for governor next time around and is building up his campaign funds????

By: titansjoe on 7/12/11 at 8:51

I would like to see his campaign financial report. In fact i think i will. I find it very interesting that a man that has little opposition finds the need to raise or even accept that much in donations unless favors come with the donations.

Oh wait a minute..........of course I know why he is running so hard and why he has so much money. It is because the majority of Davidson county citizens were against risking bankruptcy over the convention center and hotel deal. If it dosent fly we are flat broke and in debt up to our wazoos with no where to turn except very large tax increases. The fat cats who benifit from his work are taking care of him. His right hand man Rich Riebling has proven to be dishonest along with Karl on several occasions during the convention center fiasco. Then lets not forget his shenanigans with the fairgound. Trying to steal a peice of history from long time Nashvillians as well as hurting the many small businesses and the people that frequent them.

I am voting for Mr. Keeton because I truly think he is the best man running. My guess is that a lot of folk feel the same as me and that is why Karl Dean needs extremely large contributions to beat a man with little money and unheard of by most people. My vote is for Mr. Keeton and against Dean. Go Keeton!

By: boyer barner on 7/12/11 at 10:02

I am voting for Keeton as well.

Here is what Karl Dean has done, so far, as mayor:

-Producing a commercial about walking 100 miles and losing weight.

-CLAIMING he was part of the flood recovery (Nashvillians pretty much managed the recovery on their own, with the help of our Metro Police, Firemen, Emergency Service folk, HAM operators, church folk, concerned citizens and neighbors. We did this with little help from Dean. We did it without him because he was out of touch and slow to react).

-Pushing through the new Nashville Convention Center.

-Trying to tear down the fairgrounds with the help of Megan Barry and other council members.

-Refusing to talk to those who do not agree with him (You're either with me or you're not!).

-Actively "going after" folks who have contracts with the city or city-related business entities if the business owners do not agree with him. (Stories to follow during the next few months via local media).

-Spending the vast majority of his time and OUR resources on packing council for the next election.

-Spending the vast majority of his time and OUR resources on public relations.

-Spending the vast majority of his time and OUR resources on what he hopes will be a run for governor (ha, ha).

-Giving KIPP $10,000,000 that should have been spent on public schools.

The list goes on.