Dean turns to rock star White for music business advice

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 3:23pm

Rock star Jack White might be more than just a token member of the newly formed Music Business Council.

The Raconteurs, White Stripes and Dead Weather band member met Mayor Karl Dean last week for drinks at the Oak Bar inside the Hermitage Hotel. According to Dean aides, the meeting went extremely well and White expressed interest in contributing to the MBC. Dean formed the group last week and charged them with propping up and growing the music industry in Nashville.

According to Dean aides, White told the mayor he was especially interested in efforts to preserve the vinyl record industry. Earlier this year, White opened his own one-stop music shop on Seventh Avenue South. The shop includes a recording studio, performance space and vinyl record store.

White relocated to Nashville a few years ago when the Raconteurs took off. He’s been a fixture at local shows and even played a surprise concert two years ago prior to the release of a new White Stripes album.

White expressed an interest in serving on the Music Business Council and applauded Dean for his efforts to support the industry.

“He ended the meeting by calling [Dean] the coolest mayor in America,” the Dean aide said. “He said they didn’t do anything like this up in Detroit.”

Dean formed the Music Business Council to address issues like bringing more live venues and festivals to Nashville in addition to propping up music education at Metro schools.


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By: courier37027 on 5/13/09 at 3:47

"According to Dean aides, White told the mayor he was especially interested in efforts to preserve the vinyl record industry." Well hot diggity, now I can open that Victrola store next door to the vinyl record stop. I hope we can find retail space among the horse and buggy traffic. If things go well I can see an 8-track tape store opening too.

By: nashbeck on 5/13/09 at 8:04

Jack White is a very talented and unique artist and I am so glad he has chosen Nashville as his home. I hope we can get a ton more live non-country music venues downtown. We need a downtown amphitheatre!

By: global_citizen on 5/14/09 at 6:49

I just wish we could revive Dancing in the District, Summer Lights, or River stages. All three have gone kaput. Is this music city or not? Why don't we have any of these great summer concert events on the river anymore?

By: pandabear on 5/14/09 at 6:54

Hey, don't put down vinyl records !

That "hiss" "pop" and "fresh scratched" sound is hard to replicate
with todays standards. Horse and buggy traffic created jobs like
"pooper scooper" and "lysol sprayer" that are hard to replace,
much less to describe to you grandkids.

Yeah, all in all, old is really better than new...

...I think I need a new aquaduct...

By: millenboy on 5/14/09 at 12:44

Don't knock the vinyl. Properly handled vinyl played on high-end equipment has a tone and timbre that will never be replicated by anything digital. Even my gunfire and jet engine damaged ears can tell the difference. Now if I could just get rid of this ringong.

By: slacker on 5/14/09 at 4:23

I'm gonna open up my hula-hoop shop once again.