DeMoss Cemetery obstacle for H.G. Hill

Thursday, August 23, 2001 at 1:00am

Developers of an H.G. Hill shopping center proposed for an area of Bellevue and supporters of a historic cemetery on the property are heading for a showdown in Metro Council.

The project was approved by Planning Commission staff, but was then disapproved by the actual commission by a 7-0 vote Aug. 16.

Developers still have a chance to continue if they get 27 votes for their proposal on second hearing at the Sept. 4 Metro Council meeting. Three hearings are needed to finalize the plans.

The proposed Planned Unit Development (PUD) at the northwest corner of Old Harding Pike and Bellevue Road would permit a 49,950-square-foot retail building anchored by an H.G. Hill grocery store.

Terry Stevens with The Stevens Group, a local developer partnering with Silk & Stewart developers in Pittsburgh, confirmed an H.G. Hill grocery store, run by an unidentified individual owner and operator, would anchor the development.

Possibly complicating matters for developers is that the DeMoss Family Cemetery is on the property. Plans, however, do include a 10-foot buffer zone constructed around the cemetery, as required by state law. Stevens said the developers would build

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