District attorney asks TBI to investigate Davidson County Clerk's Office

Friday, July 15, 2011 at 6:22pm
Staff reports

Following a series of damaging reports by WTVF-TV NewsChannel 5, District Attorney Torry Johnson has asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to launch a probe into the office of Davidson County Clerk John Arriola.

“The Nashville taxpayers are deserving of some answers,” Johnson said. “In watching some of these stories, and hearing the responses, it seems that an investigation is the best way to get to the bottom of it.”

The NewsChannel 5 reports uncovered a number of revelations into Arriola’s office: The clerk had been charging a $40 fee (Arriola called it a “gratuity” in one report) to couples he married and failed to provide documented records for the fee. He used taxpayer dollars to obtain a $33,000 sports utility vehicle. Arriola also tapped campaign treasurer Leighton Bush to work as a clerk’s office part-time employee, but Bush seems to lack clearly defined responsibilities in his government role.

Johnson recently conducted an investigation into Criminal Court Clerk David Torrence’s work habits. Johnson’s finding likely led to Torrence’s resignation.

Johnson said the investigation of the Davidson County Clerk’s Office may not reveal anything criminal in nature, but did not want to speculate on the investigation’s findings.

Johnson said he expects the examination to include reviewing books and records, as well as interviewing individuals both from within and outside the office. The investigation does not have a timeframe.

Mayor Karl Dean has called for an audit of Arriola’s office.

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By: Nitzche on 7/15/11 at 7:42

what,are these people democrats?

By: Chris72 on 7/15/11 at 8:20

Hehehe....I think I like Torry Johnson!!! Maybe he needs to start looking at ALL the politicians in the area, maybe that way we can actually get some honest ones in, if that's even possible???? Still love it though! Keep at 'em Torry :)

By: artsmart on 7/16/11 at 6:41

I would really like to know who made Tory Johnson do his job. My experience with him is that he would do all he could to avoid messing with the good old boys.

By: left on 7/16/11 at 2:48

Throw all of them OUT of office! Then give them the death penalty.

By: Xemo on 7/17/11 at 1:36

C'mon guys, it's hard to get by on their meager saleries. They have to do what they can to make a living.

By: govskeptic on 7/18/11 at 6:10

I'm delighted to see DA Johnson "finally" taking some action on these issues.
Whether this is for re-election exposure or whatever, it's long overdue and
appreciated knowing that his office absolutely hates taking these type actions!

By: T-BONE on 7/18/11 at 7:28

WAKE UP!...They won't do a DAMNED thing to Torrence ($80,000 pension for life ... WINNER !) or Arriola (FRAUD IS A CRIME IN THE "REAL" WORLD!) why YOU ASK..."CUZ THEM IS GOOD OLE BOYS!" ...NASHVILLE STYLE!

By: bfra on 7/18/11 at 10:48

Past time to clean up the "good ole boys" politics in Metro! Starting with spendthrift Karl on down. We need a gungho DA that will not let up till, all the taxpayer sucking scumbags are replaced. That expecially includes these unearned pensions!

By: pswindle on 7/18/11 at 11:04

Leave them alone. This only happens when someone has a beef and they want to remove them from office.

By: Nitzche on 7/18/11 at 5:09

Republicans made them do it? you can't trust those greedy republicans!