Domestic assaults up on Valentine's Day

Monday, February 15, 2010 at 11:45pm
Staff Reports

Maybe he should've gone with chocolates instead.

On Friday, a Nashville woman apparently flew into a rage over the flowers her boyfriend had delivered for her, according to police records. During the argument, she became so irate that she began breaking his belongings, including framed photographs of his daughter, glassware and vases, the report said. The woman was arrested and charged with vandalism. 

It was perhaps a portentous start to the year's most celebrated weekend of love.

Metro police arrested 12 people for domestic assault on Valentine's Day, according to records. They arrested 27 that Friday and Saturday.

Last Valentine's Day, police made four domestic assault arrests. 

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By: Tiger4u on 2/16/10 at 5:55

Al .T. Star
Now You know 11 out of those 12 domestic dispute, those couples will get back together. Best to stay out of them.

By: Tiger4u on 2/16/10 at 5:55

Al .T. Star

By: house_of_pain on 2/16/10 at 7:09

You always hurt the ones you love...

By: sidneyames on 2/16/10 at 8:07

A "woman" and a "man". That could be any one of how many thousands of people in Nashsville. Who was it? How about some fine details in this report, like the names of the persons involved?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 2/16/10 at 11:01

names are not given with domestic violence cases, unless someone ends up dead. and for the 11 out of 12 that get back together.....unfortunately that's true but you need to protect the 1 person who is truly in danger.