Donelson Nationals fall

Friday, August 3, 2001 at 1:00am


The Donelson Nationals just missed the mark Wednesday night when they suffered a 7-2 loss to Alabama in the Southern Region Division II Tournament.

"We just got beat by a young, aggressive Alabama team that was hitting the ball, and they deserved to win," Ken Brockman said of the loss. "They were a tough competitor."

The Nationals went through six innings with only two hits, which Brockman said is unusual.

"We averaged almost nine hits per game going in to that game," Brockman said. "So it's unusual for us to be held to two hits."

Blake Simmons started on the mound and David Hooper relieved him for two innings. He was followed by Chris Heflin, who pitched the final game.

According to Brockman, Tennessee was one of seven teams representing a vast majority of Little League teams.

"They did a great job when you look at the big picture of these seven teams representing over 5,000 little league baseball teams, so that's a great job for a bunch of kids who have been playing ball, on and off together for 11 years," Brockman said. "We had a great year. In hindsight they'd still love to be playing but it just wasn't meant to be. We were beat by an opponent, who on that given night, did a better job.

"So we learned a lot. It was a different level of competition

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