Driver apparently used cab as drug 'store'

Friday, July 3, 2009 at 12:34am
Staff Reports

South Precinct undercover officers Wednesday night arrested a Nashville cab driver for alledgedly selling drugs out of his taxi on Murfreesboro Pike.

Mahmoud Z. Al-Bunni, 46, of Erin Lane, is charged with eight drug offenses, four of them felonies, and evading arrest. Officers attempted to arrest Al-Bunni after he sold a police operative crack cocaine and Xanax pills from his American Music City Cab van.

According to reports, he refused to stop for officers, drove into a Vultee Boulevard apartment complex, abandoned the cab and fled on foot. He was captured after a brief chase.

At the time of his arrest, Al-Bunni was carrying a small bag of crack cocaine, ten Xanax pills and six unidentified tablets, police said. On the ground where Al-Bunni fled, officers found a small bag of marijuana and a small bag of crack cocaine.

A search of the cab by police revealed a set of drug scales, two marijuana roaches, a bottle of antibiotic pills, and paraphernalia used to construct crack pipes.

Al-Bunni is being held in lieu of $82,000 bail.

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By: bfra on 7/2/09 at 10:53

They should check these vans that sell ice cream. Seems every hispanic that has a van, slaps a few stickers on and sells ice cream.