Early voting begins as appeals court prepares to hear arguments on voter ID law

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 10:05pm

Voters itching to officially weigh in on the November election can begin casting ballots Wednesday, a day before the Tennessee Court of Appeals is set to hear arguments challenging what IDs people need to vote.

The appellate court is set to hear arguments Thursday challenging the state's voter ID law that dictates people casting ballots must show a government-issued picture ID. Unless the court overturns the law, identification needed to vote includes a current or expired driver’s license, passport, military ID, handgun carry permit, and any other state or federal government-issued identification with a photo on it, except college ID cards.

Election officials will open a dozen polling places across Davidson County for early voting, including several public libraries and community centers, which can be found here.

According to the Davidson County Election Commission, the early voting locations are scheduled to open every day but Sunday, with doors opening at 8 a.m. Monday through Saturday. Polling places will close at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and at 4:30 p.m. on the remaining days of the week.

During the last presidential election, voters in Davidson and Williamson counties cast the most ballots during early voting, a period that begins 20 days before Election Day.

Nearly three in four voters in the two counties cast their votes early in 2008, compared to 58 percent statewide.

That year, Davidson County registered votes from 265,727 people. Of those votes, 191,420 came from people casting ballots early.

Early voting ends Thursday, Nov. 1. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.

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By: Ask01 on 10/17/12 at 4:44

Considering the results in other states where the voter ID or, 'voter suppression' laws have been challenged, I believe reasonable hope exists the law will either be struck down or at least suspended for some time.

I cannot believe the audacity of the Republicans. First, a transparently deceptive law to combat a non existant problem, then outright threats from wealthy supporters about jobs being cut if they don't get their way.

I wonder if this same scenario played out in pre revolutionary France, Russia, or other nations where the workers had enough and decided to take act against the rich?

Remember kids, history is happening anf YOU are there.

By: Ask01 on 10/17/12 at 4:44

Sorry shb take action

By: Ask01 on 10/17/12 at 4:55

shb 2, and YOU are there.

Running late gotta go.

By: Rocket99 on 10/17/12 at 7:28

One thing I have found interesting is that across the country, someof the people who pushed for the voter ID laws have themselves been caught committing voter fraud.


By: yogiman on 10/17/12 at 12:42

Why does anyone resent showing a photo ID to vote for the President but the President isn't required to identify their self with a photo ID? Whose to be the most trusted, the voter or the President?

By: 9445 on 10/22/12 at 8:21

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