Thursday, September 6, 2001 at 1:00am

An international program designed to feed the hungry while providing a unique experience for those who contribute will be held in Nashville for the first time.

The Empty Bowls Project started at a high school in Michigan in 1990. Students decided to create bowls as part of an effort to raise funds for a food drive. Their arts teacher helped them create the bowls, in which they served soup. Guests at the fundraiser were served a simple meal and could keep the empty bowls as a reminder of hunger in the world. The funds raised went to a local hunger fighting organization.

Here, several Metro visual arts specialists have volunteered to introduce the project into their classrooms.

Mindy Conley, who teaches at Brookmeade Elementary, said eight art teachers signed up at Brookmeade, Dupont Elementary, Antioch High, Harpeth Valley Elementary, Ewing Park Middle, Apollo Middle, Hillsboro High, and the Nashville School of the Arts to have a total of about 650 students help create the 500 bowls.

Pat Bullard with the LifeWorks Foundation brought the Empty Bowl project to Nashville. She works closely with several local arts organizations.

The fundraiser will be held as a concert at the Belcourt Theatre. Instead of soup, people will get their bowls filled with popcorn to match the concert atmosphere.

The Nashville project is a collaboration of the Belcourt Theatre, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, The Tennessee Association of Craft Artists, the Education Department of Cheekwood, singer/songwriters Quinn Loggins and Greg Barnhill, and former

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