Escaped Tennessee inmate arrested in Texas, faces charges

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 12:28pm

Authorities in Texas Monday night arrested the inmate who escaped from a Tennessee Department of Correction work crew last Wednesday afternoon.

Jacob Foster, 28, had been serving a 23-year sentence on multiple theft and burglary convictions stemming from crimes committed in Sumner County when he fled the TDOC work crew near Interstate 440 and I-24.

According to a TDOC press release, agents from the TDOC Internal Affairs tracked Foster to a Pflugerville, Texas, home Monday night. TDOC agents then contacted Texas police, who then realized Foster matched the description of the suspect who robbed a local bank earlier on Monday.

Texas police, guided by TDOC agents, found Foster hiding inside a box spring mattress with an undetermined amount of money from the bank.

TDOC officials expect Foster will be returned to Tennessee to face escape charges here, while Texas authorities will also pursue charges for his alleged role in the bank robbery.

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By: PKVol on 8/30/11 at 1:10

Nashville to Austin (which Pflugerville, TX is a suburb of) is 860 miles. How much of an idiot do you have to be to be tracked down that quickly (5 days) when you consider how many places are within 860 miles of Nashville. I guess the idea of 'laying low' never crossed his mind.

Of course, if he were intelligent, I guess he wouldn't have been in jail in the first place.

If stupidity was a crime, there would never be enough jails!

By: budlight on 9/1/11 at 6:52

Well at least now he won't be "released" on any work programs for a long time. Stupidity should be a crime, however, your are right: there would not be enough jails. LOL