Ex-councilwoman's nephew gets probation related to scuffle

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 1:57pm

The nephew of a former Metro councilwoman received six months probation Monday for a summer kerfuffle over election signs.

Michael Murray Jr., 18, had a criminal trespassing charge dismissed but received six months of probation as well as a to-be-determined restitution payment for an assault charge picked up this summer. Murray was also ordered to serve 20 hours of community service.

According to police, on Aug. 20 Murray placed campaign signs for his aunt, former District 5 Councilwoman Pam Murray, on property at 700 Gallatin Pike. When the property owner (who wasn’t at the location) found out, he asked a family friend, Cees Brinkman, who lived near the property to remove the signs.

When Brinkman went to the property and removed the signs, police said Michael Murray and another relative approached Brinkman, who told them they were trespassing and did not have permission to place signs on the property.

As Brinkman tried to leave, Murray began recording video of the confrontation, which eventually led to Brinkman trying to push the cell phone away before taking a closed-fist punched to the head, according to police.

During a bench trial, Judge Casey Moreland issued the deferred judgment against Murray, which could allow the mark on his record to be expunged following the probation.

The amount of the restitution will be determined once pending medical costs are sorted out.

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By: bfra on 10/19/11 at 4:52

Murray should have been charged, also. She instigated the entire situation.

By: budlight on 10/19/11 at 1:35

Yes, and she should have been made to pay. Remember the woman who set up having her husband killed (Gail somebody). She had to serve time and almost got the death penalty until recently she got released. That's odd to me, but at least she has paid for her crime. This woman (murray) gets away with everything. Hopefully she won't be on the council in this city anymore.