Face of Nashville: Goo Goo Clusters

Friday, July 6, 2012 at 5:48pm

Goo Goo Clusters (Eric England)


Ahh, the Goo Goo Cluster, one of the most illustriously delicious products to issue from Nashville’s halls of industry. A hundred years ago this fall, Standard Candy Co. started making the Goo Goo, a mélange of caramel, marshmallow nougat, roasted peanuts and milk chocolate. As its fame spread, the Goo Goo became a sort of candy ambassador of Nashville-ness. It was plugged on the Grand Ole Opry, and it’s still a treat that tourists like to take home. Over the decades two variations were added: the Peanut Butter Goo Goo, and the Supreme, with pecans instead of peanuts. Happily, it’s still made with care right here in Nashville, and while manufacturing has become more sophisticated, the company says the original recipe and flavors are the same.

—Dana Kopp Franklin