Fairgrounds-area citizen files complaint over advertisement

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 4:28pm

The leader of a group that supports redeveloping the Tennessee State Fairgrounds has filed a complaint with the Davidson County Election Commission, alleging a pro-fairgrounds newspaper advertisement did not properly disclose who paid for it.

The ad, which ran in the Tuesday edition of the Tennessean, tells readers to vote for ratification of a Metro Charter amendment that would keep the status quo at the 117-acre fairgrounds. It also urges readers to vote for at-large candidates Sam Coleman, Eric Crafton, Tim Garrett, Ken Jakes and Charlie Tygard.

Election Day is Thursday.

But Colby Sledge, who chairs the group Neighbors for Progress, alerted the election commission that the ad does not reveal who is behind the purchase. Under state law, failure to clearly identify who paid for such campaign material is a Class C misdemeanor.

“I request that your office take the appropriate steps to ensure that the law is properly followed, and that any further investigation of this matter be submitted to the appropriate authorities,” Sledge wrote in the complaint.

Joan Nixon, the commission’s deputy elections administrator, confirmed she received the complaint. She said she would present the matter to the five-member commission, which would then decide whether to direct the complaint to the Davidson County District Attorney General’s Office.  

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By: bfra on 8/2/11 at 3:21

Well Sledge, I bet it wasn't backed by a bunch of Karl's undercover snipes, like yours was!

By: rhob on 8/2/11 at 4:18

I just do not understand why Mr. Sledge would move into a community that has a known element to it, that has been around for over hundred years, numerous people enjoy, attended every week by citizens and our visitors alike and then do everything you can do see that it goes away. What is your issue, why don’t you ...........move out? Who appointed you the King of 37023? I believe you are just a bully and one of our Mayor's spokesperson. Why not move out to Bellevue, it is so quiet there. What about to Steeple Chase where you and the Mayor can develop that land. And you would have the park you want so bad. Steeple Chase is used once a year, makes no money for the county and has all the peacefulness you and he need. Do you really think if the fairgrounds were ever developed, it would be a quiet, surreal, peaceful and tranquil place with all the traffic, larger roadways, fast-food shops, businesses that could pop up? With eminent domain take over’s, how many citizens could lose their homes to the under market pricing paid by Metro? Shame on you.........please move back to where ever you came from.

By: jimmie on 8/2/11 at 6:01

Rhob - and anyone else who is confused about Colby Sledges choice of neighborhoods.
He was placed there by Dean and his cronies to do exactly what he's doing today. He is a shill trying to get a job with Dean after he leaves the mayors office. Why is the house not in his name ?
Either his credit is shot, or they purposely didn't want his name linked to the property.
They have lied and cried long enough

By: Shane Smiley on 8/2/11 at 9:20

From my understanding, the ad was placed by the head of the Flea Market vendors association.
The vendors are passionate about saving the historic Fairgrounds and preserving their means of supporting their families.
Not everyone knows, Under state law, failure to clearly identify who paid for such campaign material is a Class C misdemeanor. However, The Tennesseean does know this. Their proof readers should have spotted the omission and contacted the Flea Market Vendors assn.

I am not as concerned with This omission as I am with Neighbors For Progress posing as a community based organization.
The truth is, NFP is funded by Dean supporters and not by neighbors of the Fairgrounds.

I have had about enough of Colby Sledge and his whining, lies, and deception.

Colby insisted on a neighborhood committee being formed to allow neighbors to have a venue to air complaints and concerns concerning the race track.
They have now had 3 meetings. 3 meetings with zero complaints or concerns from the neighbors concerning the track.
A member of NFP, nominated by Colby, is on this committee.
I find it slanderous that NFP has not had one single complaint at the meetings with track promoters, Buck Dozier, and neighbors. yet, Colby airs complaints via the Tennessean.

Not only is Colby Sledge circumventing the very procedures he insisted be put in place concerning racing, He is speaking out of his ear.
Mr. Sledge comments in the Tennessean,
“The general feeling from the neighborhood is that the difference is made more at the track rather than away from the track,” South Nashville Action People co-chairman Colby Sledge said. “With the way the sound carries, it’s still pretty apparent.”
Really, Colby?
Let me get this straight, the cars are quieter at their source but, not in the neighborhood?
The truth is, the sound from the cars has been cut by nearly 80%.
That is 80% at the source, 80% at the property line, and yes, 80% at Mr. Sledge's house and beyond.

The Sound abatement program works and will continue to improve over time. Plans for additional gains in making the cars quieter before next season are already in process.

Colby has complained, lied, and attempted to manipulate the fact concerning the Fairgrounds for long enough.
It is time for him to be called out for his shady tactics and disingenuous ways.
Colby has claimed for months, NFP is a Neighborhood group. The financial disclosures prove what many have believed all along, NFP is a political hit squad supported by friends of the Mayor.

Please, Vote "FOR" ratification of the Fairgrounds amendment. A vote FOR ratification is a vote to tell Colby to shut the hell up!

By: las04 on 8/2/11 at 9:29

Poor Colby, you have to give him credit. He's consistent with his boo hooing and taking orders from the mayor. I hope he has an ambulance close by when we declare victory on August 4. He may need some mental treatment as well, It appears Karl (Scum Bag) Dean has him brain washed....!!

By: titansjoe on 8/2/11 at 9:30

You get 'em Shane Smiley. I couldn't have said it better myself. Vote! Vote! Vote! and get your friends to vote. Lets take our city back!

By: govskeptic on 8/3/11 at 6:26

It anyone has seen Colby Sledge on TV (has appeared several times) you can
tell an obvious self serving interest far different than the normal neighborhood
support. If the property in which he lives is in fact not in his name legally, then
even more questions arise, not about his being able to speak for the group,
but as to possible other motives of credit, hidden ownership by others, and a
few others concerning liability issues. This action is nothing more than a
last minute publicity stunt-been around for many years!

By: 5 Fingers on 8/3/11 at 7:23

At least the police arrested Carl Bean: http://nashvillebunion.blog.com/2011/08/01/man-arrested-for-public-drunkeness/

By: whitetrash on 8/3/11 at 7:41

NEWS FLASH the referendum does nothing to save the status quo at the fairgrounds property. Why do you think no one has tried to defeat the referendum? Because it really does nothing but require a few more votes on metro council so who cares? The referendum doesn’t change the fact the racetrack is a sinking ship with the General Manager Donnie Redd jumping ship this past Monday. Who will jump next Hamilton or Chaffin? If the racetrack is such a big money maker Shane Smiley should put his money where his big fat mouth is and lease the track. Hell he could hire soon to be former Councilman Michael Craddock to be the General Manager and the other soon to be former Councilman Jamie Hollin to sell hot dogs. Sounds like a winning team.

By: RacingMakesOurK... on 8/3/11 at 7:56

WOW!! I just did some research. None of the following people live in Davidson County:

Shane Smiley ,titansjoe, rhob, las04 and bfra.

And not just that, they are all the same person, all of these posts come from a guy that lives in Williamson County. All he talked about is getting other people to vote for the racetrack because he can't vote himself.

All the information you need to prove this can be found at the Davidson County Register of Deeds. You can also trace all of the IP addressed back to his single computer.

I'm sure this guy is going to try to tell you he is real and his fake names are not just fictional people, but don't listen to him....He is just a puppet for the great puppet masters in Williamson County.

By: boyer barner on 8/3/11 at 8:32

It sounds like Whitetrash and RacingMakesOurK... are one and the same.

They both start their posts in all caps.

They both mention Shane Smiley.

They both mention the raceway.

AND they both posted within five minutes of each other.

By: bfra on 8/3/11 at 8:41

RacingMakesOurK - Oh what a tangled web we weave when one uses false info, to TRY to deceive!

Vote FOR the Fairgrounds with racing and the entire agenda most people enjoy!

By: Shane Smiley on 8/3/11 at 10:33


Everything you just posted is a LIE!!!!!

Step out from behind your fake name and identify yourself.
Nothing you have said is true.

My name is Shane Smiley.
I am a Davidson County resident.
I am a registered voter in Davidson County.
I am not any of those other screen names.

You, You are a liar!

By: bfra on 8/3/11 at 12:06

Amen on the liar! Whoever the OurK dude is, can't even get the genders correct. Research! HA!

By: racer84 on 8/3/11 at 1:03

The truth about the issue from Councilman Jamie Hollins blog.....

Send to your friends and family to share.....


By: bfra on 8/3/11 at 1:23

Thanks racer84 - Most I know have already voted FOR the Fairgrounds, but did send it to some that might not have voted yet.

By: RacingMakesOurK... on 8/3/11 at 8:36

Its funny how Shane Smiley did exactly as i warned he would do in trying to pretend he's a Davidson County resident. Google the register of deeds website and search his name. SURPRISE! HE DOESN'T LIVE HERE! I checked with Williamson County and he definitely lives there. He owns a McMansion paid for by the puppet masters of Williamson County. I wonder who's pulling his strings? I also wonder how many screen names he has. I recognize five. Anyone else want to start counting? This guy is a fake and he'll try and tell you I'm a liar. Do your research. DAVIDSON COUNTY REGISTER OF DEEDS. Facts don't lie. You've been busted Shane Smiley. All you other little puppets better hide your strings.

By: anjnew on 8/4/11 at 7:40

RacingMakesOurK....seriously???? All of this negativity really isnt getting you no where. Who cares who is posting. I think by now we no were you stand on the matter.

By: Shane Smiley on 8/4/11 at 2:22


I'm going to call you a liar because, you are just that, a liar.
Don't go to the register of deeds, go to the Davidson County Election commission or the DMV.
I am a Davidson County resident.
I am not on any register of deeds.
I do not own property.
I work on the road and have not purchased the property I want to call home.
That day is coming soon but, for now, I am pleased to rent in lovely district 7.

I have one screen name. ONE! Shane Smiley

Your saying you have researched all of those names to one IP address is a complete fabrication.
In case you don't understand this, you are lying, again!!
I am no mans puppet. I am a man of conviction and a man of my word.
It is you that is a liar and you that is hiding behind a screen name.
This is not OZ, step out from behind the curtain you spineless coward!

By: rhob on 8/5/11 at 1:17


Gosh I feel bad for you. So much information going through your brain and most of it so wrong. How did you ever get to this state of thinking and last this long,..... government assistance I guess. I am not Shane Smiley although I do admire Shane and his passion. I was born in Nashville at Baptist and have lived in Oak Hill for over 30 years. I'll barging with you, RacingMakesOurK... you say who you are and I will do the same. But something tells me you will not and thus the "name calling behind closed doors" continues. Good luck with your theories and on your enjoyment of life.