Fairgrounds bill headed for deferral, council member says

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 11:19am

Metro Councilman Duane Dominy’s bill seeking to keep the Tennessee State Fair and Expo Center events at the current fairgrounds property is poised for deferral because it lacks the signature of the council member whose district it affects. 

Rule 8 of the council’s rules of procedure says that if an ordinance or resolution affects property within only one council district, and that council member has not sponsored or co-sponsored the legislation, then the bill can be deferred one meeting if invoked by the concerned member.

In this case, Dominy, who represents parts of Antioch, has introduced a bill that addresses the 117-acre fairgrounds property off Nolensville Pike, which is located entirely within Councilwoman Sandra Moore’s district.

The bill is up for first reading tonight.

Contacted by The City Paper, Moore confirmed speculation that she would invoke Rule 8.

“I didn’t know anything about the bill,” Moore said.

If she follows through, then Dominy’s bill would be deferred until later this month.

In a letter sent to constituents last week, Moore said she was disappointed that Dominy filed a bill that affects property within her council district without notifying her of his intentions.

Dominy is a Republican candidate for the District 59 state House seat held by Democratic state Rep. Sherry Jones.

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By: No More Racetrack on 10/5/10 at 9:49

Good lord I can't wait till that piece of trash fairgrounds is gone! Dear hillbillys, If you want to live near a dirty fairgrounds with a loud racetrack to mindlessly watch cars go in a circle while swilling beer and beating your wives put it in YOUR neighborhood. Let South Nashville progress.

By: Shawn234 on 10/5/10 at 10:22

Come on “no more racetrack” I find what you’re saying offensive! I am a college-educated white collar resident of South Nashville and I enjoy attending races and events at the fairgrounds. It’s all about tradition, the Fairgrounds is a historic landmark that the South Nashville area developed around. It’s a BIG part of what makes Nashville a great place to live.

By: 117_acres on 10/5/10 at 10:36

Shawn234 No one wants to develop around a hobby racetrack or any racetrack for that matter.

No More Racetrack while you comments may be accurate they are not a reflection of all the folks who have attended races at the Fairgrounds Speedway.

Councilwoman Moore thank you for in advance for deffering this ordinance. Dominy is just playing politics with this property and everyone now knows that he lives directly across the street from the racetrack lessee. It is ashamed that politicians stoop so low as to doing anything to get media publicity for a underfunded campaign.

By: 117_acres on 10/5/10 at 10:41

Shawn234 No one wants to develop around a hobby racetrack or any racetrack for that matter.

No More Racetrack while your comments may be accurate they are not a reflection of all the folks who have attended races at the Fairgrounds Speedway.

Councilwoman Moore thank you in advance for deferring this ordinance. Dominy is just playing politics with this property and everyone now knows that he lives directly across the street from the racetrack lessee. It is terrible that politicians stoop so low as to doing anything to get media publicity for an underfunded campaign. Councilwoman Moore we are behind you. Keep fighting.

By: JeffF on 10/5/10 at 10:42

I can't wait until the neighbors around the airport complain about the sound and talk their council member into forcing it to close and move. Apparently Nashvillians should have no say unless they live in a district. Keeps us from putting our nose into downtown's business.

By: producer2 on 10/5/10 at 2:14

you put your nose in there all the time, you just aren't successful.

By: capt4chris on 10/5/10 at 8:53

You sound like a sad individual No More Racetrack...

By: Unsilentmajority on 10/6/10 at 9:21

The one's that appose the race track are the one's that think hey crappy old race track who needs it...it was the same one's that wanted opryland gone so they could have one of the largest financial screw ups with oprymills mall the city has ever seen..,but if you turn the table on them and descide to do something that they dont approve of, thats when the crying begins i say keep the track, keep the sounds, keep the titans...but dont keep letting these politicians speek for the people when they have no clue what the unsilent majority really want and i say vote them out every chance you get... i say if your gonna tear it down let the muslims build there terrorist camps there and maybe they will leave rutherford county put that over there in these folks back yard and if they were honest they would probably be glad to here the race cars on saturday night its just like 840 now why has that never been finished leave the race track alone and deal with something important rather than how much more tax money you can spend before your run out of office!

By: Doveplayer on 10/6/10 at 2:24

First, to No More Racetrack. You obviously aren't from around here, so how about going back to where you came from? You very obviously know nothing about Nashville, the State Fairgrounds or the Fairgrounds Speedway or any type of motor-sports in general, so please keep your unneeded comments to yourself.
Second, where do you get off calling folks names? Go ahead, tell me who gave you that right? Hillbilly's as you call them, built this town. If not for "Hillbilly's" there would be no country music, and thus no Grand Old Opry and that means that whatever job lured you here from wherever you are from would not have been created. Racing has been here in one form or another for 106 years. President Jackson came down to watch the horse races here. I guess he's a Hillbilly too, though.
I grew up in South Nashville. I've sen the way it has "progressed" since I left. If that's what you like, more power to you. The racetrack is not the problem. As far as beer, do you realize just how many nice micro breweries operate in Nashville, or just how many people from EVERYWHERE like to drink beer? Oh this is fun, but I have another poster to pester.

117-acres. You also obviously know nothing about racing. Do you have a hobby that you enjoy? Golf, perhaps? Maybe we should shut down all the golf courses in town. Any number of other hobbies could fill in the blanks there.
The fact is, people enjoy the hobby of racing and others enjoy coming to watch it. Why should you care? If you did your homework you'd know that the city leaders killed off big league racing here. Races that generated millions of dollars in taxes and general revenue for the city. But you're too busy sticking your nose into other people's business to care about that.
Yeah, I got more. Bring it. I got all night.
Oh, and have a nice day!

By: dwight14 on 10/7/10 at 7:40

name calling really shows the type people who want to see this wonderful place tore down...yeah it would give delight to all those opposed for all the wrong reasons...my parents took me to the races every week and i took mine and now even my grandchildren go..its a family tradition..we love it...its a very affordable,safe,clean entertainment value for the entire family..people have gave their lives here...and yes,its historic...i dont care where you go,race fans from all over the states know of the fairgrounds speedway in nashville...im with the guys who run it...have your park,but dont run us off..we can all be happy with a little comprimise..there is room for us all..the green park and the track...plenty of parking and the 40 acres the mayor is talking about doesnt include where the track sits..so come one..you excuses for doing away doesnt hold water..it was here before ya,and should remain after were gone...

By: Doveplayer on 10/7/10 at 11:16

Too true, Dwight. I am thinking that the Fair needs to be split off from the rest though. I hate to see it moved, but for a Tennessee STATE Fair, it's not big enough anymore. When county fairs are outdrawing the state Fair by thousands, it's time to rethink the Fair. Without the Fair to worry about, this is a money making property. The track, if given the opportunity, can become very viable again and a big draw like it has been in the past. What has hurt the track is A., lack of a long term lease for the track. N one is willing to invest a large amount of money for a 2 or 3 year lease. B. The influx of other pro sports. The Titans and Predators are nice, but they can live together with the race track. The track operates mainly in the spring and summer and into the fall. Hockey is a winter sport and Football is Fall and Winter. So, by the time Football is over at the end of Jan, racing is ready to start in March.
For those who think that stock car racing is a bunch of beer swilling, un-educated rednecks and the fans are the same, I urge to think again. Racing is not a cheap sport. It takes a lot of money, building the cars takes skills that most don't have. They are as safe as modern technology can make them along with being fast and looking very sharp. The racing is much different from the Nascar races you see on TV. Short track racing is the core of big time racing, like college football is to the NFL. The action is better and the players/ drivers are hungrier. They aren't making millions a year, the teams that race, generally lose money every year. Why do they continue to race if they're losing money? Because they truly enjoy what they are doing. They aren't in the sport on the local level to get rich, they love the sport, the relationships with other drivers, teams and families. Racing IS a community. They might act like enemies on the track, but that is competition. You see it in every sport. These guys all respect each other and many have become close friends. It's also a sport that can be passed down from father to son (or daughter), if they choose to. This past weekend, there were no less than 3 second generation drivers racing on the 5/8 mile track, and one 3rd generation driver on the 1/4 mile track. Every one of the drivers, owners and crew has a day job and volunteer their time to help work on the race cars. These are contributing members of society, some may even work along side YOU during the week! So, before you generalize racers into a certain "class" of people, please do your homework first. You might be surprised to learn who they are and why they do what they do.