Faith, nonprofit leaders urge congressional panel to protect federal aid to poor

Monday, November 14, 2011 at 1:31pm

As a congressional panel in Washington, D.C., works to strike a deficit reduction compromise, some faith and nonprofit leaders in Nashville are hoping the poor won’t be forgotten.

A group that calls itself “Faithful Budget of Middle Tennessee” is holding a prayer vigil Tuesday to urge congressional leaders to protect federal programs for the poor. The event, scheduled for 4 p.m. outside the federal courthouse at Ninth Avenue and Broadway, comes as a congressional supercommittee nears a Nov. 23 deadline to find an agreeable combination of spending cuts and revenue increases.

Rev. Jay Voorhees of the Old Hickory United Methodist Church, an organizer of what he called a “word-of-mouth” campaign, said “safety net” programs have historically endured the brunt of cuts both federally and locally.

“As the federal conversations continue to talk about additional cuts, all we are asking is that our congressional leaders remember how much those programs have already been cut, and try to protect those programs in the budget,” Voorhees told The City Paper.

“We recognize that there’s a fixed amount of dollars, and you can only do what you can do,” he said. “But, on the other hand, social programs for the poor have been disproportionably cut up to this point.”

Nashville faith and nonprofit leaders have posted their message on a website at

Voorhees said approximately 140 people have signed an online letter to congress that urges Washington leaders to “not cause further hardship” among the impoverished.

“We urge you to ensure that people who are impoverished, hungry, homeless, disabled and elderly, both in the United States and abroad, are not asked to sacrifice what little they have,” the letter states. “We believe the programs that serve them must be exempted from budget cuts by appropriators and in the recommendations of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.”

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By: Radix on 11/14/11 at 3:01

We aren't going to be able to help the poor at all when we're bankrupt.

By: pswindle on 11/14/11 at 4:22

The churches just can't have it both ways. They are against anything that this President tries to do, and when it comes to thier pocketbook, oh, no, not me.

By: Community-carl-... on 11/15/11 at 7:57

Radix makes an excellent've got to float your own boat before you float somebody elses's.

Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" plans consisting of overly generous entitlements have proven to enslave, rather than help, certain segments of American society. As an example, certain people find it easier to collect various entitlement benefits than to go out, get a job, and actually EARN a living.......their motivation and iniative to be productive citizens having been destroyed by the socialistic programs now in place. There will always be "go-getters" and "lazy-asses." Everone should bear the consequences of their ongoing choices. There will always be differing levels of socio-economic strata in any long term and viable society.......When socialistic programs grow, societies ultimately collapse because the takers end up outnumbering the givers and financial chaos/collapse occurs.

By: yucchhii on 11/15/11 at 12:47

I speak from experience here and NOW! Not that the government should cut any funds to the poor...they need to investigate the organizations that they give money to such as the "NASHVILLE RESCUE MISSION!" It is absolutely clear that MOST donations weather it's food or clothing, is not even seen by transients that are there. It has been seen by numerous people that food has been going home with the people who WORK there AND EVEN "MANAGEMENT!" The money that is donated (Up to 10 or 11 MILLION dollars in their budget does NOT reflect anywhere that amount. One must go UNDERCOVER TO SEE THE "TRUTH" ABOUT THE PLACE!! And NOT what is shown in their commercials on channels 5 and 4. Those suppossed Public service announcments are VERY MISLEADING to the public!! There NEEDS TO BE AN INVESTIGATION!!! They claim to be NON profit but how do you pay your CEO a 100,000 dollar yearly income when he is only there 3 or maybe 4 times in a year???

By: tgs on 11/18/11 at 7:01

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