Family affairs: A snapshot of three Music City crime clans

Friday, January 21, 2011 at 5:04pm

The Amacher Brothers 

Police arrested the Amacher brothers — Christopher, 32, and James, 21, — last February and charged them in two separate incidents from the month before. James Amacher allegedly forced his way into a home on Raymond Street in South Nashville and robbed three women at gunpoint.

Less than two weeks before, police said the brothers, after checking to see if anyone was home, backed a Chevy Silverado into a driveway on Briarwood Drive, hitched up a trailer belonging to the homeowner and drove off. The trailer contained $11,000 worth of model trains, according to police.

Last spring, a Davidson County grand jury indicted Christopher Amacher on several counts including identity theft, property theft and auto theft. Brother James was also indicted last summer on counts of especially aggravated burglary, especially aggravated robbery and especially aggravated kidnapping.

The Dobsons 

Detectives from Metro police’s auto theft unit arrested Shequitta Dobson, 25, and her brother Rodney Dobson, 27, after police developed leads that pointed to the sister as the suspect who had stolen cars out of a Hermitage apartment complex using a blue flatbed tow truck. 

The investigation turned to a La Vergne scrap metal shop where detectives discovered the Dobson siblings had sold 15 older model vehicles there for a few hundred dollars each. Six of those cars had been reported stolen.

In an interview with a detective, Shequitta Dobson reportedly broke down and confessed they had drug problems and didn’t want to disappoint her dad.

Dad, as it turned out, was Nathaniel L. Dobson, 64, who had pleaded guilty years earlier in Franklin to statutory rape charges. The auto theft investigation found that Nathaniel Dobson had allegedly sold 13 vehicles for scrap metal, but only one came back as stolen out of Columbus, Ind. Since that was in another jurisdiction, the elder Dobson was not charged as part of the investigation.

The Nejad Brothers 

Kurdish Pride Gang members Aso and Ako Nejad were sentenced in September 2008 to 25 and 37 years in prison, respectively, on conspiracy to commit murder charges after Ako shot at Metro Parks Officer James Spray in Edwin Warner Park in 2006.

Ako Nejad was also convicted of attempted second-degree murder. 

The Nejad brothers and other KPG members planted a trap for a drug dealer who had previously robbed Aso Nejad. By chance, Spray drove up on a KPG member while the others hid nearby in the woods. 

The KPG member serving as bait drove off when Spray approached the vehicle. As Spray pulled off in pursuit, shots rang out from the woods. One of the bullets passed within inches of Spray’s head,
according to the investigation. 

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