Family of man fatally shot by security sues Pilot, Wackenhut for $120M

Friday, May 31, 2013 at 3:50pm

The family of a man shot and killed by a security guard at a Pilot truck stop filed a $120 million suit against Pilot and a security company on Wednesday.

The lawsuit claims that security guard Robert Mangrum shot Clarksville resident Timothy Alumbaugh in the chest “without cause or justification” during an altercation at the West Trinity Lane truck stop.

After a Metro Nashville Police Department investigation, no charges were filed against Mangrum who claimed to have acted in self defense, according to a NewsChannel5 report.

But the suit alleges that Wackenhut Corporation, which owns G4S Security, and Pilot acted negligently in hiring Mangrum and failing to train him about use of deadly force.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Alumbaugh’s daughter and mother, asks for $20 million in compensatory damages and $100 million in punitive damages.

Representatives from both Pilot and Wackenhut didn’t return calls seeking comment on Friday.

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By: FaceBook:Emmett... on 6/3/13 at 9:31

They may have a case against Wackenhut, but Pilot has no liability. They didn't hire the guy and that's why most companies contract out for security. It's also going to be difficult, if not impossible, for the plaintiffs to overcome a police investigation which found it to have been a justifiable self-defense shooting. The lawyer for the plaintiffs is just looking for the insurance companies of the respective defendants to pay out a settlement which would be cheaper than paying their lawyers to defend this frivolous suit.

By: budlight on 6/3/13 at 9:58

Yeah, I agree, but the grieving family may just turn this into another Trayvon Martin case. I always think these cases are about money! Justification money, blood money or whatever one wishes to call it. The deceased doesn't get another life. But bottom line is when it was found to have been a justifiable self-defense shooting, that should be the "final answer".

By: yucchhii on 6/3/13 at 10:58

Obviously I don't know the details to this situation. However, I used to be a security guard years ago. For a little while, I was interested in getting my gun permit for work. As I got more experienced, The things I learned about security, 1- If I need a gun to work there, I DON'T WANT IT! They're not paying me enough to risk my life for anything. Two, the job of a security guard is to "OBSERVE AND REPORT"....That's IT!! GUN OR NO GUN!! If a situation seems to escalate, you call POLICE!! I also used to do CONCERT SECURITY for the biggest concert promoter in the world...BILL GRAHAM!! He was killed in a helicopter crash back in '91. When I worked for him, any venue I worked at, it was a NO NO to bring ANY kind of weapon inside. That mean POLICE too. We had two under covers running around inside that had NO weapons. Uniformed officers were not allowed inside because they were in UNIFORM and that made it mandatory for them to wear their gun at their side. So ALL uniformed officers were outside the gates. A concert has THOUSANDS of people literally at one time. If something happened amid them people, it could NEVER be justified that and officer pull and shoot at someone in the crowd as an innocent person could cross that line of fire at anytime. Security should not be allowed guns!!

By: Rocket99 on 6/3/13 at 11:06

According to a lawyer friend of mine, they always look for the deep pockets. I'm sure that's why Pilot was named, other than the fact it happened on their property.

I bet the truck driver and his wife are called as witnesses in this case. Sounds like yet another possible black eye for Metro police.

By: pswindle on 6/4/13 at 10:37

Pilot is owner of the business, and they hired the security company.

By: whitegravy on 6/11/13 at 9:31